15 Best Online Master’s in Construction Management for 2021

online construction management masters

As such an enormous and important industry, construction needs good leaders. While many become leaders in construction through experience and expertise, in the 21st century an online master’s in construction management can have a real job market advantage. An online master’s in construction management program has a firm objective, and that is to train professionals capable of directing the planning and execution of construction projects in different types of buildings, applying methods and techniques of supervision of works for the efficient and profitable management of companies construction companies.

By choosing a construction management online master’s, you can start and complete a degree in as little as 1-2 years, learning topics like Legislation and Contracts in Construction, Construction Project Management, Construction Investment Projects, Risk Management and Quality in Construction and Program Management and Architectural Projects. This gives you a wide list of choices when you graduate with a degree in construction management masters online and are ready to pursue a career in construction management.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Master’s in Construction Management

Great Business Schools editors approach the ranking of the best online construction management master’s degree programs like every ranking – featuring only accredited, reputable institutions known for their positive impact on graduates’ careers. Programs are ranked by their cost, potential salary, and student satisfaction. 

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Topping the list of the best online masters in construction management is the online MS in Construction Management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The program requires 36 credits, of which at least 12 must be at the 500 level. The curriculum is flexible, and students are encouraged to choose courses that meet their professional goals. Some of the construction management courses available include visual sensing for construction operations and decision making, construction case studies, construction law, CEO construction equipment and methods, and sustainable construction methods.

The Grainger College of Engineering is boldly addressing social justice issues such as discrimination, racism, and prejudice in an effort to eliminate them from society. The school has some of the best engineering programs in the world and offers 15 different majors.

Highlight Other College of Engineering courses can be combined with construction management courses to complete the degree requirements.
Degree MS in Construction Management 

2. Drexel University

Next on the list of the best online construction management masters degree programs is the MS in Construction Management from Drexel University. This program gives students the strong business acumen and technical competence they need to succeed in the construction industry. Students skills across multiple disciplines and learn how to deal with increasing regulation and owner demands. They gain the skills they need to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. The program helps student learn the leadership skills they need to manage construction operations.

The Drexel University College of Engineering is a leader in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Its strengths are in technology, science, and engineering. The school has more than 3,400 students and awarded 865 degrees during the 2019-20 school year, including 244 master’s degrees.

Highlight There are three concentrations available: construction project management, real estate, and sustainability and green construction.
Degree MS in Construction Management 

3. University of Southern California

The Master of Construction Management program at the University of Southern California is one of the best online masters in construction management. The program is designed for construction professionals who have bachelor’s degrees. It trains students to understand the non-technical and technical aspects of construction management. This is an interdisciplinary degree and students take courses from five different schools: School of Policy, Planning, and Development; Gould School of Law; Marshall School of Business, School of Architecture; and Viterbi School of Engineering.

The Viterbi School of Engineering is a center of entrepreneurship that encourages connections among students from 64 countries around the world. The school is working to restore memory to Alzheimer’s sufferers and restore sight to the blind. It was the first school to have a working quantum computing center.

Highlight Graduates of the program work for architectural engineering firms, construction management firms, sub-contractors, real estate developers, and general contractors.
Degree Master of Construction Management

4. Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus offers a Master of Project Management that will help students understand how to manage and execute complex construction projects from beginning to end. The program is interdisciplinary and uses problem-based learning to give students practice solving real-world problems. There are 30 credits required and the program takes two years to complete. The curriculum covers the PMBOK guide as well as the APM. Students learn organization theory, human relations, project teams, resource management, planning, cost control, and business strategy.

Penn State World Campus has been working to develop outstanding online courses for 20 years. The online programs provide the same quality content that is found in Penn State’s on campus courses.

Highlight Students can choose to apply the first 12 credits of the master’s program to a certificate in order to boost their resumes before the full master’s program is completed.
Degree Master of Project management 

5. University of Alabama at Birmingham

The MEng in Construction Engineering Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham is one of the best online construction management masters degree programs available. The program is designed for working construction professionals with a bachelor’s degree. It’s a great program for those who want to get a master’s degree but aren’t interested in earning an MBA. It is a multidisciplinary program that doesn’t require a GRE or GMAT. Students can interact with their peers online and learn from professors with many years of industry experience.

The School of Engineering is part of a world-class research center and has five departments: biomedical engineering; civil, construction, and environmental engineering; electrical and computer engineering; materials science and engineering; and mechanical engineering.

Highlight The 30-hour program normally takes 19 months to complete, but there is a 12-month option available.
Degree MEng in Construction Engineering Management 

6. University of Denver

The University of Denver offers an MS in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in project management. The program allows students to gain hands-on experience in using the latest tools and techniques for project management, including project management software. Students acquire the skills they need to ensure that budget, scope, and timeline goals are met when completing construction projects. The program is split into 10-week terms and there is no GRE or GMAT required. The program can be completed in as little as 18 months.

University College is the professional and continuing education division of the University of Denver. The school allows students to stack their skills and apply them toward a degree or program of study. The career-focused curriculum helps students move ahead by learning things they can apply on the job right away.

