10 Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management for 2020

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Since most students seeking an online project management master’s degree are already working adults (who may or may not have a bachelor’s in business) it stands to reason that most of them are also paying their own way. That means that for many students, cost is a high priority. An affordable master’s in project management online programs helps students get the credentials they need to advance without going deep into debt. 

A simple way to cut back on costs is to focus on in-state schools. In-state colleges and universities have a lower expense when compared to out-of-state options. You can also opt for a public school rather than a private university. The cost of a regional public university is far lower when compared to a private university, and that helps cut back on the expense. 

When looking at online programs, you also want to pay attention to any potential hidden costs. Online programs often cost less when compared to on-campus programs due to the costs associated with living on campus. While you may not have fees associated with the campus, you should be aware of any expenses that apply to your degree. For example, you may have costs associated with a student ID card or lab fees. Do not ignore the hidden costs when looking into the total expense.

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online

Great Business Schools is interested in business schools that do what business schools should – prepare their students for career success. But with the Most Affordable ranking, one factor is more important than any other: cost. That’s why the Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online ranking starts with only accredited, reputable institutions, but the ranking is ordered according to published tuition cost, as reported to IPEDS. 

1. Grantham University

Grantham University’s online Project Management master’s degree focuses on Information Management. This program helps students handle even the most complex information management projects. Uniquely affordable and highly practical, this degree works well for passionate, focused students who need financial flexibility. Thanks to this Masters in Project Management online, students have a flexible way to gain skills and confidence. 

Grantham University is a fully online and fully accredited university. That means that it’s uniquely geared toward non-traditional students. At Grantham, teachers know that not every student can take the conventional route. As a completely online school, Grantham provides excellent education. At some other schools, online classes can become an afterthought. At Grantham, online learning is the sole focus, so students never feel overlooked. Grantham University is one of the most affordable university options in the US. 

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2. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University’s Master of Project Management program was the first to be accredited by the PMI. As such, it’s uniquely qualified to prepare students for their own PMI certification. Professors in this program are extremely knowledgeable. As a matter of fact, every professor in this program has a relevant doctorate degree. If students ever have questions or need support, this program has exactly what these students need. That’s why it’s one of the best places to earn a Masters in Project Management online. 

WCU is an engaging, challenging school that prepares students for their future. As part of the University of North Carolina system, it offers lots of resources for its students. It combines study, service, teaching, and research to create the most comprehensive learning experience. For many students, this multifaceted approach gives them the best way to make the most of their studies. For those who value excellence in academics and in impact, this school makes a great choice. WCU is listed among the best colleges for online degrees. 

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3. Missouri State University

Missouri State University’s MS in Project Management program is designed for those who have a STEM Bachelor’s degree. This program enhances students’ STEM knowledge and gives them a way to bring those subjects into their management careers. At MSU, students learn how to manage even the most complex projects. They learn how to balance time constraints, work within a budget, and manage a complex team of human beings. For those who want to progress through STEM fields, MSU makes a great choice for a Masters in Project Management online. 

MSU equips students to make a difference in the world. It’s also a widely recognized school with a name that looks good on a resume. Most importantly, though, MSU gives students the tools and knowledge that they need to turn their passions into careers. For those who want to deepen their existing careers, MSU instills the confidence, leadership, and unique skill set that these students will need. Missouri State ranked #1 among other ACT top choices. 

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4. Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University offers a great online MS in Project Management program. This program gets students ready for all kinds of management career pathways. It emphasizes critical thinking skills. This way, students learn how to gather their information, boil it down to the most important parts, and then use that information to make the best decisions. With its acceleration and flexibility, CSU is one of the best places where students can earn a Masters in Project Management online. 

CSU is a small Christian school, so if a faith-based education means a lot to you, this program should be on your list. As a small school, it never feels too overwhelming. Faculty members know their students by name and make themselves available to answer their students’ questions. This school combines education, faith, and service to create a well-rounded experience. In 2019, the US News and World Report ranked CSU as one of the best online schools for veterans. 

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5. Troy University

Troy University offers an online MS in Project Management. The program helps students who are tired of obstacles and are ready to move forward in their careers. The classes take a well-rounded approach. They combine knowledge from government management, nonprofit management, and private sector management. Students can apply all of this knowledge no matter where their careers take them. That’s what makes Troy one of the best places to earn a Masters in Project Management online. 

Troy University attracts students from all around the world. It provides a vibrant learning experience and lots of resources for students. This school helps students turn their dreams into realities by instilling practical knowledge, critical thinking, and challenging academics. Supportive faculty members are available when students have questions. For a school that emphasizes career-ready learning, look into Troy. College Factual has ranked Troy as one of the best colleges for veterans in the US. 

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6. University of Wisconsin Platteville

The University of Wisconsin Platteville’s online MS in Project Management program prepares students for a variety of management jobs. Whether students want to manage supply chains, engineering projects, or human capital administration, this program helps students reach their goals. Student learn a combination of management tactics, ethics, critical thinking skills, and organization. This program strives for total relevancy. Graduates have noticed that their knowledge from UWP comes up often in their day-to-day work. This relevancy makes UWP a great choice for earning a Masters in Project Management online. 

UWP always aims for opportunity and growth. It helps students create their own pathways and then smooth those pathways to make the journey as straightforward as possible. UWP is affordable, challenging, and full of the resources that students need. With a small student to faculty ratio, students can feel that their voices are heard. UWP was ranked #1 in Wisconsin for ROI. 

