15 Best Online Master’s in Environmental & Sustainability Management for 2021

online masters in sustainability

Earning an Environmental Management and Sustainability Masters’ Degree online will help you to maintain your current employment, giving you an opportunity to advance your career. Individuals who are already employed can enroll in an online Masters’ degree program and study when it fits into their schedule. The flexibility and convenience of an online degree program make it possible to learn new skills while they are working allowing them to take on more responsibilities and apply for new positions within their company. The more they can learn while they are working, the better they will be at their job.

An online Environmental Management Masters’ degree offers the same courses that an on-campus degree program has. This ensures that students will receive the same quality education as others who learn in a classroom. While there are still deadlines that must be met for each lesson, students can study when it is most beneficial for them. This allows them to study in their free time, no matter when that may be. Some students have trouble learning in a classroom setting. Learning online allows them to study in an environment that is more comfortable for them.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Environmental Management and Sustainability Master’s Programs

Great Business Schools editors researched only accredited, trusted institutions for the ranking of the best environmental master’s programs. Schools are ranked according to tuition rate, reputation, and potential salary, using data from IPEDS and Niche. 

1. Duke University

One of the best online sustainability masters programs is offered by Duke University. It’s among the best online environmental masters programs Because it provides working professionals with a way to earn a degree in environmental management without quitting their jobs or compromising their family obligations. This degree accelerates the leadership path of successful graduates. The program includes group individual coursework and students explore real-life case studies in the industry.

This elite Christian University is located in North Carolina. There are 6,600 undergraduate students, nearly all of whom graduate from the university. Duke is the top-ranked Christian College in America.

Highlight Duke has an A+ rating in value, diversity and campus life.
Degree Master of Environmental Management

2. University of Wisconsin

One of the best online sustainability masters programs, The University of Wisconsin offers an MS in Sustainable Management. Its best online environmental masters programs provide an excellent choice for professionals already working in the field and who want an advanced education combined with online programming flexibility. Learners with education, work and life experience graduating from this program will make a difference in sustainable management.

As a top-ranked school, the University of Wisconsin has a competitive admissions rate. Just 52% of those who apply are accepted. Other popular majors include economics, biology, and information sciences. They graduate nearly 87% of students at the undergraduate level.

Highlight Wisconsin is the top-ranked College in Wisconsin.
Degree MS in Sustainable Management

3. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut has a masters in energy and environmental management. This is one of the best online sustainability masters programs. The program produces successful energy workers who can lead the industry and make a positive impact. As one of the best online environmental masters programs in Connecticut, this program addresses major ecological concerns such as human security and safety and ecological systems. Successful graduates become leaders in the energy field and can make a positive impact on the industry. The program includes environmental concerns such as developing sustainable social-ecological systems.

Located in Storrs, Connecticut, the university has 18,000 undergraduate students and admission at all levels is reasonably competitive. Popular majors include economics, communications and psychology.

Highlight The University of Connecticut is the top-rated public university in the state.
Degree Master of Energy and Environmental Management

4. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University has one of the best online sustainability masters programs, and it is among the best online environmental masters programs in Texas. The university offers a professional science masters degree that gives students an interdisciplinary education and prepares them for careers in science, government, business and other sectors. This degree includes graduate study in science and combines it with management training, marketing concepts and other aspects that help graduates build a successful career. The online format allows students to pursue the degree part-time or full time, giving them the flexibility they need to juggle busy jobs and personal commitments.

Texas Tech is a research university that uses innovative teaching strategies and award scholarships to students. The university prepares students to be ethical leaders and contributes to a diverse global workforce in a much-needed area of concentration.

Highlight Texas Tech graduates 94% of students at the undergraduate degree and hires faculty who are top working professionals as well as teachers.
Degree PSM in Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resource Management 

5. John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University has many prestigious programs and is among the best online sustainability masters programs. The university’s masters in environmental planning and management is among the best online environmental masters programs based in Maryland. The program includes real-world policy and economic case studies and factors in social constraints and the availability of financial resources. Experienced instructors transfer skills to students and deliver the same quality of education online as in the classroom. Students choose a focus area that could help them and their job search. By offering courses online, the university gives an opportunity for students living in remote areas to study at a major school.

This prestigious university also has one of the best online environmental masters programs in environmental sciences. This program offers coursework in ecosystem management, land and water conservation, maritime law, oceanic stewardship, and geographical information systems or GIS.

Johns Hopkins is a private college located in Baltimore. It has 107 graduate programs and nearly 1/3 of them are offered online. Popular majors at the graduate level include educational technology and finance. Nearly half of grad students attend part-time, making it a flexible opportunity for those who need to focus on their careers as well.

