10 Fastest Online Executive MBA Degrees for 2021

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Accelerated executive MBA programs are available for students who don’t want to waste any time getting their degrees. This type of degree program puts students on the fast track to complete their education in less time. Accelerated executive MBA degree programs are developed to provide more information in fewer lessons allowing students to learn faster, graduate quicker, and advance their careers much earlier. Earning an accelerated executive MBA is an excellent option for individuals who are working full time in a managerial or supervisory position.

The goal of an accelerated executive MBA degree program is to allow the student to finish their education in as little time as possible. Under normal situations, it will take a student approximately two years to complete an executive MBA program. An accelerated degree program, however, condenses the lesson plans down so that the degree can be completed in as little as 18 months. This may not seem like a lot, but it allows the student to apply for upper management positions much sooner than later.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Executive MBA Programs 

The editors at Great Business Schools know that speed isn’t everything, but for busy working professionals who want to get their EMBA, it’s pretty important. That’s why our ranking of the best accelerated EMBA programs doesn’t just focus on speed, but on cost, salary potential, and student satisfaction as well. Programs are ranked with data from IPEDS and Niche, and only accredited institutions are featured

1. Washington State University

Washington State University offers the best accelerated executive MBA programs on the west coast. Individuals who are already firmly established in their careers can return to school and complete their education online. They can learn all of the necessary skills they need to move forward with their career without taking any time off of work. Students are able to apply what they learn while they are on the job. An online EMBA can be completed in as little as 16 months putting them on the fast track to advancement.

Washington State University is well-known for its academic excellence and its ability to provide students with coursework that is second to none in the area. The university hires only the most professional and motivational faculty members. Students rely on the faculty for encouragement and assistance when they find themselves facing an academic challenge. As they continue to work toward graduation, the online format makes it easy for them to study for tests and quizzes.

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2. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology offers students an online accelerated executive MBA. The convenience of the online format and the speed at which an accelerated degree program can be completed makes it one of the best choices for individuals who are already working but still want to complete their education. Earning an EMBA online in as little as 17 months makes it easy for a supervisor or manager to apply for a more lucrative position within the company.

Rochester Institute of Technology offers an online learning environment that allows students to pursue their academic goals while they continue to gain valuable work experience. With the guidance and encouragement of the faculty and staff, students are able to work through any difficulties they may have and continue to move forward with their career goals. Earning an EMBA online in just a few months opens the door to continued advancement in the workplace.

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3. University of Tennesee Knoxville

The University of Tennessee Knoxville offers the best online accelerated executive MBA programs available in the area. Accelerated degree programs are extremely intense and are designed to allow you an opportunity to complete your degree program in as little as 12 months. The added convenience of being able to complete their Physician EMBA Hybrid degree online allows the student to remain working and continue to apply for higher-paying positions.

The University of Tennessee Knoxville is able to provide students with the same quality education online as they offer in a classroom setting. Students who choose to pursue an accelerated degree program can look forward to finishing their degree program much faster. They will be able to apply for promotions and look for ways to assume more responsibilities in the workplace. Many employers will consider the student for advancement while they are still a student if they have grades that are high enough.

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4. Brandeis University

Brandeis University offers the best online accelerated executive MBA degree program in New England. Accelerated degrees make it possible for a student to graduate up to six months faster than if they had enrolled in a more traditional program. Taking classes over an online format gives students a chance to not only remain a valued member of the workforce but also focus more intently on their studies. Earning an online EMBA for Physicians Hybrid in as little as 16 months provides students with everything they need for immediate advancement.

Brandeis University is one of the most diverse schools in the northeast. Students learn from their professors as well as the quality curriculum. Every faculty member brings years of experience as well as a unique point of view that students can use to see things from an entirely different perspective. Students have access to many of the school’s resources as well as being able to stay in contact with faculty members through the online portal.

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5. University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans provides students with the best online accelerated executive MBA in Louisiana. With the hybrid format, students attend class as well as take courses online. Students attend school two days a month and learn twice as much in each lesson than if they had chosen to enroll in a traditional degree program. With an accelerated EMBA hybrid degree, students can finish their coursework in as little as 15 months, giving them a chance to apply for a more advanced position in the workplace.

The University of New Orleans offers students the highest quality hybrid degree programs possible. For several years, the university has been a leader in its field when it comes to combining accelerated degree programs with state of the art technology. Professional faculty members offer students new insights on how to handle challenges and difficulties they may face while working at an administrative level. After graduation, students are able to use all of the skills they have learned to establish the career path they have always wanted.

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6. University of North Carolina at Wilmington

UNC Wilmington offers the best online accelerated executive MBA in the state. Students who choose an online degree program have the freedom to study when it is most convenient for them. They can go to school, work, care for their family, and pursue their career goals all at the same time. With an accelerated program, students can complete their online EMBA in as few as 12 months. Accelerated courses are more intense, providing twice the information in fewer classes.

At UNC Wilmington, students have access to state of the art technology that allows them to take their courses through an online portal. Classes are smaller allowing students to have more direct contact with their instructors. Each student is able to take advantage of the same resources as students who choose to enroll in a traditional classroom setting. By graduating sooner through the accelerated program, they are able to take on new challenges much sooner than later.

