20 Best Online Associates Degrees in Management

best online associate degreeEvery workplace has employees, and every group of employees requires the skills of a manager to oversee operations, plan outcomes and direct the group towards a shared goal. An effective manager is vital to the success of any organization, from startups and government offices to corporations and factories, and these in-demand professionals tend to be well compensated. An associate’s degree in business management can be the key to launching a stimulating, flexible and well-paying career or advancing in the business workplace.

Working adults are increasingly turning to online education in order to earn their degrees, balancing study with life and work. An online associate’s degree program can offer convenience, flexibility and affordability far beyond that of the traditional classroom. A typical program includes general education components, such as history and composition, selected to teach communication and critical thinking, followed by business-specific courses such as accounting, employment law and business ethics. An associate’s degree will prepare graduates for immediate employment in positions such as office clerk or management trainee, or provide the foundation for continued study of business management in a bachelor’s program.

Our ranking of the 10 Best Online Associate’s Degrees in Business Management for 2017 presents the best of the best, ranked for affordability, flexibility and academic strength.


  • Affordability (1/3): The average cost per credit hour.
  • Flexibility (1/3): The number of specializations, accelerated courses, start dates, and other features granting flexibility for the student.
  • Academic Prestige (1/3): The academic prestige of the program’s parent institution according to national and international rankings and reviews.

1. University of Massachusetts – Lowell

University of Massachusetts–Lowell (“UMass Lowell”) is a public research university. With nearly 1,150 faculty members and 18,058 students, it is the second-largest public institution in the state. The university offers 122 bachelor’s, 43 master’s and 36 doctoral degree programs, with business being the most popular major. Admission is selective, and the student-faculty ratio of 17 to 1 is low for that of a large university. UMass Lowell prides itself on rigorous academics, hands-on learning and personal attention. The school has earned an excellent academic reputation, and U.S. news and World Report ranks UMass Lowell Lowell 152nd in National Universities and 78th is Top Public Schools. With cutting-edge facilities and large endowments, research at UMass is consistently excellent, ranked in the nation’s top 200 by U.S. News and World Report, and winning National Science Foundation CAREER awards since 2010. The school is also ranked in the nation’s top ten for return on investment by sources such as Forbes, PayScale and U.S. News and World Report. The average mid-career salary for UMass Lowell graduates is $95,100.

UMass Lowell offers an Associate’s Degree in Management in an online program which is rigorous, comprehensive and prestigious. Students gain crucial analytical skills and learn the fundamentals of business operations, marketing, financial accounting and statistics. The program consists of 65 credits: 35 core requirements and 30 credits in business studies. Core courses consist of mathematics, sociology, psychology and composition- all general education areas which are also applicable to the field of business and management. Credit may be awarded for prior learning at other institutions. Courses are taught by full-time faculty who are experts in their fields, and by adjunct faculty who, as practicing professionals, bring real-world experience to the online class discussions. UMass Lowell’s School of Business is rated 183rd in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The university’s online department, and online business programs in particular, have themselves earned a reputation for excellence. At $375 per credit hour, tuition is one of the highest entries in this listing. But with UMass’ reputation for academic excellence and high income among graduates, an online associate’s degree from this prestigious school may actually represent one of the best investments on the market.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $375
  • Academic Prestige: #1
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Credit awarded for prior study

2. Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School (“Penn Foster”) is a private, online institution of higher education. The school was founded in 1890 as the International Correspondence School. In 2006, it was renamed after its founder and replaced its correspondence courses with online offerings. Today, the school serves some 140,000 students in 80 different programs in Automotive, Business, Creative/Design, Drafting, Education, Health Services, Legal Studies, Natural Health, Technology, and Trades areas. By focusing exclusively on distance education, the school is able to cut overhead costs and pass the savings on to students. Specializing in online classes has also allowed Penn Foster to invest in developing class content and coaching strategies to specifically address the needs of distance learners.