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7. Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Embry-Riddle Worldwide’s online MS in Project Management program provides lots of opportunity for graduates. It goes beyond the basic classes and provides a path to personal growth. With seminar options and other development resources, Embry-Riddle lets students make the most of their time in the program. The classes themselves cover all kinds of skills. As a result, students feel prepared to go into any type of management. Between the broad spectrum of learning and the added growth opportunities, Embry-Riddle is a great source for a Masters in Project Management online. 

Embry-Riddle Worldwide is an aeronautical university. It has strong science, math, and business programs. This school has physical campuses, but it excels in online classes. This school offers several start dates so that students can learn at their own schedule. Unlike some other online programs, these programs let students connect to their peers and teachers on a personal level. This way, learning is both individual and collaborative. At least four publications have ranked Embry-Riddle as a #1 choice for online learning in the US. 

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8. Liberty University

Liberty University’s online MS in Project Management degree instills a wide range of skills. Students learn how to manage, strategize, communicate, negotiate, and so much more. As a Christian school, Liberty teaches management skills from a Christian perspective. It also empowers students to dive deeply into leadership. The program encourages a well-rounded approach to leadership, and it fosters critical thinking along the way. By the time students graduate, they feel confident in a variety of management settings. It’s a great place for Christian students who want to earn a Masters in Project Management online. 

Liberty University is a small, deeply Christian school with strong values. It offers challenging academics, faith-based perspectives, and opportunities to serve others. This school has a strong foundation in the liberal arts, which lets students approach their careers from several angles. Liberty makes a good choice for those who want to make a difference with their education and career. Liberty University is one of the top colleges in Virginia. 

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9. University of Maryland University College

The University of Maryland University College online MS in Management program offers a Project Management specialization. This program helps students build advanced business and leadership skills while also earning their Project Management certification. Students learn how to choose the right project methods, minimize risks, stay within a budget, and maintain excellent communication throughout the course of a project. Students also learn how to recognize potential problems and solve them quickly. For a focused degree plan, UMUC is a great place to earn a Masters in Project Management online. 

UMUC is part of the broader University of Maryland System. As such, it offers plenty of resources and opportunities. With lots of online and hybrid courses, it also offers lots of flexibility. It’s a great choice for working adults or people with children. As a matter of fact, UMUC was built with the sole focus of helping adult learners meet their goals. UMUC has no SAT or GRE requirement. If testing is a barrier to your education, look into UMUC. 

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10. Granite State College

Granite State College’s online MS in Project Management program recognizes that all industries have a growing need for management experts. This program empowers students to fill that need. It trains students to take on the most complex projects. Courses combine critical thinking skills, people skills, organization, and more to create a full experience. For those who want a Masters in Project management online, Granite State college makes a great choice. 

Granite State College was built for adult students. As a result, it offers the support and flexibility that these students need. This school seeks to provide education no matter the age, location, or income of its students. All of its classes meet high standards. Both challenging and highly accessible, this school makes a great choice for those who live busy lives. Granite State’s MSM program is ranked among the top in the nation. 

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Can I Get a Master’s in Project Management for Free?

When you are looking into a master’s of project management, it is unlikely you will be able to obtain a degree without any costs. Some programs may offer free online courses to help you get started; however, more advanced classes will require some expenses. A free online master’s degree in project management generally stems from scholarships, grants, and reimbursement options. 

Taking project management courses for beginners at a low cost can give you a strong foundation in your area of study. In some cases, a college or university may count some of your job experience as credits, which can help reduce the cost of your degree. Employers may also offer reimbursement for higher education; however, you will want to pay attention to any requirements set by the employer. Your employer may ask you to work for a few years after finishing your degree in the same company, so make sure that you know the details before you move forward with a reimbursement program.

What is a Starting Salary in Project Management?

A project manager starting salary helps you determine when to consider making a change to your career. The average starting salary project manager position is around $70,000 per year. Depending on your location, the actual rates may vary slightly. You may earn slightly less if you are in a rural area or an area with a low cost of living. Locations with a higher cost of living may offer a slightly higher starting salary.

How Much Does a Senior Project Manager Make?

After gaining experience in your field as a project manager, you can expect a raise in your salary. The average senior project manager’s salary is around $104,000 per year. The salary range for a senior project manager is between $72,000 and $142,000 per year. Expect some variation in actual salary expectations based on your locality and the cost of living in your area. You may also see some variation based on your work experience. Senior project managers with more work experience can expect to earn more per year when compared to individuals who have only a few years of work experience. 

How Much Does a Project Coordinator Make? 

Moving into a leadership role as a project coordinator may impact your salary. How much does a project coordinator make? It depends on your field of study and your industry. The average salary for a project coordinator is around $105,000 per year. In the case of a project coordinator, the actual salary may vary widely based on your industry.

Project coordinators with the highest income work in construction. The average salary for a project coordinator or senior project manager in construction is around $144,000 per year. If you are working in print production, then you can expect a far lower salary. Project coordinators working in print production make around $59,000 per year. Professionals working in information technology make around $94,000 per year. 

You will also notice some variation in offers and salary expectations based on your location. You should be aware that your work experience and your specific role in a company may also impact the actual income you earn. The salary range for different positions may vary significantly when compared to the average due to the variables in work experience, location, and your role in the company. In some cases, companies will offer an hourly wage for your work rather than a salary. In that situation, the average hourly wage for a project coordinator ranges from $30.50 to $69.32 per hour based on the position and the industry.

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