Comprehensive Guide to Business School Scholarships

It’s really no secret, business school is one of the most surefire educational routes to placement and advancement in the work force, as well as a quality salary throughout your career. This is the case from the associates through doctoral levels of study, where business degrees compare favorably on opportunity as well as return on investment with other degrees of the same level. According to a nationwide study by Georgetown University, earnings attributable to business degrees start early and accelerate throughout your career. In fact, including all degree levels, business majors can expect to bring home an extra $3.4 million in wages over a lifetime when compared to the average worker. So business school is worth it, right? In the long run, yes, with one caveat. Business schools are often some of the most expensive degrees at universities. Graduate business programs like master’s in business administration are some of the most expensive graduate programs, with executive MBAs coming in at even higher per-credit hour costs. If business were another field, this would be a big turnoff. However, business majors are in demand in almost every major employment sector. This means that employers and public interest groups have a vested interest in helping you get an education in business. As such, there are potentially more business scholarships than almost any other field. Below we’re gathered up over 300, checking to make sure they’re still active and are targeted towards business majors.

The Costs of Business School

Differential tuition refers to the practice some universities employ in presenting different tuition rates depending on what program type a student is attending. At the undergraduate level, differential tuition is more rare (though at some schools is applied to fine arts, computing, science, and pre-med programs). At the graduate level differential tuition is the norm. Behind MD (Doctor of Medicine) degrees, computing and business degrees are often the highest priced degree types. While one can expect to pay close to the average undergraduate cost for a business degree, graduate business degrees cost a premium. Below we’ve listed some benchmarks for what to expect your business degree to cost depending on the level of education you’re seeking.

Common Business Degree Tuition Rates

  • Average Tuition for In-State Public Undergrad: $9,970
  • Average Tuition for Out-of-State Public Undergrad: $25,620
  • Average Tuition for Private Undergrad: $34,740
  • Average Tuition Range for all Master’s Degrees: $30,000-$120,000
  • Average Tuition for an MBA: $40,000
  • Average Tuition from a top 10 MBA: $200,000

Ways to Save Money

Of course one of the most straightforward ways to save money obtaining your degree is to look for the most affordable programs. But sometimes the most affordable programs don’t align with your life or career goals. If you’re planning on staying with the same employer through and after your education process, many employers will help to supplament or entirely offset the cost of business education. Beyond that, there’s scholarship and grant aid. At the undergraduate level, scholarships and grants are common. Particularly at top schools, many programs will make up the difference between your financial need and the tuition cost. At the graduate level — particularly in business — you’re on your own a little more. Luckily, many employers have a vested interest in helping you to obtain a quality business education: they need you! For this reason, there are tons of third-party scholarships for business degrees. Below we’re gathered over 300 that can be sorted by demographics, location, amount, and name.


  • If you’re Native American, of Latino heritage, female, LGBTQ, or a minority student, make sure to check out the demographic tab below. There are many scholarships available only to you.
  • A handful of third-party scholarships will pay for your entire tuition, many stipulating up to $60,000 a year. This covers all but the most expensive business programs.
  • There are many scholarships for business students. So many that some do not receive any or many applicants each year. Make sure to apply for a few to up your chances of some easy tuition money.

