10 Fastest Online Business Analytics Bachelor’s for 2020

Accelerated business analytics degrees are a great way to get the degree you need without spending a lot of extra time in the classroom. Full degree programs can take up to two years to complete. In most cases, finishing a degree program in two years is acceptable because it allows students to learn at a comfortable pace. With an accelerated business analytics degree program, students can earn their degree in less than 18 months giving them time to find a good job and take the steps to start their career. Courses are more condensed allowing the student to get the maximum amount of information in a much shorter period of time.

Many accelerated business analytics degrees can be completed online making them an extremely convenient way to earn your degree while holding down a full-time job. Classes can be taken on campus or online, whichever is most convenient for the student. Students who choose to complete their accelerated business analytics degree programs can work when it is most convenient for them. They can take the time they need to understand each assignment and move forward at a much faster pace.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Business Analytics Degrees

To rank the fastest online business analytics bachelor’s degree programs, Great Business Schools editors sought out accredited programs that offer a way to speed through a degree, whether with transfer credits, accelerated course schedules, or other means. Speed isn’t everything, though, so we ranked programs according to their cost, reputation, and potential salary, according to Department of Education data and Niche reviews. 

1. Bay Path University

When you are considering an accelerated business analytics degree, the program at Bay Path University is a good choice to help with your goals. The Business degree with a concentration in Business Analytics emphasizes the analysis of data as well as the methods used to present information to managers in a company. It prepares students to communicate with leaders and keep up with long-term goals for a career.

Bay Path University stands out by emphasizing the development of decision support models that helps students evaluate data from the perspective of a business decision. It ensures that students are able to evaluate information based on statistical probability and create a model of potential outcomes using the data. It gives students the ability to help companies reach long-term goals for potential outcomes.

Highlight Bay Path University offers financial aid counselors to help students clarify the scholarships, grants, and assistance that may be available for their situations. 
Degree Business: Business Analytics, BS

2. Texas A&M University

The Business Analytics degree from Texas A&M University teaches students the technical skills they need to handle the challenges of a fast-paced work environment. The accelerated course materials prepare students to work in a complex business setting and allow students to focus on accomplishing their long-term goals. It also ensures that students have the math and statistics training to evaluate probable outcomes based on the data available to the company.

Texas A&M University stands apart from other programs by emphasizing the ability of students to communicate with leaders in a company or business setting. It provides students with the training to present information in an oral or written format, which ensures that students are able to explain the reasons behind their recommendations for the company actions.

Highlight Texas A&M University is AACSB-accredited for the online accelerated business analytics degree program.
Degree Business Analytics, BBA

3. Maryville College

Maryville College offers an accelerated Business Analytics degree at the undergraduate level that allows students to work at their own pace. As an online program, it ensures that students have a flexible schedule and can work on their degrees when it fits their needs. The degree program emphasizes the analytical skills and interpreting skills that students need to evaluate large sets of data and clarify the potential outcomes that may arise from current trends in the company or business.

Maryville College focuses on providing students with a strong balance between business and mathematics that requires a touch of creativity. It encourages students to find creative solutions to problems and use critical thinking skills to interpret information and present it to potential employers.

Highlight Maryville College emphasizes comprehensive career preparation in students through an integrated education system.
Degree Business Analytics, BS

4. The American Women’s College

The American Women’s College of Bay Path University offers an accelerated business analytics degree program through the business program. Since it is a bachelor of business with a concentration in business analytics, students can expect to learn the fundamental business skills they need to communicate with managers and decision-makers within a company. It also provides students with the ability to track and evaluate data to find potential solutions to help with company growth.

The American Women’s College stands out by focusing on the challenges women face when attending college. As an online accelerated program, it allows students to work at their own pace. That ensures that students can balance family obligations and job responsibilities with their educational goals. It also allows students to select a full-time or part-time schedule for their degree program.

Highlight The American Women’s College is NECHE-accredited and meets high standards of education for student achievement. 
Degree Business Analytics, BS

5. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers an accelerated business analytics degree that prepares students to handle the challenges of evaluating big data and assessing future outcomes based on statistical probability. The courses last for 7.5 weeks and allow students to work at their own pace. As an online program, students can work around personal obligations and keep up with course materials when it fits their schedules. The program emphasizes analytic methods, organization of data, and communication with leaders in a company to ensure students are able to explain the concerns that may arise over time.

Arizona State University programs are taught by prestigious faculty members, including a Nobel Laureate, professionals who have published in well-known journals, and professional speakers who have experience talking at national conventions. Due to the staff and faculty available to help students with their studies, the school sets high standards of achievement for students and offers quality education. The online courses are taught by the same faculty members as the on-campus courses.

Highlight Arizona State University is AACSB-accredited for its online business programs and is recognized for meeting high standards of education.
Degree Business Data Analytics, BS 

6. American Public University

The accelerated online business analytics degree program at American Public University is one of the best options for students who want to finish their degree at a fast pace. The degree program emphasizes mining techniques, analytical skills, and communication skills to ensure that students are able to understand the data they evaluate when working in a business environment. It also provides students with a strong foundation in business skills that help them advance in a career and take on leadership roles as they gain experience.

American Public University offers seven concentrations within the business analytics program to give students specialized training that allows them to work in more complex business roles. The concentrations range from general business to marketing, so students can gain a comprehensive view of the impact of data analytics in specific areas of a business. It helps students understand different ways to address concerns within a company.

