What Can I Do with an MBA in International Business?

With an MBA in global business, your education will specialize in international business endeavors. A global business MBA combines management skills with insight into how to do business in foreign markets. As a student in this field, you will learn the difference between international business vs global business, as well as economic trends and how to identify opportunities abroad. Learn about the strategies in international vs global business ventures.

What Can I do with an MBA in International Business?

An MBA in global business management typically requires students to learn a second language. Further, global business MBA programs prepare you to work in foreign subsidiaries. Programs focus on the difference between global business vs international business, and some programs offer the opportunity to complete part of your education in another country.

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What Is an MBA in International Business?

With an MBA in global business, students often have to study abroad and may complete an internship in another country. This is aimed to give students a taste of what it’s like to do business in a foreign environment

What Is an MBA in International Business Worth in a National Business?

With an MBA in global business management, students gain theoretical knowledge and potentially hands-on training during an internship. However, a global business MBA doesn’t give them the same boost as on-the-job training programs when it comes to understanding what it’s really like to deal with people. The main difference between an international business vs global business is how to do business in other countries. However, sometimes students put that to use in a national business with foreign customers.

If students want a career in international business, it’s a good idea to find out if their company has training programs that will help them advance their career after finishing global business MBA programs. Otherwise, they may want to branch out into a job that would give them more exposure to global business affairs. In global business vs international business, students learn the difference between conducting business with clients around the globe versus actually running offices and subsidiaries for companies based in other countries.

What can I do with an MBA in international business? You can understand the difference between international vs global business, learn a foreign language and explore the world.  

International Business School Accreditation

The best MBA programs for international business have national and regional accreditation. There are several national accreditations for business goals and international business programs.

The European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) specifically addresses the level of international education in a specific program. It is a great earmark for students looking for reputable programs. The European Foundation of Management Development has given its stamp of approval to just 138 educational institutions around the world.

The best international business MBA programs may also have accreditation from the AACSB or The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. An AACSB accredited international MBA signifies that a school is dedicated to achieving a high quality of future business managers.

The best schools for international business MBA may also strive for accreditation from the AMBA or Association of MBAs. An accredited international MBA with this designation keeps company with some of the best schools in Europe and the United States.

Regional Accreditations

The best MBA programs for international business also have regional accreditations. These are particularly important if students wish to remain in the area after receiving their degree.

The best international business MBA programs with local pull also earn regional accreditation from one of the following organizations:

  • Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools, which governs the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, including Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island.  
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which covers the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Ohio, Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, which governs Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Washington, Nevada and Utah.
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which includes Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama.
  • The Western Association of Schools and Colleges governs Hawaii, California, and the Pacific Basin.

In addition to looking for an AACSB accredited international MBA, savvy students know that the best schools for international business MBA will also have the appropriate regional accreditation. This indicates that they are well respected in their area.

National programs typically apply to traditional schools. However, regional accreditation organizations recognize excellent online MBA programs as well. The best accredited international MBA programs achieve both national and regional accreditation.

Types of International MBA Degrees

Just as in a normal MBA program, those who take a concentration of an MBA in international business often choose a field of specialty such as accounting, marketing, technology, and other specializations.

For example, U.S. News and World Report ranks Georgetown University’s international business MBA as second in the nation. This program is a hybrid that offers four on campus one-week modules and two international classes. There are also two online courses that take place online that students finish in four weeks.

Why get an MBA in international business? An MBA for international business focuses on the impact of culture and society on business practices. With an international business online MBA, students can pursue their degree while working.

The international business MBA online at many universities include diverse courses. An MBA in international business online includes many departments and concentrations. Online international business MBA concentrations, for example, can include finance, general management and entrepreneurship.

Why get an MBA in international business? Students pursuing an MBA in international business may decide to concentrate in supply chain logistics at an international business or pursue an international business MBA with exposure to marketing in foreign countries.

Students who like math can look for an MBA for international business with rigorous coursework in quantitative analysis and statistics. Some online international business MBA programs concentrate in operations research.

With an international business online MBA, students can study from home and maintain their career and family life. Consider an international business MBA online for advancement in your current job or get an MBA in international business online to find your dream job overseas.