300+ Business School Scholarships

Sort By:
ArkansasGeneralPoultry Federation Scholarship Fundamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralGreen to Gold Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesWomen attending HBCUsAnn Fudge Scholarsamount varies
Multiple StatesWomen Abuse VictimsWomen’s Independence Scholarship Programamount varies
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesAlbert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesDell Scholars Programamount varies
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesGates Millennium Scholarsamount varies
Multiple StatesFor ServicemembersMilitary MBA Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesFor WomenAGSM Director’s Women in Leadership Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralGEICO Achievement Awardsamount varies
CaliforniaGeneralCalifornia Association of Realtors Scholarshipamount varies
HawaiiGeneralHawaii Community Foundation Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralMarc Beaumont Scholarship Fundamount varies
TennesseeGeneralScarlett Family Foundation Scholarshipsamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralWilliam G McGowan MBA Fellowshipsamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralNACA Mid Atlantic Graduate Student Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralAward for Excellence in Business Commentaryamount varies
AlabamaReligiousBaptist Foundation Scholarshipsamount varies
Multiple StatesSelect UniversitiesThe NBMBAA Partnership Programamount varies
Multiple StatesServicemembers or DescendentsFleet Reserve Association Scholarshipsamount varies
Multiple StatesVeteransVFW Student Veteran Scholarshipamount varies
New YorkWomenThe NYS Memorial Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesWomen Leadership ScholarshipWomen Leadership Scholarshipamount varies
Multiple StatesFor International StudentsOnsi Sawiris Scholarship ProgramFull tuition
New MexicoVeterans of VietnamVietnam Veterans’ ScholarshipFull Tuition
Multiple StatesFor WomenPartial Tuition Waiver WomenPartial Tuition
PennsylvaniaGeneralMildred L. Crawford ScholarshipPartial tuition
PennsylvaniaGeneralThe Susquehanna-Pfaltzgraff Foundation Scholarship FundPartial tuition
Multiple StatesGeneral2017 NABA Western Region Student Conference Scholarship Programamount varies
AtlantaGeneral2018 Accounting Career Awareness Program – NABA Atlantaamount varies
CharlotteGeneral2018 Accounting Career Awareness Program – NABA Charlotteamount varies
Multiple StatesGeneral2018 Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program amount varies
New YorkGeneral2018 NABA New York Chapter Scholarship amount varies
Multiple StatesGeneralHarry S. Truman Scholarshipamount varies
LouisianaGeneralLouisiana Tech University Bessie Talbert Purdy Scholarship$200
IdahoGeneralLori Rhett Memorial Scholarship$250 – $300
Multiple StatesFor International StudentsWilliam Bennett, W7PHO, Memorial Scholarship$500
TexasFor LatinosAPA Latinos and Planning Division Scholarship$500
Multiple StatesFor LGBTThelma Fisher Dewitty Scholarship$500
ArkansasGeneralG. Neil Nelson Scholarship Endowment$500
MarylandGeneralThe Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Endowed Scholars Grants$500
MassachusettsGeneralGFWCM Memorial Education Fellowship Fund for Marketing$500
IllinoisGeneralAssociation of Illinois Real Estate Educators (AIREE) Grant$500
MaineGeneralJames V. Day Scholarship$500
South DakotaGeneralSouth Dakota Farmers Union Foundation Scholarships$500
PennsylvaniaGeneralCommunity General Hospital Foundation June A. Roedel Healthcare Scholarship Fund$500
Multiple StatesGeneralAfterCollege Business Student Scholarship $500
KansasGeneralHope for Kansas Scholarship$550
NebraskaGeneralLawrence ‘Larry’ Frazier Memorial Scholarship$600
Multiple StatesGeneralInternational Gem Society Scholarship$750
CaliforniaFor Disabled (Physical)Gerald Drake Memorial Scholarship$800
LouisianaGeneralLouisiana Tech University Colvin Memorial Scholarship$800
Multiple StatesDescendents of 506th506th Infantry Scholarships$1000
Multiple StatesFor Disabled (Physical)Business Plan Scholarship$1000
OklahomaFor International StudentsDr. Edith King Scholarship$1000
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesHBCUCONNECT.COM Minority Student Scholarship Program$1000