Penn Foster Career School offers an exceptionally affordable online Associate’s in Applied Science in Business Management. The 65-credit course of study consists almost entirely of businesselated topics and skills, giving graduates of the program a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the field. Areas of study include business law, organizational behavior, principles of management and marketing. Extensive career services, peer mentoring and academic coaching help online students succeed in their studies and advance their careers or find employment upon graduation. Students can enroll at any time and begin taking classes right away, and an open admissions policy means that only a high school diploma or GED is required to enroll. Mobile-friendly and mediaich class content makes learning through Penn Foster convenient and engaging. At just $79 per credit hour, Penn Foster is the most affordable option included in this ranking, and the cost of textbooks is even included in tuition.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $79
  • Academic Prestige: 6
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Self-paced classes

3. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a private institution offering over 70 diplomas, certificates, associates and bachelor’s degrees in career-focused disciplines such as nursing, education and internet marketing. The school has 22 campuses throughout the country and serves over 13,600 students. Rasmussen employs a “Credential Ladder”, a stepwise approach to degree-granting, which awards incremental degrees to students pursuing an advanced credential. A student working towards a master’s, for instance, would be awarded an associate’s and bachelor’s degree as they completed the requirements for each on the path towards their final degree. This approach means students can take credit for their academic milestones, potentially advancing their careers, before completing their final degree.

Rasmussen offers an Associate’s in Applied Science in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership which affords students excellent flexibility and value. The 91-credit sequence begins with core courses related to business management, such as principles of finance and staff training and development. General education requirements are taken after the core is complete, allowing students to immediately begin applying knowledge and skills relevant to their careers. In addition to the above 91-credit sequence, several “foundation courses” are required for the degree. Students have the option to select the format for each online class: traditional, competency-based or self-directed assessment. Traditional classes are instructor-led, competency-based are delivered as self-paced modules with some faculty interaction, and self-directed assessments are tests allowing students to earn credit by demonstrating existing knowledge. At $186 per credit hour, Ramussen represents a low-cost option for earning an associate’s degree, and further savings are possible for those testing out of required courses.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $186
  • Academic Prestige: #6
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Credit awarded for demonstrating aptitude

4. Rio Salado College

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Rio Salado College (“Rio”) is a community college offering associate’s degrees and certificate programs. Since its founding in 1978, the school has specialized in distance learning, and by 2006 had converted the majority of its course offerings to an online format. With just 22 full-time faculty, the school educates a student body of over 60,000, and provides extensive support services to ensure their academic success. The school is cited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Forbes, PBS and others as a leader in higher education innovation.

Rio Online offers a 60-credit online Associate in Applied Science in Organizational Management. The program is an excellent value and gives students outstanding support and flexibility. Each student works with an advisor to tailor their course of study to their career goals within the program requirements. The associate’s degree in organizational management incorporates the 18-credit curriculum of the school’s Certificate in Organizational Leadership, covering topics such as business communication, techniques in supervision and project management. Degree seekers also complete 22 to 27 units in general education and 20 electives chosen within one of the school’s occupational programs. Most courses are either 14 or 16 weeks long, with some available in an accelerated 8-week format. Rolling start dates allow students to begin their courses at their convenience. Online tutoring, mentoring, advising, library resources, technology help and writing assistance are available and easy to navigate. The school maintains “articulation agreements” with several institutions. This arrangement allows graduates of Rio’s associate’s program to seamlessly transfer credits to another institution in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and even allows automatic acceptance into certain partner institutions. At $136 per credit, an online associate’s degree from Rio Salado College is an excellent value.

  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $136
  • Academic Prestige: #6
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Accelerated courses option, Rolling start dates

5. Northcentral Technical College

Northcentral Technical College (“Northcentral”) is a public institution based in Wisconsin with a total enrollment of 4,384. Northcentral’s motto, “real life, real learning” speaks to an institutional commitment to real-world results. Over 93% of students find employment in their chosen field within 6 months of graduation. Graduates command an average starting salary of about $35,000, an outstanding return on investment for a technical school. Students can choose from over 185 technical diplomas, certificates and associate’s degrees in career-focused areas such as healthcare services and marketing. Northcentral has an open admissions policy, requiring only a high school diploma or GED for enrollment, and offers credit for life experiences.

Northcentral offers an Associate of Applied Science in Supervisory Management designed to train students to lead teams and oversee personnel. The program follows a 66-67 credit sequence, with virtually every class relating directly to the world of supervision. Classes are designed to cover practical skills and current issues, and include topics such as organizational efficiency and technology for business leaders. Throughout all classes, students can expect to develop skills in human relations, motivation, leadership, time management, business ethics and computer skills. With rolling start dates, self-paced classes and no fixed deadlines, the program gives online students maximum flexibility. Graduates of Northcentral’s associate’s program report earning an average salary of $48,125. With tuition priced at just $162, the degree represents an outstanding return on investment.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $162
  • Academic Prestige: #6
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Self-paced classes, Rolling start dates

6. Patten University

Patten University (“Patten”) is a private university based in California. The school was founded in 1944 as the Oakland Bible Institute, and in 2012 was taken over by UniversityNow, a private company which develops low-cost higher education options. Today, Patten is a secular institution offering associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a student body of 900. The school’s relatively new online learning program has been wellanked by sources such as CollegeChoice for its instructional quality and value. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also recognized Patten as one the country’s most innovative “next generation” universities.