Highlight The curriculum prepares students for the PMI Project Management Professional certification exam.
Degree MS in Organizational Leadership: Project Management 

7. Rochester Institute of Technology

The MS in Construction Management from Rochester Institute of Technology is another of the best online masters in construction management. This program is designed with experienced construction management professionals in mind. Students receive the skills and knowledge they need to be leaders in the construction industry. The curriculum includes construction client relationship building, sustainable design and construction, construction business development, construction operations management and productivity, construction cost analysis and control, and leadership.

Rochester Institute of Technology strives to make an impact on the world through innovation and creativity. The school aspires to use design, arts, and technology for the greater good. The school was founded in 1829 and provides a wide range of academic opportunities for students. The school has a research program and an acclaimed program for hard-of-hearing and deaf students. There are close to 19,000 students and over 135,000 graduates worldwide.

Highlight This program is available exclusively online.
Degree MS in Construction Management 

8. University of Wisconsin – Stout

One of the best online construction management masters degree programs is the MS in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. This program gives students skills in risk and hazard management, budget management, project planning, and sustainable construction. The program focuses on helping students move ahead in their construction careers. The curriculum emphasizes real-world problem-solving skills. The school bills the program as an MBA alternative for construction professionals. It provides a foundation in business as well as construction.

The University of Wisconsin-Stout makes sure its graduates are ready to enter the workforce. In fact, 98.8% of their students either find employment or enroll in a graduate program after graduation. The school offers 49 undergraduate degrees, 22 graduate degrees, and three advanced degrees that combine a liberal arts education with hands-on learning.

Highlight All U.S. students pay the same tuition regardless of where they live.
Degree MS in Construction Management 

9. Missouri State University – Springfield

Missouri State University offers an MS in Project Management. This interdisciplinary STEM program is designed for project management professionals from any field. The curriculum is based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). Core courses include project management, advanced project management, project control systems, project leadership, project risk analysis, cost analysis for project management, and management of innovation and technology seminar.

Missouri State University is a close-knit community of steadfast and passionate learners who are committed to community engagement, cultural competence, and ethical leadership. The school has students from all over Missouri and around the world. There is even a campus in China. MSU has over 26,000 students and more than 122,000 alumni. There are nearly 3,800 employees.

Highlight Students must pass a comprehensive examination in their final semester with a score of at least 70%.
Degree MS in Project management 

10. University of New Mexico

Next on the list of the best online masters in construction management is the Master of Construction Management from the University of New Mexico. This online program is great for working construction professionals who don’t have time to attend a traditional program. Students must take project controls, construction safety, principles of written construction documents, construction law, and simulation and design on construction operations. Students learn business management skills, safety law, LEED standards, and construction methods and equipment.

The School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico is the only Carnegie R1 university in Missouri. The school’s mission is to contribute to the economic, technological, and social development of the global, national, and state communities through computer science and engineering education. The school seeks to offer wide access to quality research-based education.

Highlight This program consists of 10 courses and can be completed in as little as 12 months.
Degree Master of Construction Management

11. Western Carolina University

The Master of Construction Management from Western Carolina University is another of the best online construction management masters degree programs. This program gives students the skills they need to become competent project managers, able to meet deadlines and keep the project’s costs under control. The program is designed for busy working professionals. Core subjects include topics such as legal issues, sustainability, and finance. Students must also take courses in subjects such as land development and construction forensics. There is no thesis required.

The College of Engineering and Technology at Western Carolina University offers degrees in construction management, technology, and engineering. Each program strives to encourage faculty-student partnerships with industry and business as well as to prepare students for success in their future careers. The school fulfills its academic missions through engagement, service, discovery, scholarship, teaching and learning.

Highlight This program takes 30 semester hours to complete.
Degree Master of Construction Management

12. Norwich University

One of the best online masters in construction management is the MBA in Construction Management from Norwich University. This MBA focuses on the business management side of construction management, with a focus in construction management that consists of three courses: project finance and accounting; contracts and insurance; and project management techniques, tools, and practices. The core curriculum for the MBA is made up of three 6-credit courses: strategic marketing and operations management, managerial finance, and strategic resources management.

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Norwich University offers certificates, bachelor’s degree completion programs, master’s degrees, and continuing education programs for working adults. The programs are designed to work around students’ work and life commitments and are offered online through Norwich University Online.

Highlight Students take one course at a time in order to master the information in each course before moving on.
Degree MBA in Construction Management 

13. NewSchool of Architecture & Design

The Master of Construction Management from the New School of Architecture & Design is next on the list of the best online construction management masters degree programs. This program is designed for construction management professionals who want to move ahead in their careers. Some topics covered in the program include creative project delivery, strategic risk mitigation, green buildings, and sustainability. The program focuses on practice-based learning, so students get hands-on experience as they learn. Students study a combination of business management, science, and architecture.

