10 Fastest Online Engineering Management Bachelor’s Degrees for 2021

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Accelerated degree programs are ideal for students who are taking their courses online. Being able to take the courses online allows the student the option of studying when it is convenient for them. They are able to continue working and caring for their families. For students who are already working in the engineering field, earning an engineering management degree is the best way to advance their careers while they are still at work. It gives them the best opportunities for advancement when they can begin to apply for open positions as soon as they become available.

Becoming an engineering manager will take time and dedication. Along the way, you will have to learn leadership skills and how to manage projects as part of a working team. While much of this is taught in class, it will be up to you to learn your own way of doing things so that you will have the respect and attention of your co-workers.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Engineering Management Degree Programs

Great Business Schools editors focus on accredited, trusted colleges and universities for their ranking of the fastest online engineering management bachelor’s programs. Programs must offer a way to complete the degree in a shortened period of time, and are ranked according to cost, potential salary, and student reviews. 

1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers an accelerated engineering management degree program for students who are interested in both engineering and management courses. Skills are taught that allow students to explore engineering protocols and business management strategies. This makes it possible for them to pursue employment in either career field while having the skills to function effectively in both. With a BS in Technical Management, students are able to advance their career at a much faster rate than if they only pursued one type of major.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is one of the most well-respected and authoritative institutions when it comes to advanced learning and career studies. With its focus on global studies, students are given valuable resources that allow them to pursue their career goals from almost any location. 

Highlight Graduates are able to draw from the vast experience offered by faculty members as they embark on their own career journeys giving them the best possible opportunity for success.
Degree BS in Technical Management

2. American Military University

American Military University provides students with an accelerated engineering management degree program that is designed to offer them the best of both worlds. Students receive the skills they need to be able to manage physical resources as well as manpower and also perform many of the required technical tasks that are required. With a BAS in Technical Management, students can take on new responsibilities and increase their overall earning potential no matter what field they choose to work in.

American Military University sets the standard for many educational programs used by the armed forces. Graduates not only have access to the top curriculums but also to professional faculty members who are able to guide them as they face new challenges. 

Highlight Programs at the school are affordable and available in online formats which makes it easier for students to get the education they deserve and still continue working at their regular job.
Degree BAS in Technical Management

3. American Public University

American Public University gives students a chance to enroll in an accelerated engineering management degree program in technical management. The technologically advanced skills they receive will assist them in completing tasks in both fields of study, allowing them to gain the experience they need to lead others. Graduates who earn a BS in technical management are able to solve complex technical issues while at the same time managing the entire project.

American Public University provides affordable, accelerated degree programs and faculty members who are second to none in terms of commitment to their craft and their students. The university is continually working toward maintaining affordable degree programs that students can use to further their careers. 

Highlight Graduates who choose to attend the university often do so because of its reputation for quality curriculums and degree programs that can be accessed online or in the classroom.
Degree BS in Technical Management

4. Tarleton State University

Tarleton State University gives students an opportunity to enroll in an accelerated engineering management degree program that provides skills for both career paths. Skills that are required in both industrial and manufacturing environments are included in this degree program. Management skills for both of these technologically advanced career fields are also integral parts of the curriculum. With a BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management, graduates are able to pursue their career goals and make a name for themselves in either industry.

As part of the Texas A&M University educational system, Tarleton State University provides the same quality education and resources. Professional faculty members are able to provide valuable insight into the unique challenges that many students face while they are continuing their education. 

Highlight Once a student graduates, they can continue to pursue all of their career goals using the information they learned through the degree programs at the university.
Degree BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management

5. Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University offers an accelerated engineering management degree program that provides all of the skills required for a BS in Management and Technology degree in as little as 24 months. The degree programs are created to ensure that students are able to perform every task that is assigned to them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Accelerated management and technology degree programs allow students to earn their degrees in a shorter period of time so they can capitalize on potential employment opportunities.

Bowling Green State University is a well-known university throughout the state of Ohio. From technologically advanced curriculums to experienced staff, the university offers the very best degree programs and resources to every student. 

Highlight Faculty members are able to use their expertise to guide each student through the unique challenges they may face as they make their way along their journey to complete their education. Graduates are able to pursue their chosen career path with confidence.
Degree BS in Management and Technology

6. Grantham University

Grantham University offers students an accelerated engineering management degree program that can be completed in a much shorter period of time than similar programs. Students learn skills associated with both business management strategies and technologically advanced applications that are often involved in engineering projects. Earning a BS in Engineering Management Technology gives a graduate a distinct advantage over others who are competing for the same jobs and employment opportunities.

Grantham University offers affordable degree programs that considered some of the most advanced in the area. State of the art technology and professional faculty members are brought together in a learning environment in which the students’ needs are always the highest priority. 

Highlight Every student is presented with valuable resources they need to be able to establish a career they can be proud of on every possible level.
Degree BS in Engineering Management Technology

7. Regent University

Regent University offers an accelerated engineering management degree program that reinforces both technology and leadership qualities. Technology-based engineering skills as well as strategies that can be used to effectively manage groups are included, giving students everything they need to be not only an effective leader but a compassionate one as well. With a BA in Leadership Studies and Information Technology, graduates have what they need to thrive in the fast-paced world of engineering and business management.