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesElliot C. Robert’s Scholarship$1000
Multiple StatesFor Scholarship for Business students$1000
South DakotaFor Native AmericansNyal Brings Scholarship Program$1000
Multiple StatesFor Those Suffering With Mental IllnessScholarship for Those Struggling with Mental Health Issues$1000
NevadaFor WomenAdvancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment Scholarship$1000
IdahoFor WomenInstitute of Management Accountants$1000
Multiple StatesFor WomenAICP Scholarship$1000
FloridaGeneralCommunity Services Foundation of Bay County Scholarship$1000
AlabamaGeneralCivitan Shropshire Scholarship$1000
Multiple StatesGeneralISNetworld Scholarship$1000
TexasGeneralPermian Basin Chapter Endowment$1000
Multiple StatesGeneralHubShout Internet Marketing Scholarship$1000
MississippiGeneralMississippi Public Management Graduate Internship Program (PGMT)$1000
Multiple StatesGeneralA&F Business Consultants Scholarship$1000
Multiple StatesGeneralVerne R. Dapp Memorial Scholarship$1000
FloridaGeneralMarie Silverman Scholarship$1000
IllinoisGeneralRichard D. Wiegers Scholarship for Graduate Students$1000
Multiple StatesGeneralLearnU & Stukent Young Entrepreneur of the Year Scholarship$1000
MaineGeneralDaniel E. Lambert Memorial Scholarship$1000
North CarolinaGeneralRaftelis Financial Consultants Environmental Finance and Management Fund Scholarship$1000
Rhode IslandGeneralAldo Freda Legislative Pages Scholarship$1000
Rhode IslandGeneralJames J. Burns and C. A. Haynes Textile Scholarship$1000
Rhode IslandGeneralJames J. Burns and C.A. Haynes Textile Scholarship$1000
KentuckyGeneralNTA Pat & Jim Host Scholarship$1000
KentuckyGeneralNTA Pat and Jim Host Undergraduate or Graduate Scholarship$1000
MaineGeneralMaine Legislative Memorial Scholarship$1000
KentuckyGeneralTodd Ryan Memorial Scholarship$1000
Multiple StatesGeneralLawntrepreneur Scholarship$1000
FloridaGeneralNorth Florida Chapter Safety Education Scholarship$1000
FloridaGeneralNABA Jacksonville Chapter Scholarship$1000
Multiple StatesHispanic Students​Big Red ¡Avance! Scholarship$1000
CaliforniaFor MinoritiesMangasar M. Mangasarian Scholarship Fund$50 – $1,000
KentuckyFor LGBTChrysler Fund Reaching Out MBA Scholarship$500 – $1,000
AlaskaFor LGBTThelma Fisher Dewitty Scholarship$500 – $1,000
KentuckyGeneralEnergy and Environment Cabinet Scholarships$500 – $1,000
GeorgiaGeneralBob East Scholarship$500 – $1,000
Multiple StatesStudents with Cystic FibrosisBonnie Strangio Education Scholarship$500 – $1,000
Oregon, WashingtonFor LGBTJessica Donlin Memorial Scholarship$1,000-$1,500
IllinoisFor WomenReturn to Learning Scholarship$1300
FloridaGeneralUNF Taylor Engineering Scholarship$1400
Multiple StatesFor Healthcare Finance StudentsCathy L. Brock Scholarship$1500
CaliforniaFor Latino WomenChicana / Latina Foundation Scholarship Program$1500
KentuckyFor LGBTKentucky Fairness Alliance Foundation Scholarships$1500
Multiple StatesFor WomenOlive Lynn Salembier Reentry Scholarship$1500
North CarolinaGeneralShaver-Hitchings Scholarship$1500
Multiple StatesGeneralAICP Scholarship Program$1500
ArkansasGeneralLeymer Educational Trust Fund$1500
IllinoisGeneralLarry L. Etherton Scholarship$1500
Multiple StatesGeneralLance Surety Bonds Associates College Scholarship$1500
New YorkGeneralPeter Doctor Memorial Indian Scholarship Foundation Inc.$700 – $1,500
TennesseeGeneralVera and Lawrence Carson Scholarship Fund$1700
Multiple StatesFor Disabled (Physical)Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship Program$2000
MaineFor Disabled (Physical)Powering Education Scholarship$2000
FloridaFor LatinosJosé Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund$2000
MinnesotaFor LGBTPfund Scholarship Program$2000
WisconsinFor LGBTPfund Scholarship Program$2000
Multiple StatesFor Native AmericansCiri Foundation Kickstart Scholarship$2000
AlaskaFor Native AmericansA.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship$2000
New JerseyFor WomenLew Williams Scholarship and Leila Sulkes Scholarship$2000
TexasGeneralCarolyn Tolley, ASI Health Services HSE Scholarship$2000
New YorkGeneralAnne Marie Brown Memorial Scholarship$2000
TexasGeneralGeorge Gustafson HSE Memorial Scholarship$2000
AlaskaGeneralPaul Hagelbarger Memorial Scholarship Fund$2000
IndianaGeneralNADCA Indiana Chapter 25 Scholarships$2000
