15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship for 2021

If you’re looking for the best online entrepreneurship degree, you’re in good company. Entrepreneurship traditionally implies starting a business on your own, from the ground up, but sometimes doing everything on your own means learning everything the hard way. That’s why an online entrepreneurship degree can be a big step up in your game. 

An online degree in entrepreneurship offers graduates a variety of advantages you can use to advance your career. The degree itself gives you the skills you need to enjoy many new opportunities that you can use to lay the foundation for a very long and lucrative career. Entrepreneurship gives you the option to continue to broaden your horizons for as long as you remain employed within your chosen career field of choice. Online degrees allow you to continue to move forward in your career whenever it is most convenient for you.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

The editors at Great Business Schools are committed to pointing prospective students to programs that will transform their life and career. We feature only accredited, reputable schools, ranked according to practical factors like tuition, student satisfaction, and potential salary. Data is gathered from Niche and IPEDS. 

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs in the country. This online entrepreneurship and technology program help students learn the skills needed to succeed in businesses that are increasingly reliant on technology. Graduates earn a Technological Entrepreneurship and Management, BS and may go on to launch their own tech ventures. Some graduates pursue careers in product or service design as well as technology management. Students also master the art of financing and operating businesses or nonprofit ventures. Courses focus on technology and entrepreneurship.

Arizona State, located in Tempe, Arizona in Phoenix has nearly 40,000 undergraduate students. The school has a generous acceptance rate of 86% and some students major in business or business support services.

Highlight Nine out of 10 applicants receive a letter of acceptance and 96% of students receive some form of financial aid, making ASU a highly accessible university.
Degree Technological Entrepreneurship and Management, BS

2. American Public University

One of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs is located at American Public University. The curriculum includes essential topics such as technological innovation, business law, money management, and strategic growth. Graduates master the art of the pitch and how to create ads and business plans that sell their concepts.

APUS is a small school of roughly 2,300 undergraduate students. This for-profit school accepts all applicants and includes popular majors such as Homeland Security, disaster management and liberal arts. Everyone who applies receives some form of financial aid and professors are professionals who understand the importance of technology and how to troubleshoot issues with product launches.

Highlight American Public University is ranked number 4 among West Virginia’s best value colleges.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BA 

3. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs in the South. The entrepreneurship bachelors of science degree helps students learn how to grow a business. Learners enhance their innovation and creativity through cross -disciplinary coursework. This fully online program requires an internship, and students develop feasibility studies, implementation plans and concept models. There are more than 50 courses to choose from and the program has achieved international recognition.

UNC Greensboro offers 120 majors to undergraduate students who choose from degree programs in nursing, business, education and other areas. The school accepts 82% of those who apply and nearly nine out of 10 students receive some form of financial assistance.

Highlight UNC Greensboro ranks number seven among the state’s top public universities.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BS

4. Metropolitan State University (MN)

Metropolitan State University has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs. Students can choose a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation while they earn their business degree or major in entrepreneurship and innovation. Graduates emerge with the experience, knowledge and skills needed to launch successful careers or start their own businesses. Some students want to acquire the skills to support their family business or open a franchise. Others want to gain leadership skills so that they can excel in a corporation.

Metropolitan State Denver has nearly 13,000 undergraduate students and accepts just 61% of students who apply. This competitive environment produces a robust academic experience for popular students who chose majors such as biology, criminal justice and psychology.

Highlight About 77% of surveyed students said that professors put a lot of energy into their classes.
Degree Entrepreneurship and Innovation, BS

5. University of Maine

The University of Maine at Machias’s Business and Entrepreneurial Studies program is one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs available. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, students have to become dreamers, doers and innovators. Learning how to take measured risks and focus on problem-solving helps graduates succeed in their career goals. The program emphasizes entrepreneurial talents and professional skills so that graduates feel comfortable seeking positions in corporations or starting their own enterprises. From introductory business classes to the capstone, which reflects real-world experiences, students gain confidence over the course of their studies.

UMaine accepts 90% of students who apply. This medium-sized school has over 8,000 undergraduate students and offers an array of majors to online learners.

Highlight The University of Maine ranks number five among the state’s best colleges according to niche.com.
Degree Business and Entrepreneurial Studies, BS

6. Fort Hays State University

Students can pursue an undergraduate degree in management and entrepreneurship at Fort Hays State University. This flexible major allows students to simultaneously prepare for jobs as managers and leaders and teaches them how to start their own businesses. Learners acquire the tools they need to succeed in the changing marketplace. By starting their own businesses, graduates can create jobs and improve the economy and enjoy the financial rewards of success.