Regent University is a faith-based school of learning that holds tight to the strong Christian principles that make up its foundation. It is an educational leader offering students the highest quality degree programs. Professional faculty members provide students with the guidance they need as they work through the accelerated degree programs. 

Highlight Students are able to graduate in a shorter period of time allowing them to complete their degree and pursue their career much sooner than later.
Degree BA in Leadership Studies – Information Technology

8. California University of Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania is an ideal place to enroll if you are interested in an accelerated engineering management degree program. The program offers the skills that are required in an industrial engineering environment. Management skills are also included that students need to use to effectively take control of a project and guide it through to its completion. With a BS in Industrial Technology Management, graduates are able to succeed in an environment where both skill sets are needed.

California University of Pennsylvania has the distinction of placing almost 100% of all their graduating students in employment positions that fall within their degree program. The university offers a curriculum that is second to none in terms of quality and scope of study. 

Highlight Faculty members have years of experience and are diligent in their efforts to help each student gain the confidence and self-assurance they need to succeed.
Degree BS in Industrial Technology Management

9. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers an accelerated engineering management degree program that lets students finish their degree program in a much shorter period of time. A technical management degree provides students with all of the tools and skills that are needed to compete in this advanced work environment. With a BS in technical management, graduates can look forward to applying for their dream job up to six months sooner than if they had chosen a traditional degree program.

Southern New Hampshire University is one of the most well-respected and well-known online learning institutions in the country. The curriculum degree programs are known for their academic excellence. Graduates are able to start on their career path knowing they have a solid foundation to build on.

Highlight Class sizes are small enough that each student is guaranteed the time they need with the instructor to ensure that all of their questions are answered and they are fully prepared to move forward after each lesson. 
Degree BS in Technical Management

10. Excelsior College

Excelsior College provides students with an accredited engineering management degree program that allows them to finish their course work in less time than a traditional degree program. A technology management degree includes skills from both engineering and management fields of study giving students everything they need to oversee projects in which multiple people must share the tasks. With a BPS in technology management, students are able to explore employment options in both engineering and management career fields.

Excelsior College is a well-respected college that offers smaller class sizes and advanced degree programs for students who want to excel in both engineering and management fields of study. The faculty at the school are dedicated to assisting each student by offering a unique perspective on the challenges that are faced during the educational process. 

Highlight Students are able to use the insight they receive from their advisors and other faculty members to move forward in their chosen careers.
Degree BPS in Technology Management

What Are the Advantages of an Accelerated Engineering Management Degree?

There are many advantages of an accelerated engineering management degree. Accelerated degree programs are more condensed, containing fewer lessons. Each lesson contains more information than a traditional one, requiring more study time. Because there are fewer lessons, the degree program can be completed in as little as 18 to 24 months compared to a traditional degree program that can take anywhere from 24 to 36 months. Accelerated degrees are designed to shave months off of the traditional programs allowing students to graduate earlier and return to the workforce ready to move forward with their careers.

Taking the initiative to earn an accelerated degree will also show their employers that they are serious about moving up in the ranks. Enrolling in an accelerated engineering management degree program shows a level of commitment to their career that many people don’t have. Accelerated degree programs require more intense study and the dedication to go above and beyond what is expected in a traditional class.

What If I Want to Add to My Existing Bachelor’s?

If you already have an existing Bachelor’s degree but want to take it a little further, you have two options. The first is enrolling in an engineering management Masters’ degree program. The second is earning an engineering management certificate. Certificate programs take much less time and offer advanced skills that you can use to move forward in your career. Certificate programs can take anywhere from six to nine months to complete and will provide you with an advantage over your competitors. Not only will you be able to take on more responsibility, your earning potential will increase as well.

Earning an engineering management certificate is also an option for individuals who have earned their Bachelor’s degree but also want to receive additional credit for the skills they may have learned through their hands-on work experience. Engineers who have worked in that position for many years have gained many skills that could not have been taught in the classroom. By enrolling in an engineering management certificate program, they can get credit for those skills and the many years they have put into building their career.

Engineering management certificate programs can also act as a bridge between a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters’ degree. This works well for students who are unsure if they want to go to the next level of their education but still need more knowledge than what they already have. Earning a certificate will help to close that gap while they are figuring out whether or not to enroll in a Masters’ degree program.

How Do I Become an Engineering Manager?

The first step in becoming an engineering manager is making the decision on what type of engineer you want to be and then finding a degree program that will allow you to follow that path. Earning a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited degree program is the next step. Before becoming an engineering manager, you will want to gain the skills you need as an engineer first. As you continue to make your way through the educational process, start to look for engineering jobs that will allow you to work as an apprentice. This will give you valuable hands-on experience you can add to your resume.

Once you have earned enough college credits with your engineering courses, begin to add management courses as well. By combining the two majors into one degree program, you are giving yourself a solid foundation that you can continue to build on. Choosing an accelerated engineering management degree program that is offered online will allow you the option to continue working. By remaining on the job, you will continue to gain the valuable experience you will need as you move forward with your education. The more experience you have in both the engineering and management fields, the more opportunities you will receive as you get closer to graduation.

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