Certifications/Licenses for International Business

A certificate in international business provides experience with business functions across the globe. Look for international business certificates that include accounting, marketing, finance, business, and management courses.

With a certificate in international business, students take courses that include exposure to other cultures and the regulatory requirements associated with international business. This certification can prepare students for jobs with national businesses and international businesses with ties to foreign countries.

International business certificates include classes like international finance or global marketing and may include classes in other countries. With an international business certificate, students can demonstrate knowledge and determination to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

International business certifications include The International Certification Institute, which offers the Certified MBA (CMBA). This international business certification goes to professionals who have meant rigorous standards in an accredited program. A certification in international business verifies mastery of the coursework included in a reputable MBA program accredited by AACSB.

To get this international business certificate, students fill out an application and include their transcripts. These international business certifications include an exam. Those who pass the exam are qualified for an international business certification.

The Institute of Certified Professional Managers offers a Certified Manager (CM) designation that is available to professionals at every level of career experience. It requires specific work experience and a series of three exams. Those who complete the requirements receive a certification for international business.

Whether you work for a national business or a global corporation, a certification solidifies your credentials and helps you achieve career advancement. International business certificates give applicants training that can serve as an edge in the hiring process. Certifications also garner higher salaries for those who achieve them.

Many certification programs take half a year or less to finish. Cost vary greatly and depend on the country where you take the classes as well as the number of classes take it.

Top schools for international business certifications include the International Business Certification by University of London (Coursera). International business certificates open doors for hospitality, business, retail, finance, and management jobs in other countries.

If you want to become an accountant at an international firm or a marketing designer in Europe, you need to understand the regulation and laws of other countries. The skills you learn can be applied to opportunities around the world. Whether you receive your certificate as part of another degree or by itself, an international business certificate gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to pursue a career overseas.

Keep in mind that some nations require an international business license if you want to do business there. This is important for entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand. If you want to be a major shareholder of a foreign corporation, you need an international business license. Every country has unique rules. So, hire a lawyer in the country where you want to set up your company. Let them take care of the business license process, including filling out the proper applications.

Careers with an International Business MBA

There are many exciting career opportunities available once you receive your international MBA. Let’s take a look at the various types of international business MBA jobs.

What jobs can I get with an MBA in international business?

A job for MBA in international business can give you exposure to new positions or help you move up in the company you already work for. Jobs include managerial positions in your area of concentration. Jobs for MBA in international business also include executive positions where you might lead departments or entire companies. Some jobs for MBA international business involve directing global business operations for international firms.

MBA in international business jobs include some lofty titles such as CEO, COO and CFO. To get international business MBA jobs, candidates must exhibit an understanding of global economic trends. Additionally, to successfully land a job for MBA in international business, students must understand cultural issues that impact business.

For those who want jobs for international business MBA, a background in business development comes in handy. Even jobs for MBA in international business that involve entrepreneurship require a deep understanding of international finance, which most international MBA graduates possess.

Employees for MBA international business include:

  • Investment firms
  • Government agencies
  • Banks
  • Institutions
  • Multinational corporations

MBA in international business jobs include:

What jobs can I get with an MBA in international business? To answer this question, you have to ask what you are career objectives are. If you are an investor who wants to start your own company, and international MBA can help you navigate the regulatory and business factors that will impact your business.

Other jobs for MBA international business concentrate on sales and marketing. This involves an understanding of what motivates customers to buy products in foreign countries. Whether you are selling your own products and services or marketing products and services for an international company, exposure to different ideas and speaking a foreign language will help you move ahead in your career.

If you have a technical background, an international MBA in information technology can also help you get a job overseas. The technology needs of businesses continue to evolve. Those who can understand and evaluate the utility of new technology offerings may go far. Both national businesses and international businesses rely on technology to transfer data and to store customer orders and records.


A primary motivation in seeking any degree or certification centers around compensation and benefits. Besides the benefits of living in a foreign country with access to unique cultures,
jobs for MBA international business salaries tend to be highly competitive.