Fort Hays State has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs available, but some students choose liberal arts or business support services as their major. The university accepts 91% of students who apply and has about 5,900 undergraduate students.

Highlight Fort Hays ranks number five among Kansas’ top public universities.
Degree Management: Entrepreneurship, BBA 

7. Lamar University

At Lamar University, some students choose one of the best online entrepreneurship degree opportunities in the form of Lamar’s BBA in Entrepreneurship. This degree gives students the foundational knowledge needed in finance, management analysis and accounting. Students also learn the importance of communication skills and how to develop their ideas into products and services that can make money. Graduates have emerged with the training needed to deal with business technology platforms such as SAP. Courses include data analysis and computer technology as well as economics and marketing.

Lamar is based in Beaumont, Texas, and has nearly 6,000 undergraduate students. The university accepts 84% of those who apply, and some students choose nursing and liberal arts as their majors.

Highlight Lamar accepts four out of five applicants and 82% of students receive financial aid.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BBA 

8. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs in the country. In fact, it boasts the country’s top entrepreneurship program, according to the school’s website. This program is designed to prepare students to succeed in starting global businesses. Students can earn a bachelor of science degree that emphasizes creative thinking.

Western Carolina University attracts students who want to challenge themselves and put in the work necessary to achieve their goals. WCU seeks to inspire its student community and help them find and reach their after-graduation career goals. Caring teachers and accredited courses help Western Carolina University stand out from the competition.

Highlight Western Carolina University accepts 85% of those who apply.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BS

9. Columbia College

Columbia College offers one of the best online entrepreneurship degree options. It’s innovation and entrepreneurship bachelor of arts degree prepares graduates to take leadership roles in organizations or in their own company. The school emphasizes innovation and helps learners explore cultural, financial and social concepts that can help them succeed in a commercial venture. Courses include ethics, international business, entrepreneurship, human resources, and strategic marketing.

Columbia Chicago is based in one of the major metropolitan hubs, but its online program is equally robust. The school has 6,000 undergraduate students and accepts nine out of 10 applicants. Popular majors include retail management and radio and television studies.

Highlight With a 90% acceptance rate and 93% of students getting financial aid, Columbia Chicago is a great prospect for entrepreneurship studies.
Degree Innovation and entrepreneurship, BA 

10. Albertus Magnus College

Albertus Magnus College has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs available. Graduates become leaders after earning their degree in business management at the school. This prestigious program attracts students who want to pursue management occupations in Connecticut or elsewhere in the country.

As a private Catholic college, Albertus Magnus may appeal to conservative students looking for a small school with a high acceptance rate. The university accepts 83% of those who apply.

Highlight Approximately 93% of students surveyed were employed in their field two years after graduation.
Degree Business Management: Entrepreneurship, BS

11. Post University

Post University also has one of the best online entrepreneurship degree programs. Students earn a bachelor of science in business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. This degree gives students a broad education in economics, accounting, finance, management and business law. The coursework is extremely career-oriented and shows students how to navigate ethical issues as well as work through the decision-making process when it comes to business operations.  

Founded in 1890, Post University offers both online and campus-based studies. Students have an extraordinary opportunity to personalize their education at this established university. The university helps students obtain their personal goals and career aspirations through small class sizes an emphasis on customized education.

Highlight As an open-access university, Post accepts 100% of those who apply and 99% also receive financial aid.
Degree Business Administration: Entrepreneurship, BS

12. William Woods University

Offering one of the best online entrepreneurship degree options, William Woods University has a concentration in entrepreneurial management. Students learn how to start and run businesses and work with experienced faculty members dedicated to helping students achieve their career goals. Successful graduates emerge ready to take on leadership roles that require an entrepreneurial mindset and some go on to create their own businesses.

This small private university is based in Fulton MO, and it has about 800 undergraduate students. It accepts just 64% of those who apply and offers rigorous academic experiences to those who major in business, equine studies and sign language, among other majors.

Highlight A whopping 93% of surveyed students feel that professors put a lot of effort into classes and 83% of students feel that it’s not hard to get the classes they need.
Degree Business Administration: Entrepreneurship, BS

13. Franklin University

Students looking for the best online entrepreneurship degree programs often choose Franklin University. Students interested in running successful businesses need the courage and know-how to go after their dreams. Intrapreneurs working for large corporations also need an entrepreneurial mindset and an education from Franklin University helps them develop that.

Founded over 115 years ago, Franklin targets adult learners who want to finish their degrees or switch careers. The main campus is located in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s one of the largest universities in the state. Serving over 45,000 students through online and traditional classes, Franklin has alumni around the country and around the world.