Highlight American Public University allows students to transfer up to 77 percent of their credits into the online program.
Degree Business Analytics, BS

7. Purdue University

The Data Science undergraduate degree from Purdue University is an accelerated online program that allows students to work around a job or personal obligations. The degree program focuses on preparing students to understand the intersection between statistics and computer science. It ensures that students are prepared to handle the challenges of working in a business environment with a focus on evaluating big data and using statistical formulas to clarify potential outcomes.

Purdue University differs from other programs by emphasizing computer science and mathematics in the program. While it does offer some education in business to ensure proper communication with leaders in the company, it does not focus on business as a primary aspect of student education. It emphasizes data analytics and modeling before the business aspects of the degree program.

Highlight Purdue University does not allow students to transfer into the program from other colleges or universities, so the program is considered closed to transfers.
Degree Data Science, BS 

8. American Military University

The American Military University offers a business analytics undergraduate degree program that prepares students for the challenges of working in a complex business environment. The degree program emphasizes the role of business intelligence in the growth and sustainability of a large or growing company. It prepares students to evaluate information and large datasets to ensure that a business is able to identify trends, identify concerns, or predict potential future outcomes using mathematics and probability.

American Military University is a military-friendly school that offers a military grant to active-duty members of the military. The grant helps reduce the cost of education for military students and it ensures that the bachelor’s degree is a possible option for those who may need to move suddenly or may be called to service at any time. That flexibility allows students to keep up with their courses when challenges arise.

Highlight American Military University allows students to transfer up to 90 credits into the program.
Degree Business Analytics, BS 

9. Norwich University

Norwich University offers an accelerated bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics that prepares students for the challenges of evaluating and using data in a business environment. The degree program emphasizes the evaluation and analysis of datasets to model future outcomes based on probability. It provides a strong foundation in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and analysis. Students also learn effective communication to ensure they are ready to talk to leaders in a company.

Norwich University focuses on providing a students with a strong foundation in technology, technical skills, and mathematics. The emphasis on technical skills ensures that students are prepared to handle the challenges they may face when working in a business environment. As an accelerated program, it also prepares students to work in a fast-paced environment and ensures that students are able to keep up with the demands of future employers.

Highlight Norwich University offers six dates for students to start working on their degrees, so it allows students to start courses when it fits their situations.
Degree Data Analytics, BS 

10. Regent University

The accelerated online business analytics degree program at Regent University is a good option for students who want to finish their education at a fast pace. The degree program focuses on teaching students the fundamental skills they need to keep up with the demands of a future employer. It provides a strong foundation in statistics and probability, as well as computer science and analysis. The emphasis on business also ensures that students are prepared to take on leadership roles within a company.

Regent University is a Christian college that sets high standards for student ethics and behavior. As a Christian college, it teaches through the lens of Biblical principles, and students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner based on their education and knowledge of ethical standards as they learn through the university.

Highlight Regent University has been ranked as the number one online university in Virginia for eight years in a row.
Degree Business Analytics, BS

What If I Don’t Need a Full Bachelor’s Degree?

There are certain situations in which a full bachelor’s degree is not necessary. Earning a certificate in business analytics is a great way to get the knowledge that is needed without spending a lot of time in the classroom. Individuals who have worked in a position where analytics are being used on a regular basis may already have a working knowledge of the processes, models, and methods, that they use on a regular basis. Their many years of experience can be used to complete an online certification program. The Certificate in Business Analytics they receive can be used in place of a full bachelor’s degree to advance their career and put them in line for upcoming promotions and raises.

An online certificate in analytics is an effective way to achieve your educational goals and receive a certificate that verifies you have the skills you need to succeed. By earning a certificate online, students can continue to work within their chosen field and continue to add to their experience. When a person is working in such a detail-oriented environment, hands-on experience is a great foundation to build a career on. It gives the student skills they need and also gives them an opportunity to apply what they are learning in their certification program. A certification program is designed so that the student can be recognized for their many years of experience.

Is Business Analytics an In-Demand Specialization?

Financial institutions and insurance companies are always in need of analysts that can work within their systems and protocols to establish areas of risk. By identifying possible risks and the degree with which it can impact the business, a business analyst can help the company create effective strategies. These strategies can be used to produce viable solutions that the company can use to maintain positive growth. Because of the intricate, highly detailed work that an analyst performs, they can eventually become some of the highest-paid employees within the company.

Industrial and managerial company use consultants that specialize in business analytics to help them determine both investment options as well as new opportunities they can pursue to improve the health and well-being of their business. Industrial companies that work with international economies require the assistance of an analyst to make sure they are earning a profit while dealing with other businesses all over the world. Managerial companies also can benefit from the talents of a business analyst when it comes to effectively managing businesses on all different levels. The job of an analyst is to help members of management make sense of all of the data generated by the business.

What Kind of Jobs are in Business Analytics?

Specializations in analytic that are in demand include operations analyst, data scientist, quantitative analyst, data engineer, and healthcare data analysts are just a few of the higher paying careers that someone with an accelerated business analytics degree can choose from. Specializations can be found in the fields of engineering, finance, and insurance. All of these fields involve the use of various mathematical and scientific processes to determine possible outcomes of various strategies and activities.

Business analytics involves the study of data and information and how it pertains to the day to day operations of a business. Analytics are also used to determine why certain events occur and which processes work best in keeping a company functioning at its highest efficiency. Business analytics are the key to maintaining growth and keeping a business healthy. Having an analyst on hand is a great way for most businesses to monitor their successful strategies on their own. It also shows them where possible weaknesses are so that positive changes can be made.

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