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7. Xavier University

Students at Xavier University can enroll in an online accelerated executive MBA degree program. The convenience of online learning allows students to study during times when it is easier for them to retain the information. They can attend class online while they continue to work within the career field of their choice. Choosing to attend an online EMBA accelerated program means includes class twice a month. This means the degree program will be completed in as little as 16 months.

Xavier University has a long-standing tradition as one of the premier universities in the Ohio Valley. The accelerated format provides the highest quality education in fewer lessons. While the coursework is more intense, the online format taught by dedicated faculty members makes it easier to study when it is most convenient for the student to learn the material. Earning an online accelerated EMBA puts graduates on the fast track to a successful career they can be proud of.

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8. Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor University offers students the best online accelerated executive MBA degree programs available. EMBA degree programs offer both leadership and management skills that make it possible for the student to supervise a team of people as well as manage valuable resources. The online format makes taking the courses much more convenient, especially if the student must continue to work. An online Executive leadership MBA can be completed in approximately 12 months, allowing students to finish their degree much sooner.

Spring Arbor University is known for its small class sizes and professional faculty members. Students who take their courses online are able to remain in contact with their advisors and professors at all times. This ensures that any difficulties they may experience are taken care of quickly and effectively. The quality of the degree programs is second to none in the area and offers students everything they need to succeed at their chosen career path.

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9. Kent State University

Kent State University provides students with the best online accelerated executive MBA degree program. Students attend class one weekend per month and do the majority of their studying online. This is ideal for students who have difficulty learning in a traditional classroom. With the accelerated learning curriculum, more information is packed into fewer lessons, making it possible for students to graduate in less than 19 months. Earning their EMBA online gives them a chance to pursue their degree and maintain a full work schedule.

Kent State University is one of the most well-respected universities in the Midwest. Faculty members use their experience in business administration to help students set and achieve their personal career goals. The curriculum offered by the university provides everything the student will need in an accelerated format so they can learn as much information in as little time as possible. Even before graduation, the student can begin to apply for management positions at their place of employment.

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10. Tennessee State University

At Tennessee State University, students have access to the best hybrid accelerated executive MBA degree program available. The university offers an accelerated program that provides all of the lessons and leadership skills as that of a traditional program. The only difference is, the degree program can be completed in as little as 12 months. With a Hybrid EMBA degree, students are able to earn the degree they want in a way that is most convenient for them. Completing their education makes it easier to pursue loftier career goals.

Tennessee State University offers award-winning accelerated degree programs over an online format. This gives each student the best of both worlds while still being able to have direct contact with faculty and staff. This one on one interaction helps to build a positive relationship that allows faculty members to offer the support and encouragement many students need. After graduation, the students are able to continue to move forward while focusing on their careers and taking on new challenges.

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What Are the Advantages of an Accelerated Executive MBA?

Traditional executive MBA degree programs can take anywhere from two to three years to complete depending on the industry and how many electives are taken. Accelerated programs, on the other hand, can be completed in as little as 18 months to 24 months. More information is presented in fewer lessons allowing the student to study less and work more toward building their career. Students who take their courses online have the option to continue working at the same time they are completing their degree. They are able to begin putting their newly found knowledge to work as soon as they learn it.

By finishing their degree in less time, they can begin to pursue more advanced career options much sooner. This includes applying for promotions and working towards an upper management position that will offer them more responsibility along with a much higher yearly salary. Employers who pay attention to their employee’s personal records will be able to identify those who have gone above and beyond for the company.

An accelerated executive MBA is a good choice for individuals who are in the middle of changing careers. Instead of taking off of work for two years, they can expect to be off for as little as 18 months. Some may have the option of returning to work prior to completing their degree. With many colleges and universities offering internships, students can begin working in their new career field after completing the first semester of their new degree program.

Another advantage of taking an accelerated degree program is that more information is packed into each lesson. Being able to work with more information at one time, often aids in the understanding of more complex concepts. It also makes it possible for the student to utilize more of what they are learning while they are still on the job. It also shows their employer they are serious about opportunities for advancement.

Can I Get a Specialization in an MBA?

Students who enroll in an executive MBA degree program have the option to choose a specialization if they have a certain area that they want to explore. Instead of just settling for a generalized degree, the student can pursue a specialization in Human Resources, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, HR Management, and many others. Once they know what specific area they are interested in, they can begin to take courses that will direct them along that line. If they have questions, a meeting with their student advisor will help them sort things out.

Specializations that are associated with an executive MBA may make a student eligible for a possible internship or mentorship through their college or university. The goal is to provide the student with as many opportunities for advancement as possible. Not only does this ensure they are on the right path, but it also gives them resources they can use to continue to move forward with their career. Many of the individuals who offer internships had been given the same opportunity when they were a student and know the value of the program.

Specializations allow the student to learn the skills they need that are specific to the type of career path they want to follow. It’s one of the best options a student can choose if they are already focused on one particular career field. Once you decide on a specialization, you can begin to focus on new challenges and job opportunities that they can pursue prior to their graduation. An accelerated executive MBA with a focused specialization puts the student on the fast track to success with few delays. Whether you are continuing your chosen career or starting over, this type of degree program offers students a promising future.

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