TexasGeneralDr. Janis Guerrero-Thompson Memorial Scholarship$2000
North CarolinaGeneralNC Safewater Fund/GHD Clean Water Fund Scholarship$2000
North CarolinaGeneralThe NC Safewater Fund/GHD Clean Water Fund Scholarship$2000
OhioGeneralOhio CPA Foundation Statewide College Scholarship Program$2000
Multiple StatesGeneralRoothbert Fund Scholarship$2000
VirginiaGeneralAbe Schechter Graduate Scholarship$2000
MissouriGeneralPete Wilson Journalism Scholarship$2000
Multiple StatesGeneralMary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship$2000
New JerseyGeneralCaroline Thorn Kissel Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship$2000
Multiple StatesGeneralR. Marlin Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition for Planning Students$2000
Multiple StatesGeneralCharles Abrams Scholarship$2000
New YorkGeneralCatholic Daughters of the Americas Graduate Scholarship$2000
Multiple StatesStudents with Cystic FibrosisRimington Trophy Scholarship$1,000 – $2,000
Multiple StatesGeneralR. Marlin Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition for Planning Students$100-$2000
Multiple StatesStudents with Cystic FibrosisRosemary Quigley Memorial Scholarship$500 – $2,000
WashingtonFor MinoritiesWashington American Indian Endowed Scholarship$500 to $2,000
GeorgiaGeneralNABA Atlanta Chapter Scholarship$500-$2000
FloridaGeneralAAPG-James E. Hooks Memorial Grant$Up to $2,000
Multiple StatesHispanic StudentsOracle’s HACU Scholarship$2150
Multiple StatesGeneralStanley H. Stearman Scholarship Award$500 – $2200
Multiple StatesDARLillian and Arthur Dunn Scholarship$2500
Multiple StatesFor Native AmericansCiri Foundation Mid-Year Scholarship$2500
ArizonaFor Native AmericansREDW Native American Scholarship in Accounting$2500
IllinoisFor WomenReturning Scholar Grant$2500
MissouriGeneralAbdeldjelil DJ Belarbi Scholarship$2500
TexasGeneralCNA Foundation Scholarship$2500
VermontGeneralDEW Superintendents Scholarship$2500
Multiple StatesGeneralEducational Administration Scholarship Award$2500
TexasGeneralPeter Lyman Memorial/SAGE Scholarship in New Media$2500
Multiple StatesGeneralJohn and Muriel Landis Scholarships$2500
Multiple StatesGeneralNEED Scholarship Award for Community College and Trade School$2500
CaliforniaGeneralThe CLA Scholarship For Minority Students In Memory Of Edna Yelland$2500
MichiganGeneralHemophilia Foundation of Michigan Scholarship$2500
TennesseeGeneralSurety Industry Program for Minority Students$2500
IdahoGeneralTschudy Family Scholarship$2500
MaineGeneralRichard H. Pierce Memorial Scholarship$2500
KentuckyGeneralKHEAA Teacher Scholarship$2500
Multiple StatesGeneralENRE Student Fellowship Program$2500
Multiple StatesGeneral2017 Effective Learning Strategies Awards $2500
Multiple StatesGeneralANS Graduate Scholarship$1,000-$2,500
Multiple StatesFor WomenANS Delayed Education for Women Scholarship$1000 – $2500
Multiple StatesStudents with Cystic FibrosisBEF General Academic Scholarship Program$500 – $2,500
North CarolinaGeneralNorth Carolina Hispanic College Fund Scholarship Program$500 to $2,500
New JerseyGeneralNew Jersey Tuition Aid Grant (TAG)$2534
PennsylvaniaFor WomenGraduate Scholarship$3000
MassachusettsFor WomenMemorial Education Fellowship$3000
FloridaGeneralDr. Robert W. Sims Memorial Scholarship$3000
ColoradoGeneralThe Mikkelson Foundation Student Scholarship Program$3000
PennsylvaniaGeneralAIST Smith Graduate Scholarship$3000
Multiple StatesGeneralDavid H. Clift Scholarship$3000
Multiple StatesGeneralTony Leisner Scholarship$3000
Multiple StatesGeneralDeep South Region Scholarship$3000
ConnecticutGeneralPICPA Student Writing Competition$3000
PennsylvaniaGeneralPICPA Student Writing Competition$3000
ArizonaGeneralGemperle Family Farms Scholarship Fund$1000 – $3000
IllinoisGeneralRonald E. Hall/CITGO Scholarship$1000-$3000
CaliforniaFor MinoritiesCalifornia Library Association Minority Scholarship in Memory of Edna Yellan$2,500 – $3,000
CaliforniaGeneralThe Begun Scholarship$2,500 – $3,000
Multiple StatesFor WomenNewcombe Scholarships$2000-$3000
Multiple StatesHispanic Students​Kia Motors America, Inc HACU Scholarship$3400
Multiple StatesGeneralKatharine M. Grosscup Scholarship$3500
CaliforniaLGBTQ StudentsThe Point Foundation Scholarships$3700
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesHebrew Immigrant Aid Society Scholarship$4000