Patten offers an Associate in Arts in General Studies with a concentration in Business Management. Degree seekers complete 45 general education units and 15 units in the management concentration. General education courses include standard foundational knowledge, such as reading comprehension and algebra, as well as more far-flung topics such as film studies and world religions. Business management classes cover such areas as financial accounting and leadership in organizations, as well as computer literacy. Courses are self-paced and engaging, with mediaich content and multi-modal instruction. Distance learners pay a flat rate each term, and can decrease the cost of their degree by enrolling in more classes at a given time. All courses use only free e-textbooks, and online tutoring and advising is available. With each credit hour costing as little as $171, an associate’s from Patten is an excellent value.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $171
  • Academic Prestige: #6
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Self-paced classes

7. Waldorf University

Waldorf University is a small liberal arts school based in Iowa. The school was originally established by a Lutheran minister in 1903 as a Christian college, and housed in a former hotel. Today, the university offers associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as several undergraduate certificate options and online career-prep programs. The school aims to foster critical thought, humanitarianism and lifelong learning through education in the liberal arts. Waldorf retains its Christian roots in the school’s commitment to service and ethical values, but is open to students of all faiths.

For those interested in learning to recruit and manage staff, Waldorf offers an Associate in Arts in Human Resource Management consisting of 60 credits. Forty-five general education credits provide a liberal arts background, and include choices in composition, mathematics and history. Fifteen business credits follow, which cover such areas as employment law, compensation and benefits, and recruitment and staffing. For those interested in furthering their education upon completion of the associate’s degree, this course sequence satisfies the requirements for the Human Resource Management concentration within Waldorf’s B.S. program in Business Administration. Waldorf also holds “articulation agreements” with over 25 institutions of higher learning, which allow seamless transfer of credits earned at Waldorf to a partner institution.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $221
  • Academic Prestige: #22
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Two tracks

8. Sullivan University

With approximately 6,000 students, Sullivan University (“Sullivan”) is the largest private university in Kentucky, and operates 6 campuses and extension sites throughout the state. Sullivan was founded in 1962 as a one-year career-preparation institute with just 300 students. Today, the school offers diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, while continuing to focus on preparing graduates for workplace success. The university is organized into 10 schools in such career-specific disciplines as nursing, hospitality, computer technology and early childhood education.

Sullivan’s online Associate Degree in Business Management is a 92-credit program which embodies the university’s real-world teaching perspective. Almost all courses relate directly to the world of business, and cover a wide range of topics related to commerce and management. Classes include computerized accounting, small business management, business law and public speaking. For students taking classes full-time, the entire program can be completed in as little as 18 months, making Sullivan one of the more efficient options for earning an associate’s in business management. Courses are taught by professors employed in their field of expertise, who are able to offer job-based insights and teach about current trends in the business management world. Online students enjoy services such as academic advising, library resources, career assistance and a dedicated online student mentoring team.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $395
  • Academic Prestige: #9
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Accelerated courses option

9. Mesa Community College

Founded in 1965 as an extension of Phoenix College, Mesa Community College (MCC) is a large institution, with over 25,960 students. MCC offers more than 200 associate’s degrees and certificate programs. The school emphasizes measurable outcomes of student success, such as gainful employment and community engagement. MCC’s “Four C’s”, a set of essential skills, are embedded in all areas of study: communication, critical thinking, civics and cultural engagement. Career readiness and workforce development are also promoted in all disciplines, with the goal of preparing students to find immediate success in their chosen field.

MCC offers an online Associate in Applied Science in Business Management emphasizing real-world, jobeady business skills. The degree program follows a sequence of 68 to 73 credits, with the option to test out of some prerequisite courses. Students begin their studies with general education and elective courses, including mathematics and composition, before moving on to business-specific courses, such as accounting, team dynamics and supply chain management. Students can also earn a Certificate in Organizational Leadership online by completing an 18-credit sequence which emphasizes communication and supervisory skills.
With almost 25% of MCC students enrolled in online classes, the school is heavily invested in providing an optimal e-learning experience. Several support services are available to online learners, such as tutoring, writing assistance and online library resources. Tuition is reasonably priced at $215 per credit hour.