Highlight 100% of students polled agree that their professors deliver engaging material, which may ease the mind of students seeking interesting coursework. 
Degree MS in Environmental Planning and Management or MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy

6. Penn State World Campus

Penn State University has a thriving online graduate school with one of the best online sustainability masters programs. As one of the best online environmental masters programs, this program help students keep up with changes in the industry. It prepares learners for high-level positions in ecosystem management. Students apply quantitative tools such as financial analysis and statistics to better understand environmental policy concepts related to the management of natural resources.

Penn State Online has under 2,600 students and accepts just over half of those who apply. Other popular majors include information sciences and nursing. The online format enables students to obtain a degree from a prestigious university without attending on-campus classes.

Highlight Over 72% of graduate students receive financial aid, making this an affordable option for many learners. 
Degree MPS in Ecosystem Management and Administration 

7. University of Kentucky

The masters in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the University of Kentucky is one of the best online sustainability masters programs. Students who attend the best online environmental masters programs have an easier time landing a job following graduation. Students can get ahead of the curve of sustainability environmentalism with this degree.

Located in Lexington, this public university has over 7,000 graduate students and offers 112 graduate programs. Nine programs are provided online and popular majors include pharmacy studies and business. Just 19% of students attend part-time, indicating their courses may contain rigorous academic standards better taken on a full-time basis.  

Highlight This is the second-ranked university in Kentucky, making it an excellent choice for students who want high-quality education.
Degree Masters in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies

8. University of Denver

Students in the online sustainability master’s program at the University of Denver cultivate leadership skills. This program prepares students for the business side of managing the environment, making it one of the best online environmental masters programs. This practical approach to the topic teaches students to analyze compliance, development and regulations from the perspective of integrating these goals with human interests.

Denver is a highly rated university that operates privately in the Colorado area. This midsize institution has over 5,500 undergraduate students and accepts just 56% of applicants. Other popular majors include international relations and psychology. It graduates nearly 77% of graduate students.

Highlight Denver is the third-ranked college in the state, making it a great choice for students who want a degree from a high-ranking western university. 
Degree Master in Environmental Management 

9. Samford University

Samford University’s MS in Environmental Management is one of the best online sustainability masters programs. The program’s flexibility puts it among the best online environmental masters programs. Students complete their studies at their own pace and have full access to faculty, advisors and the same resources as campus students. This includes career development and access to the digital library. Students can combine their environmental degree with degrees in law or business.

As a private, Christian university in the Birmingham area, Samford has 2,084 graduate students. It offers 33 programs, eight of which students can take online. Popular degrees include pediatric nursing and just 12% of grad students attend part-time.

Highlight Samford ranks second among the best value colleges in the state, Making it an excellent choice for students paying out of pocket which also want a quality education. This makes Samford a good fit for students who want to attend a Christian school but who need the flexibility of the online format. 
Degree MS in Environmental Management

10. University of Findlay

The University of Findlay has an excellent MS in environmental safety and health management. It’s one of the best online sustainability masters programs, thanks to the emphasis on leadership in the environmental sector. As one of Ohio’s best online environmental masters programs, the program prepares students to meet occupational health, science, and environmental policy goals.

This private Christian school has a physical presence in the Toledo area and offers 12 graduate programs. Four are available online to its nearly 1,300 grad students. Nearly half of its grad students attend part-time and choose majors such as business and pharmacy studies. This could be a great choice for conservative students who would like to attain their degrees online. 

Highlight The university ranks well for value for money, guaranteeing students a quality education at affordable rates.
Degree MS in Environmental, Safety and Health Management

11. Prescott College

Prescott College offers one of the best online sustainability master’s programs. Prescott’s MBA in sustainable leadership is among the most practical and best online environmental masters programs. Students can earn their MBA and build sustainability careers within their current organizations or seek to become agents of change elsewhere. Graduates of this program deepen their knowledge of environmental policy and go on to become leaders in government, nonprofit and business organizations.

As a private grad school, Prescott has less than 400 grad students spread across 20 graduate programs in Arizona and 19 of them are offered online. This makes Prescott one of the most accessible online universities. More than half of graduate students attend part-time.

Highlight All students interviewed agree that the workload of this program is reasonable, and 75% said taking online courses in this major was a positive experience
Degree MBA in Sustainability Leadership

12. Unity College

Unity College has an MPS in environmental studies and sustainability that is one of the best online sustainability masters programs. Many factors come into play in ranking it among the best online environmental masters programs. The program helps communities deal with climate change and graduates make a difference in their field and in the world. The program gives students a firm foundation and science and blends technical know-how with practical application. It’s an excellent step for problem solvers who already work in advocacy, planning, and policy.