TennesseeFor Native AmericansDAR American Indian Scholarship$4000
VirginiaGeneralASME/Virginia Tech Memorial Scholarship$4000
PennsylvaniaGeneralEthel Carruth Scholarship$2,000-$4,000
ArizonaGeneralSAEMS Environmental Scholarship$500 – $4000
Multiple StatesGeneralUnionPlus Scholarship Program$500-$4,000
Multiple StatesGeneralCrossLites Scholarship Contest$500-$4000
New JerseyGeneralEducational Opportunity Fund (EOF) – Graduate Grant$200 to $4,350
New YorkStudents of ColorNASCAR/Wendell Scott, Sr. Scholarship$4500
Multiple StatesFor Disabled (Physical)The George H. Nofer Scholarship$5000
IllinoisFor International StudentsChicago Benton Bernstein Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTFriends of Alan Turing Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTPhoenix Benner Native & First Nations Scholarship$5000
IdahoFor LGBTPhoenix Benner Native & First Nations Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTPhoenix Benner Native & First Nations Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTUnder Our Roof Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor MinoritiesHIMSS Foundation Scholarships$5000
IllinoisFor MinoritiesMinority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor Native AmericansThe Ciri Foundation General Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesFor Type 1 DiabeticsDiabetes Scholars Foundation Award$5000
IllinoisGeneralChicago Career Enhancement Scholarship$5000
North CarolinaGeneralGlaxoSmithKline Opportunity Scholarship$5000
TexasGeneralChristopher J. Hoy/ERT Scholarship$5000
MarylandGeneralThe Marjorie Cook Scholars Program$5000
Multiple StatesGeneralTransamerica Retirement Solutions Leaders in Health Care Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesGeneralNew England Employee Benefits Council Scholarship$5000
New JerseyGeneralOtho Davis Scholarship Foundation Scholarship$5000
FloridaGeneralUNF Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship for Graduate Study$5000
South CarolinaGeneral“Minute Clinic/UNCF Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Scholarship”$5000
LouisianaGeneralMinute Clinic/UNCF Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Scholarship$5000
VirginiaGeneralUnderwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship$5000
West VirginiaGeneralWV Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship Program$5000
GeorgiaGeneralQS World MBA Tour Scholar Award$5000
Multiple StatesGeneralAICPA Foundation Two-year Transfer Scholarship Award $5000
Multiple StatesGeneralAICPA John L. Carey Scholarship Award $5000
Multiple StatesHispanic StudentsCafe Bustelo El Cafe Del Futuro Scholarship$5000
Multiple StatesStudents with Cystic FibrosisBEF GENERAL ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS$5000
Multiple StatesVeteransSports Clips Helps a Hero Scholarship$5000
IdahoLGBTQ StudentsPride Foundation Equal Access & Opportunity Scholarship$5000
CaliforniaGeneralRussel Fey Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
IndianaGeneralRolla M. Malpas Trust Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
IndianaGeneralIndiana Mortgage Bankers Association Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
IndianaGeneralJ.L. Weigand, Jr. Notre Dame Legal Education Trust Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
Multiple StatesGeneralAndrea M. Rossiter, FACMPE Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
Multiple StatesGeneralHarry J. Harwick Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
Multiple StatesGeneralThe Bachrach Family Scholarship for Excellence in Health Care Administration$1,000 – $5,000
Multiple StatesGeneralACMPE Scholarship$1,000 – $5,000
GeorgiaFor MinoritiesGSCPA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program$1000-$5000
Multiple StatesGeneralCenter for Alcohol Policy Essay Contest$1000-$5000
Multiple StatesFor HispanicsNSHMBA Foundation Scholarship Program$2,000-$5,000
Multiple StatesGeneralArthur S. Tuttle Memorial Scholarship$2,500 to $5,000
New YorkGeneralRegents Professional Opportunity Scholarship$220 – $5000
Multiple StatesGeneralAICPA Scholarship Award for Minority Accounting Students$3,000 – $5,000
AlaskaFor Native AmericansTribal Business Management$500 – $5,000
NevadaFor WomenNevada Women’s Fund Scholarships$500 – $5,000
ColoradoGeneralColorado Graduate Grant$500 – $5,000