  • Homepage
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: $215
  • Academic Prestige Rank: #6
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Components: Certificate in organizational leadership offered

11. Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College is a member of the Wisconsin Technical College System that serves the Appleton, Wisconsin area. Serving more than 50,000 students annually, Fox Valley is a large technical college offering a range of support services, continuing education, corporate education, technical, and adult basic education. More than 200 associates degrees, certificates and technical diplomas are offered at the college. Additionally, more than 20 apprenticeship trade programs are offered, and transfer agreements with more than 30 four-year institutions. Besides its wide range of quality offerings, the school’s Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) club is particularly well regarded, gaining national awards over the last few years. Campus options include Appleton, Oshkosh, Chilton, Clintonville, Waupaca, Wautoma, Greenville, as well as online offerings.

Fox Valley Technical College offers a fully online associates degree in business management that ranks highly for its flexibility, academic quality, and affordability. The program is offered in an accelerated format at a number of campuses as well as online. Further enhancing flexibility is the fact that students may choose from one of six specialization categories, the largest number of any programs surveyed in our ranking. Specialization categories include accounting, banking, entrepreneurship, general, marketing, and a global business specialization. Fox Valley makes a note that it’s easy to both transfer credits into the program for those who have already completed some undergraduate work, as well as transfer out upon program completion. Transfer agreements with more than 30 four-year universities offer a range of options for continuing studies. Transfer agreement schools may be seen here.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 6480
  • Academic Quality Rank: 7/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components: six specialties

12. Lakeshore Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College is a member of the Wisconsin Technical College System that serves the Cleveland, Wisconsin area. Smaller campuses are available in Sheboygan and Manitowoc. Close to 3,000 students call the college home, which offers a range of 1-year certificates, 2-year certificates, adult education, and associates degree programs. The college ranks highly for a range of student support and academic outcome measures, including small classes (low student-to-faculty ratio), high first year retention rates, high graduation rates, and a quality financial aid department. The most popular degree programs at the university include health related disciplines as well as business, management, and marketing related disciplines.

Lakeshore Technical College offers a fully online associates in business management that places highly in our ranking due to affordability, academic quality and support measures, and flexibility. August and January program starts as well as the ability to take any or all of the program online or at the College’s Cleveland campus. Academic quality and support measures include a high first-year retention rate (68%), a high graduation rate (within 3 years, 49%), and low student-to-faculty ratios (13 to 1). On the financial front, tuition is particularly affordable for in-state students, though also favorable affordable when compared to out-of-state tuitions at other schools. Student default rates, a good measure of return on investment for higher education are low for Lakeshore Technical College, a good sign for potential students.

  • Estimated Net Price: 6167
  • Academic Quality Rank: 6/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components:

13. Community Care College

Community Care College is a nonprofit career college with a main campus located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The College’s main location is the main branch for two colleges including Oklahoma Technical College and Clary Sage College. Forty six diploma, associates, and certifiate programs are offered through the college. Programs of study offered center around career skills, with Clary Sage College offering cosmetology classes, and Oklahoma Technical College offering automotive technology, diesel technology, welding technology, and heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration courses of study. Some courses of study are also available online. Currently close to 600 students call the Community Care College campus home. Measures of academic quality and support are good at Community Care, including a low student-to-faculty ratio, and a high retention rate for first year students.

Currently Community Care College offers a fully associates in business and industry management ranked highly in our ranking due to all three metrics considered: affordability, academic support, and flexibility. Students may elect to take an accelerated course of study, as well as choose between two degree types including an Associate of Occupational Science and an Associate of Science degree. The difference between these two tracks is that the Associate of Science degree offers both general education and business courses, while the Associate of Occupational Science is comprised entirely of business courses. Where the Associate of Science option may be better for students potentially interested in transferring to a four year program once they are finished with their associates-level work; the Associate of Occupational Science is a great fit for students looking to get immediate hands-on experience in business. Both programs offer affordable tuition as well as have quality student-to-faculty ratios, retention rates, and graduation rates.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 17067
  • Academic Quality Rank: 4/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components: accelerated

14. Northeast Iowa Community College

Northeast Iowa Community College is a public community college serving a number of Iowa counties including Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, Winneshiek, Dubuque, and Delaware counties. Home to close to 5,000 students, the college has two main campuses as well as one satelite campus. The college is authorized to offer associate of science, associate of arts, and associate of applied science degrees. Additionally, the college offers programs for those seeking their GED as well as vocational and diploma programs. A number of transfer agreements are in place for students looking to move on to a four-year degree upon finishing their associates. The school is also known as a nationally acredited center for agricultural education.

