The Best Business iPhone and iPad Apps

Apple has taken the technology world by storm with the release of its iPad and iPhone. It seems that more and more people are purchasing Apple products, and Apple is taking over an increasing amount of the cell phone industry and tablet industry. The use of apps from the App Store make your iPhone or iPad unique. They can transform them into gaming consoles, word processors, and of course, the ideal tool for the entrepreneur. iPads and iPhones can come in handy for a wide range of people, and entrepreneurs are no exception to this rule. Here is a list of 10 of the best apps for the business owner and entrepreneur, in no particular order.

1. ToDo for iPad/ToDo for iPhone

ToDo for iPad by Appigo, is an app designed with the business person in mind. This task manager app is designed for ease of use, and keeps track of your daily tasks and appointments. It features drag and drop capabilities for ease of use, as well as features such as organization of tasks, and others. The app can also sync with your iPad or iPhone, as well as your Mac, which makes keeping track of your tasks even easier.

Download ToDo here

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is an extension of Google Docs, and allows users to sync and edit files from PC to iPad to iPhone. You also get 5GB of free storage with the app, which should be plenty for sharing text and word files, as well as a fully functional and featured office suite. Google Drive is the next step in cloud storage by Google. Users can share files with whomever they want, or keep files to themselves. Google Drive iuses a very intuitive and easy to use interface to ensure that your time is spent doing more important things than trying to keep track of your files.

Download Google Drive here

3. iTalk Recorder

This recording app is perfect for recording meetings. Users can choose from 3 recording qualities, which is a useful feature for saving memory, or getting the best quality recording that you possibly can. This app is based around being intuitive and easy to use, meaning that your attention can be on the meeting rather than trying to get your recording app to work. Simply press the record button to record, and again to stop. Users can then go back and rename, reorder, and delete old recordings with a few simple touches.

Download iTalk Recorder here

4. Bump

Bump is a new app that is changing the way business contacts and business cards are handled. Instead of having paper business cards, users of Bump have virtual ones. After creating your card, you can give your contact information and other files and photos simply by bumping your phone with another one. This is a much easier way to store and organize business cards, instead of having to keep track of paper cards. The number of Bump users is growing, and there are currently over 8 million people who use Bump.

Download Bump here

5. Expensify

Keeping track of expenses can be an extremely difficult and tedious task, despite the fact that it is an extremely important one. Expensify helps ease that pain. Expensify works by importing reports from receipts and credit cards, and then submitting expense reports through email. It then gives you the expense reports. Its unique interface is easy to use and understand and does not require much of a learning curve to get used to. Expensify is used by thousands of businesses and individuals, many of which are very important and powerful businesses.

Download Expensify here

6. WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx Meeting Center is an online conferencing tool by Cisco Systems. It allows you to join meetings and share files and documents and chat with other participants of the meeting. WebEx Meeting Center also gives you the ability to change from your phone to your computer mid-call, which can be perfect from going on the run.

Download WebEx Meeting Center here

7. Tripit

Travelling can be a pain, especially when you have to take multiple flights, rents cars, reserve hotels, and do multiple other things. Tripit is a great way to keep track of all of these things. All that it requires is you to foreword your confirmation emails to the Tripit email address, and they then deliver a master itinerary straight to your phone.

Download Tripit here

8. Roambi

It is often hard to make presentations look goo on a big screen, but that is a thing of the past with Roambi. Roambi transfers your charts into interactive and colorful graphs that are sent straight to your mobile device. Roambi also syncs with Microsoft Excel, which helps ensure ease of use.

Download Roambi here

9. Square Register

Square is a new app that is changing the way that we handle money transactions. The app can accept credit card payments with the help of a small tool that plugs into the iPhone or iPad. The app is free to download and use, however it takes a small fee of each transaction. This app is perfect for small businesses that are just starting up, and continues to become more and more popular with entrepreneurs.

Download Square here

10. Bento

Bento is a personal database app that is aimed at the small business. It is a very powerful database system, and is not as complex as other database systems. It also offers a number of templates for inventory, expenses, and other situations in which you may need it.

The iPad and iPhone is a perfect tool for the entrepreneur, especially when coupled with the appropriate apps for that particular individual. Using some or all of these apps will transform your career, and help ensure that your workday is as stress free as possible. Not only will they prove to be helpful in your day to day routine, but they could also help you earn money, and will without doubt help you save time.

Download Bento here