ColoradoGeneralColorado Student Grant$500 – $5,000
ArizonaFor Native AmericansJohn Rainer Memorial Fellowship$500 – $5000
Multiple StatesFor Hispanic StudentsHSF Scholarship$500-$5,000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTTrans Identified Scholarship$500-$5,000
Multiple StatesKorean AmericansKorean American Scholarship Foundation Regional Scholarships$500-5,000
TexasGeneralWaiver for Nonresidents Enrolled in Texas Public Universities Within 100 Miles of the Texas Border$5700
IllinoisGeneralMichael W. & Jean D. Franke Family Foundation Scholarship$6000
Multiple StatesGeneralSachs Undergraduate Scholarship$6000
MississippiGeneralMississippi Graduate and Professional Degree Loan/Scholarship (STSC)$7000
Multiple StatesGeneralSachs Graduate Scholarship$7000
Multiple StatesGeneralDirect Marketing / Marketing EDGE Educational Foundation Scholarship Program$1,000-$7,000
New MexicoGeneralNew Mexico Higher Education Department Graduate Scholarship Program$7200
New YorkGeneralAGBU Fellowships for U.S. Based Study$7500
Multiple StatesGeneralALSC Bound to Stay Bound Books Scholarship$7500
VirginiaGeneralAGC Graduate Scholarships$7500
Multiple StatesFor African AmericansNational Black MBA Association Scholarships$10000
Multiple StatesFor ServicemembersTillman Scholar Program$10000
Multiple StatesFor VeteransStudent Veterans of America Serving With Integrity Scholarship$10000
CaliforniaFor WomenSan Francisco Bay Area Financial Leadership Scholarship$10000
Multiple StatesFor WomenP.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund$10000
GeorgiaGeneralGraduate Scholar Award$10000
Multiple StatesGeneralGolden Key Graduate Scholarship$10000
PennsylvaniaGeneralSpencer Educational Foundation Scholarship$10000
Multiple StatesGeneralAICPA/Accountemps Student Scholarship Award $10000
Multiple StatesGeneralUnigo 10k Scholarship$10000
Mutiple StatesGeneralUnigo 10k Scholarship$10000
TennesseeGeneralRitchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program$1,000 – $10,000
New YorkFor LatinosAssociation of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting$2,000 – $10,000
CaliforniaGeneralJoseph T. DeSilva Scholarships$2,500 – $10,000
Multiple StatesStudents with Cystic FibrosisSacks for CF Scholarship$3,000 – $10,000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTTony DeBlase Scholarship$500 – $10000
Multiple StatesFor LatinosDaniella Altfield-Moreno Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTDeloris Carter Hampton Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralInland Northwest Business Alliance Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralDonald O. Coffman Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralJack d. Motteler Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTPride Foundation Equal Access and Opportunity Scholarsip$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralJames and Colin Lee Wozumi Family Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralPaul Arnold Memorial Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralPride Foundation Community/ Lee S. Burke Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesAthleticPride Foundation Varsity Athletics Scholarship$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesFor LGBTNaeop-Trio Scholarship$500-$10,000
New HampshireFor WomenStephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund$500-$10,000
Multiple StatesGeneralHarvey Fellowship$12000
CaliforniaFor MinoritiesNIAF Scholarship Program$2,000 – $12,000
Multiple StatesFor WomenAAUW Career Development Grants$2,000-$12,000
Multiple StatesGeneralP.E.O. International Peace Scholarship$12500
New YorkFor MinoritiesJ.P. Morgan Launching Leaders Program$15000
New MexicoGeneralNew Mexico Minority Doctoral Loan-For-Service Program$15000
New YorkGeneralNew York State Scholarship Fund$20000
New YorkImmigrantsThe Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans$20000
Multiple StatesFor Native AmericansCiri Foundation Competitive Scholarships$8,000-$20,000
South CarolinaGeneralESED scholarship$10,000 – $23,000
Multiple StatesFor WomenAGSM Emerging Women Leaders Scholarship$25000
New YorkGeneralGMAT Tutor “Brightest Minds” MBA Scholarship Contest$25000
Multiple StatesGeneralJack Kent Cooke Foundation$10,000 – $40,000
Multiple StatesVeterans or Family of VeteransVA Mortgage Center Scholarship$50000