Highlight Franklin’s large size and long history enable graduates to find alumni wherever they go. This could help students build connections that lasts a lifetime.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BS

14. University of Arizona Global Campus

At the University of Arizona Global Campus, many students participate in one of the best online entrepreneurship degree options available. By nature, business requires an entrepreneurial mindset of those in leadership positions. The skills and knowledge needed to become an entrepreneur are distinct. This program allows students to achieve their dreams of owning their own business while studying from the comfort of home. Successful graduates emerge ready to analyze the impact of legal, political and ethical issues on entrepreneurial adventures. The program recognizes that businesses do not exist in a vacuum and that it’s important to carefully analyze the market. This includes issues that can impact the success of a product or service business launch.

University of Arizona Global Campus considers itself more than just another University. Students who obtain online degrees work just as hard as those who roam campuses across the country. Through flexible class schedules and carefully honed programs, an education from the University of Arizona Global Campus prepares students to pursue their career goals or apply for graduate studies. At the same time, the university allows students to continue their careers or raise their families at the same time that they complete their education.

Highlight Approximately 81% of students surveyed felt that their teachers put great effort into each class. Additionally, 83% of students found that they could get the classes they needed and manage their workload.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BA 

15. Brandman University

Successful graduates of Brandman University’s entrepreneurship degree program take courses in market research, small business financing and consumer behavior. This background is crucial in order to master the skills needed to launch new products. Students also benefit from a well-rounded business education that can prepare them for leadership roles or graduate studies.

Brandman is a private university located in Irvine, California in the Los Angeles Area. It is a small institution with 1,200 undergraduate students. The Brandman acceptance rate is 89% and popular majors include psychology and business.

Highlight Approximately 89% of students receive some form of financial aid.
Degree Entrepreneurship, BBA

Why Should I Get My Entrepreneurship Degree Online?

Online learning platforms are capable of providing the highest level of education possible, especially for students who are already employed and well on their way to building a career they enjoy. Earning an online entrepreneurship degree is the next step in taking your career to the next level. Taking online courses allows you to study when it’s most convenient. You can study in your free time without taking time away from your job. Learning over an online platform also makes it possible to study from almost anywhere. Even if you travel for work you will still have access to your coursework.

Online degrees in entrepreneurship lay the groundwork for you to either move upward within your current position or to move forward on your own. The skills gained through an online degree program will help you open your own business. Becoming self-employed is the dream of most people who want to be independent and have control of their own careers. In order to be self-employed and be successful at it, you need to understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and handle your own affairs.

What Will I Learn in an Entrepreneurship Degree Program?

Online entrepreneurship courses give you the skills and abilities to function effectively in the business world. You will learn how to take advantage of every business opportunity that comes your way. Being able to capitalize on new opportunities will give you everything you need to follow your dreams and build the type of career you have always looked forward to. Once you have the skills you need, you can begin to use them to your best advantage. If you are already employed, it gives you the chance to take the steps you need to go out on your own and establish yourself as a business owner.

Courses for entrepreneurship give you a chance to move up within your company if you choose to remain in your current position. The more you learn about how to manage a business and take control of difficult situations, the more likely you are to be offered opportunities to advance up the ladder. No matter where you are when you start to earn your online entrepreneurship degree, your ability to move forward will become more apparent as you continue to work through your courses, The more you learn, the more responsibility you will be able to take on while you are at work.

As you move forward with your courses for entrepreneurship, you will be able to begin to apply what you are learning almost immediately. Many people continue to remain in their current position while they are still in school. By learning while they are still employed, they gain the valuable experience they need to possibly take off on their own once they have finished school. The more they learn before they open their own business, the more likely they are to succeed.

Can I Get a Job with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship?

If you are looking for jobs with an entrepreneurship degree, they are not hard to find. Being an entrepreneur means that you are hungry for success and that you are trying to build a career that will continue to grow as time passes. The skills that are offered in entrepreneurship courses will provide you with the necessary tools you will need to build that type of career. With a major in entrepreneurship, you have the ability to create positive solutions for almost any type of business situation. If you are looking for a job that involves entrepreneurial skills, this type of degree program will open up many new doors.

With a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship, you are able to apply for mid-level management positions that will allow you to test the skills you have learned. The sooner you are able to apply what you’ve learned, the better off you will be when you choose to take off on your own and start your career. Earning your Bachelor’s degree online gives you the opportunity to achieve your business goals in less time while you are still earning a paycheck. This is a double-bonus for career-minded individuals who have set high goals for themselves. Start working on your career early and earn your entrepreneurship degree online.

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