Northeast Iowa Community College’s fully online associate degree in applied management places in our ranking due to academic quality and affordability (two of the most important indicators of student satisfaction in a degree program). Flexibility-enhancing components of the program include the ability to transfer up to 28 credits previously received in vocational or technical diploma programs. For students having those credits, the time-until-degree in the program may be shortened to less than a year. For students pursuing the usual course of study (no transfer credits), the program may be completed in three terms. Academic support indicators for Northeast Iowa Community College include a low student-to-faculty ratio, meaning more one-on-one time in courses. Additionally, a high retention rate for first year students generally signals student satisfaction with their course of study.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 5460
  • Academic Quality Rank: 11/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components:

15. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a private university offering associates through doctoral level degrees at a number of campuses throughout the Florida “space coast,” Arizona, as well as online. A wide range of satellite campuses are also available at military bases throughout the world. Home to some 30,000+ students, the university is known for industry-centered training that is up-to-date and relavent for engineering, research, and business jobs. Embry-Riddle is regionally accredited as well as prominantly ranked as one of the best regional universities based in the Southeastern United States. The “Worldwide” campus has been ranked as the best online degree provider at the bachelor’s level by U.S. News. Founded in 1970, the Worldwide Campus now offers over 40 degree programs focused on aviation, business, communication, computers, emergency services, engineering, human factors, management, safety, security, logistics, and unmanned systems.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University currently offers a number of degree programs related to management at the associates level. Associate of Science degrees are currently available in Technical Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Aviation Business Management. All three degree options require 60 credit hours for completion and may be followed up with a four-year bachelor’s-level degree through Embry-Riddle upon completion. We’ve ranked Embry-Riddle’s programs highly due to their flexibility (many degree choices), quality support and academic measures, and affordability. While Embry-Riddle has a higher sticker price than a number of other schools in this ranking, they also have a robust financial aid department which often lowers the “sticker price” for students. Student-faculty ratios are low at the university, while retention and graduation are high; all measures of student satisfaction and proper support.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 34822
  • Academic Quality Rank: 4/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components: multiple degrees related

16. Northland Community and Technical College

Northland Community and Technical College is a public member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Home to some 4,000 full and part-time students, the college has campuses in East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, an Aerospace Campus, and the Roseau Satellite Site. Founded in 1949, the community college and technical college has a long and storied past as a vocational training and two-year college. The college offers a substantive view of associates and diploma-level education that focuses on not just technical skills, but also communication skills, critical thinking skills, global and civic responsibility, information and applied technology, and personal development. The college is applied by the Higher Learning Commission, meaning that the college holds the highest form of accreditation (regional). With an average age of close to 25, the college is well versed supporting non-traditional or returning students.

Currently Northland Community and Technical College offers a fully online Associate of Applied Science degree in Sales, Marketing, & Management. This degree programs places highly in our ranking due to its affordability, flexibility, and academic and support measures. Flexibility in the program may be seen through the fact that students may elect to pursue a customer service certification as well as choose a number of elective courses to complement their core education. Average net price of attendence at the college was the 6th most affordable of programs surveyed. Additionally, student-to-faculty ratio, graduation rates, and retention rates at the college compared favorable to peer institutions.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 5549
  • Academic Quality Rank: 21/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components: certificate available too

17. Maranatha Baptist University

Maranatha Baptist University is a private, Baptist university with a main campus located in Watertown, Wisconsin. Home to close to 1,100 students, the University offers courses of study at the Associates through Master’s levels. The university is regionally accredited, meaning it holds the highest form of entire institution accreditation. Degrees are offered in a wide range of disciplines including career-centered degrees, theology degrees, and humanities degrees. Student support and academic quality measures for the university are quality. These measures include an 11 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio, a 67% retention rate, and a 50% graduation rate. A range of degrees are also available in distance formats including associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees.