According to Payscale, many people who get a masters in international business administration can expect to make a decent living. For instance, a project manager might make $86,000 per year to direct projects and keep task on schedule for their employers. This might mean coordinating teams in multiple countries and time zones.

Business development directors seek new opportunities for their own business or their employers. This position averages $135,000 per year. In return, successful candidates are expected to find new markets for their company’s products or develop ideas for profitable businesses in foreign countries. For students who are fearless entrepreneurs, the opportunities are limitless.

Business development managers with an MBA in international business make an average of $92k every year.

These are just a few of the positions that you my qualify for following the achievement of an international MBA degree. If you want to achieve a management level position, it might make sense to get a job working and business or related fields prior to going for your MBA. This experience will help you boost your resume over others in this crowded market space. An international MBA can also help you get a coveted job at several top businesses.

Let’s look at employers who currently like to hire graduates of international MBA programs.

The Boeing Company pays between $125k and $164k for candidates coming out of business schools. Obviously, the better the business school and the more experience that you have, the higher your pay will be. However, if you want to work for this company, getting an international MBA is a great way to get your foot in the door. Boeing is an international company based in America that designs and sells rockets, airplanes, satellites, missiles, and telecommunications products.

Northrop Grumman Corporation also pays well for candidates with international MBA degrees. The salary for candidates with an MBA in international business at the company ranges between $74k and $151k. This aeronautics company is a pioneer in the defense and cyberspace industries. It has 90,000 employees that include technologists, scientists, administrators and engineers that create and deliver advanced products.

General Electric Co has its roots in energy but is now an international Corporation that has an MBA in international business salary range of $83k to $110k. The company has been around for decades and job security for valued employees is deemed high.

Ernest and Young Global Limited supplies professional services to multinational businesses. The company is headquartered in London and has one of the biggest workforces in the world. Its international business MBA salary range lies between $76k and $134k. If you like accounting and finance, you and your international MBA might find a happy home add EY.

Accenture PLC is another example of a company that likes to hire MBA’s in that is willing to pay premium MBA international business salaries. The company offers professional services to multinational companies. It is a fortune global 500 member that attracts talented candidates with higher level degrees. Getting an MBA in international business can help you attract the notice of this company that has $43.2 billion in assets and does business in 120 countries.

What salary for MBA in international business will attract your attention? Whether you are focused on the money or the job opportunity that will take you abroad, your MBA in international business salary depends on many factors.

In general, international business MBA salary positions offer exciting opportunities to travel and improve your business acumen. Besides potential six-figure salaries, these jobs have a number of perks such as being in countries that you have dreamed about visiting.

Often, these companies hire students right out of business school and provide on the job training that will service candidates well no matter where their career takes them.

Professional Organizations in International Business

Besides joining business organizations for MBA graduates, those who choose an international MBA course of study might want to check out the following professional organizations to help them with networking and job hunting.

Association of International Professional Accountants

The AICPA Is a professional association of certified public accountants based in the United States. With this membership, students and graduates can grow their networks. Students can join free and there are discounted memberships available for new graduates.

Sales & Marketing Executives International

By joining SMEI, members become part of the only global association dedicated to sales and marketing professionals. Membership is geared towards executives and includes educational webinars, online forms and peer connections. Members can share knowledge and brainstorm with other members.

This provides great exposure for those with international MBA degrees who want to engage with professionals around the world in similar job roles. SMEI offers certificate programs for those who want to gain recognition for their competencies. Membership fees are extremely low.

Business Network International

BNI Offers networking opportunities that can be crucial to those with a newly minted international MBA. BNI exist to link people together and is the perfect networking opportunity for entrepreneurs and fledgling executives.

Increase your exposure to mentors and peers who direct and manage companies and departments for national and international corporations. This group offers a structured, professional and positive referral program they can help you expand your job opportunities.

You can also look for organizations that help you keep up your licenses and certifications with events and courses that count towards continuing education credits.

Choose groups with active chapters in your area or in areas, unless you are willing to travel to for network opportunities.

With an international MBA you can command higher salaries, work in foreign countries, and join amazing group set expand your network. Carefully consider the online or brick and mortar school that you choose. An accredited program has much more sway with hiring managers and professionals in the industry.

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