How Much Do Business Majors Make?

Business administration is a broad type of college degree, whereby students who pursue business administration have the option of choosing a concentration from a wide variety majors. The differences in degree majors typically correspond to the industries and careers that students pursue upon obtaining their degrees. Most business administration students pursue a bachelor’s degree before entering the workforce in their specific specialties, while others continue to advance their education and pursue master’s degrees in business administration. The salary level for business degree graduates, in general corresponds to their levels of education in the field of business as well as the differences in the individuals’ work experience in different job industries. According to Simply Hired, the average salary for business administration jobs is currently $59,000.

Employers adjust the compensation of business degree graduates based upon the job description and level of autonomy that is unique to each job. The average salaries for different jobs may include the base pay and benefits. However, the actual salaries for various types of jobs will vary based upon the amount of overtime pay for each individual in addition to bonus payments and profit sharing.

average salaries for business majors

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