This private school is located in Maine and has fewer than 100 graduate students studying for possible majors. One-third of students attended part-time and others take a full course load. This ratio suggests that the university has challenging programs that may best be approached on a full-time basis. 

Highlight The university’s small size means that students get plenty of individual attention despite the digital format.
Degree MPS in Environmental Studies and Sustainability

13. Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University has an MBA in Energy and Sustainability; it’s one of the best online sustainability masters programs. As one of the best online environmental masters programs, this degree was designed for students who work full-time. Coursework includes quantitative and practical applications. Students gain an innovative approach to lead the energy industry as change agents. Students can choose to attend school full- part-time with the flexibility of online learning.  

The university is located in Rindge, New Hampshire. This private grad school has fewer than 600 students and offers 17 degrees. Of these, seven are provided online and popular majors include business and physical therapy. Just under half of graduate students take classes part-time

Highlight This program is International Accreditation Council of Business Education (IACBE) accredited, validating its academic rigor.
Degree MBA in Energy and Sustainability 

14. Tuskegee University

As one of the best online sustainability masters programs, Tuskegee university’s masters in environmental management has two different graduate training programs. Both are among the best online environmental masters programs. Students choose between a Masters in environmental science or environmental management. They complete 30 credit hours that include research and project-based assignments. Graduates of both the environmental sciences and management tracts find jobs in their special interest areas. The online format helps students work while attending grad school and gives them greater flexibility as to where and how they complete their work.

As a private graduate school, Tuskegee is located in the Montgomery area. It has less than 500 grad students studying and 21 programs. Only one program is available online and just one in 10 students attend grad school part-time.

Highlight The program highlights watershed management, climate change and environmental health. It includes coursework in ecosystem management. 
Degree MS in Environmental Management

15. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University’s online MS in Environmental Sciences gives graduate students all they need to pursue their career in environmental management and sustainability. Coursework includes material like Integrated Environmental Issues, Design of Environmental Management Systems, and Environmental Policy Analysis. Students also complete a practicum to put their knowledge into direct action. 

LSU is one of the most respected and trusted science and technology focused universities in the south. As the largest and most comprehensive college in the state (and the public research flagship), LSU has a massive impact on Louisiana, contributing millions in revenue and thousands of jobs.

Highlight LSU is a land, sea, and space-grant university, and one of the world’s leaders in environmental studies. 
Degree MS in Environmental Science 

Is Environmental and Sustainability Management a Good Career?

Careers in environmental and sustainability management can be extremely lucrative if you have the right education and management skills. Reducing waste both in and out of the workplace saves money as well as valuable resources. Conserving natural resources will help keep costs down, especially if sustainable resources are available that will reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. There are many sustainable resources available for manufacturers to use. With proper management, companies can begin to reduce their dependence on non-sustainable resources in the environment.

Environmental and Sustainability Management graduates can also become consultants and advisors to a variety of companies, including those who work with insurance, manufacturing, and occupational awareness groups. These jobs involve understanding the environment and the impact that using sustainable resources has on preserving the world’s most precious resources. Being able to effectively manage these resources and provide sound advice on what a company can do to remain in compliance with government regulations. 

How Much Can I Make with a Masters’ in Environmental and Sustainability Management?

Graduates who earn a Masters’ in Environmental management can make anywhere from $65,000 to $81,000 per year if they have at least a modest amount of experience. Those who hire in at an entry level position will make considerably less, but will have the opportunity to earn more as they continue to earn experience on the job. Going back to school to add a certification will allow them to increase their earning potential and qualify for more advanced opportunities.

Individuals who earn a Masters’ in Sustainability Management can make approximately $105,000 to $112,000 per year. This is an average salary for individuals who have at least some degree of experience. The more experience a person has, the more money they will be able to make and the more responsibility they will be able to take on over time. Individuals who are working while they are earning their degree may find themselves in line for a promotion or increase in their wages as they come closer to their graduation day.

For graduates who have combined their degree programs and earned both an environmental and sustainability management degree, the pay they receive will be considerably higher than the average. They will not only have skills for both types of work, they will also possess management qualities that will allow them to become successful leaders in their chosen career fields. As an effective manager, employees are able to oversee many different types of operations providing sound advice when it comes to he use of various types of resources. Graduates who have earned their Master’s degree programs are able to continue to further their career by taking on new and exciting opportunities.

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