Maranatha Baptist University offers a fully online Associate of Science in Business Management degree that places highly in our ranking due to academic support measures and affordability. Students pursuing their associates at Maranatha Baptist University may transfer directly into bachelor’s level programs as well. All associates-level courses count for bachelor’s degree purposes at the University. The associates’ course of study is comprised of 64 credit hours and requires two years to complete. A range of electives may be chosen from covering fields ranging from management, accounting, digital media, and information technology. Retention rates, graduation rates, and student-to-faculty ratios are all high quality at Maranatha, ensuring proper support and quality outcomes for students in the business management program.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 14910
  • Academic Quality Rank: 4/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components:

18. Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College is a public community college located along the Gulf Coast of Texas in Brazoria County. Over 5,000 students call the college home, which offers workforce training, associates degrees, adult basic education, technical educaiton, and personal development courses. Degrees are offered in associate of science, associate of applied science, and associate of arts degrees, many of which are geared directly to work force needs and vocations. Addtionally, a number of certificate options may be pursued in a wide variety of subjects. Student success metrics such as graduation rate as well as student-to-faculty ratio at Alvin Community College are high quality. Additionally, Alvin Community College is one of the most affordable colleges of those surveyed for our ranking.

Alvin Community College offers botha fully online associates and certificate options in management. The certificate option rakes roughly half of the time required to complete the associates degree, requiring 30-31 credit hours. For the degree program students are required to take nine management and human resource related courses, a collection of general education courses, and several electives in business and managementelated areas. We placed Alvin Community College’s management program highly in our ranking due to its quality student support measures as well as affordable nature. Currently Alvin Community College has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15 to 1 as well as a first-year retention rate of 60%. Tuition is one of the most affordable of schools surveyed and currently set at $3,878.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 3878
  • Academic Quality Rank: 17/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components:

19. North Dakota State College of Science

North Dakota State College of Science is a two-year, public college with a main campus located in Wahpeton, North Dakota. The college is home to some 3,000 students and offers degree, diploma, and certificate programs in more than 80 disiplines. Academic programming is available in the liberal arts, general studies, and career-centered offerings. Student outcomes are extremely high quality for a two-year college, with 98% of graduates either pursuing additional education or obtaining a job upon graduation. The college offers a secondary campus in Fargo, North Dakota, as well as a wide range of online and distance courses. Student support indicators including student-to-faculty ratio, graduation rate, and first-year retention rate all rate very favorable compared to similar schools.

North Dakota State College of Science currently offers a fully online associates degree in business technology management. This programs places highly in our ranking due to its academic quality and support measures as well as its relative affordability when compared to similar programs. Student support and academic quality measures include a low student-to-faculty ratio, and high graduation (40%) and full-time first-year retention (70%) rates. Adding additional flexibility, the degree program is also available as a third year add-on for students who have already completed a technology-based program such as Auto Body, Machine Tooling, Plumbing, Welding, etc. at the college. Tuition for North Dakota State College of Science is currently the 7th more affordable of schools surveyed for this ranking.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 11870
  • Academic Quality Rank: 7/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components:

20. Hagerstown Community College

Hagerstown Community College is a public community college with a main campus located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Currently around 4,000 students attend Hagerstown Community College seeking one-year certificate programs, two-year certificate programs, diplomas, and associates degrees. The most popular academic programs at Hagerstown include business, liberal arts/general studies, and healthelated degrees, with most students at the college seeking associates degrees. Around 1/4th of the college’s students transfer into four-year degree programs upon the completion of their associates degrees. Student-to-faculty ratios are high quality at Hagerstown, coming in at 17 to 1. Additionally, retention and graduation rates — common measures of student satisfaction and support — are good at the college.

Hagerstown Community College currently offers a fully online Associate of Applied Science in Project Management. This program ranks highly of programs surveyed for this ranking due to quality academic support measures as well as affordability. Both graduation rates and student-to-faculty ratios are high quality at Hagerstown, coming in at 65% and 17 to 1 respectively. Hagerstown’s AAS in Project Management is also the 6th most affordable of schools surveyed. Additionally, Hagerstown’s program fills a unique niche, as the only program specifically in project management of those surveyed. Students of the program should be prepared to take a rigorous general education section of their studies, followed by 18 credit hours of courses on business, business law, accounting, and management. Students may also tailor their studies somewhat with the selection of three electives to round out the program.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Net Price: 6918
  • Academic Quality Rank: 14/50
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Program Components:

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