NewSchool of Architecture & Design is known for its collaboration opportunities, top industry connections, inspiring campus community, and forward-thinking professors. Its students passionately pursue their futures in construction management, design, and architecture. Students gain hands-on experiences that help them grow and succeed as designers and creators.

Highlight This online program can be completed in as little as 12 months.
Degree Master of Construction Management

14. Southern New Hampshire University

The MS in Construction Management from Southern New Hampshire University is one of the best online masters in construction management in the U.S. This program prepares students for the job of construction manager. It covers topics such as environmental protection, materials regulations, and worker safety. Students gain real-world experience in construction management and project management. The program teaches students the strategies, practices and tools used in construction management, including materials, methods, and budget control.

Southern New Hampshire University have more than 135,000 online students and is growing faster than most other universities in the nation. The school offers more than 200 programs from certificates to the doctoral level. SNHU provides an exceptional learning experience and has outstanding student support services. The school’s mission is to transform the lives of its students.

Highlight The MS in Construction Management requires 36 credits and can be completed in as little as 15 months.
Degree MS in Construction Management 

15. New England Institute of Technology

The Master’s of Construction Management from New England Institute of Technology is also one of the best online construction management masters degree programs. This program was created to address the growing demand for construction managers, which is projected to continue growing over the next decade. It provides a strong foundation in general management and business, management and leadership of teams and projects, and technical and operational expertise. The program combines construction management best practices with theory.

New England Institute of Technology is a place for students who enjoy learning by doing. The school has industry-specific labs that are equipped with the latest equipment and technology. It is a leader in career education for technical careers. There are more than 50 programs to choose from.

Highlight The program is divided into ten-week courses and can be completed in 18 months.
Degree Master’s of Construction Management

Why Should I Get My Construction Management Master’s Online?

You have so many different options as you can see. And so, we can safely say that a master of construction management online degree widens the scope of what you are able to do once you graduate. For example, if your interest is to manage portfolios of projects and work teams, as well as to design strategies for the promotion or sale of real estate developments and services, then specialize with this postgraduate course and obtain the professional promotion you want. If your thing is to propose environmentally friendly architectural designs, as well as the efficient management of construction projects under international quality and risk management standards, Program Management and Architectural Projects is the expertise you were looking for.

Now, if what you are looking for is to specialize in the methods and techniques of composition of spaces, environmental psychology, and architecture for the efficient management of projects under international standards of quality and risk management, it is most recommended that you specialize in this choice of online construction management masters, as it will provide you with all the tools you need to continue to excel in the field of interior space design. So you can see how many selections you have when it comes to masters in construction management online degree. These are reasons enough for consideration.

How Do I Choose an Online Construction Management Master’s?

Look for a university or college that offers a wide range of options when it comes to the construction management degree online accredited. Make sure the educational institution offers online classes, which would make it flexible for you to attend. Check out each program to see which one meets your personal situation and qualifications. Be sure to go through the program to see highlights of the duration of the course, the various types of classes, the cost, the instructor, materials needed and any other related things. Once you gather enough information, contact the school administrator or admission department to find out what is needed for admission and signing up for classes. Be sure it is going to be an accredited online construction management degree and nothing less. If the tuition cost is outside of your budget, inquire about scholarships or financial help from the institution.

You also want to know if the degree meets the scope of the labor market so that you can pursue and find a good career in the field. You want this master’s degree to give you a strategic vision, oriented towards efficiency, innovation and the achievement of results in construction management. This master’s degree provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools to positively impact the construction industry and people’s lives.

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

A construction manager has various duties, which include, but not limited to:

  • Supervision and management of construction projects from conception to completion
  • In-depth project review to schedule deliveries and calculate costs
  • Supervision of all on-site and remote works to control compliance with construction and safety regulations

A construction manager is responsible for the execution of an architectural project within a construction company, as well as its technical and economic management. A construction manager is in charge of planning, directing, controlling and evaluating these architectural projects from the moment of their conception, until their completion (all within the established deadlines and budgets).

Some of the main functions when it comes to a construction manager job description, you can expect to complete any and all of these duties:

  • Analyze the project and its feasibility
  • Plan the organization of the work
  • Plan each of the tasks and jobs to be performed
  • Propose the most suitable procedures, techniques and means
  • Check the certifications
  • Control costs
  • Control construction deadlines
  • Process supplier orders
  • Coordinate industrialists and subcontractors
  • Follow up on quality plans
  • Check the official documentation of the work
  • Control the safety of the work
  • Follow up the work with the facultative direction or promoters
  • The qualities of a construction manager
  • Exhibit leadership skills
  • Ability to direct employees
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical and reasoning ability
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and organize time in the most effective way
  • Maximum productivity and concern for obtaining results
  • Focus on safety at all times
  • Skills in accounting, billing and collection processes
  • Endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction

With a master’s degree in Construction Management, you can expect to earn a salary that commensurate with your education, experience, skills and knowledge. A construction management salary immediately after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree is roughly $95,260 per year or $45.80 per hour. However, with a master’s degree, it would be as much as $164,000 per year.

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