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Facebook: Behind the Numbers

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Facebook: Behind the Numbers takes a look at the driving forces behind the site that is 1 out of every 5 page views online.


[top 30 in money spent-industry cluster]

1. Zynga-Social Gaming
2. Blog/Retail
3. Electronic Arts-Video Games
4. Proctor and Gamble-Consumer Goods
5. AT&T-Telecommunications
6. American Express-Financial Services
7. Experian-Information Services Group
8. Groupon-E-Commerce
9. Walmart-Retail
10. Microsoft-Software
11. Google-Internet/telecom/software
12. Verizon-Telecommunications
13. Ebay-Online retailing
14. Unilever-Consumer Goods
15. Nestle-Food Processing
16. Samsung-Conglomerate
17. Dell-IT/ Computer hardware/software
18. Disney-Mass Media
19. L'oreal-Personal Care
20. Starbucks-Restaurants
21. Citi-Financial Services/Banking
22. JPMorgan Chase-Financial Services/Banking
23. Turner-Entertainment/Cable
24. Nike-Apparel
25. Mastercard-Financial Services
26. Visa-Financial Services
27. McDonalds-Restaurants
28. Anhauser Busch-Beverages
29. HSBC-Banking/Financial Services
30. Ford-Automotive

Most Popular Industries

Financial Services-6


Women are more active than men on Facebook

Men prefer pictures of women
Women prefer pictures of women
Everyone prefers pictures of women?

Women upload and are tagged in 2x more photos than men.


Women uploaded photos= 347
Women tagged photos=73
Men= 35

North American women aged 18-24 are the most common Facebook demographic

Account for 5% or 25,000,000

As compared to...

Men of every age in Asia = 4.9%

While the population of Asia is 4+Billion

And the population of North America is 520 million


27 Million users bought virtual goods through Facebook Payments in 2012

Totaling $810 million
All but $5 million from games

Most popular Facebook games [and creator/owner]

Garden of Time-Playdom
The Sims Social-EA
Double Down Casino-Double Down
Indiana Jones-Zynga
Words With Friends-Zynga
Bingo Blitz-Buffalo Studios
Empires and Allies-Zynga
Diamond Dash-Wooga

Driving at what?

Established markets

North America is moving towards saturation point at 50.3% of population

27.5% of Europe use Facebook

North America is only %5 of the world population
Europe is 12% of the world population
That leaves 83% of the world as a largely underutilized client base.

Emerging markets

[Continent-percentage using facebook.-percentage of world pop]
The Caribbean-15%--.5%
South America-36.06%--6%

Fastest Growing Countries 2012

Brazil +29 mil
India +21 mil
Japan+11 mil
Indonesia+10 mil
Mexico+10 mil
Vietnam+7 mil
US +6 mil
South Korea+5 mil
Thialand+4 mil
Germany +3 mil

CIA Fact Book

Facebook: Behind the Numbers