The Highest Paying Jobs For Business Majors

The United States is indisputably focused on the purposes and benefits of businesses within the grand scheme of the economy. Even with the economic hardships, the U.S. is one of the strongest economies in the world. This is a trend that doesn’t appear to be abandoning us soon. Businesses and the individuals who maintain them are some of the most valued individuals in the entire nation. They are ubiquitously recognized as the gears that allow the economic machine to churn. These individuals, from the accounting managers to the entrepreneurs, are invaluable to the United State’s well-being.

It should come as no surprise then that a study by the National Center for Education Statistics has released that business majors are amongst the most popular in college. In fact, in the 2009-2010 school year, the vast majority of people pursued business majors. Business majors aren’t limited to a specific field and are often taught the skills to run their own enterprises or be valuable members of a business team. It has proven to be a practical degree that offers a number of different possible career choices. Each of the top careers offers its own unique benefits. From average salaries to highest potential income possible, these careers offer the best for prospective business majors.

Construction Project Managers

The construction industry isn’t all heavy lifting and back-breaking labor. While it’s true that construction workers make a honest living with their hands, these project managers make their honest wage with their minds and accounting skills. Their primary job is to determine the financial aspects of construction. They prepare cost and budget reports on material and labor, interpret contracts and obligations, and collaborates directly with the engineers and architects. The median salary is about $80,000. High end managers can expect to make over $150,000 while entry level isn’t beneath $50,000. Although construction is currently faltering in the US, it isn’t a permanent state of affairs. As recovery increases, so does the prospect for these careers. They’re expected to grow 17% over the next ten years.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are the people responsible for getting the name out about a brand. Remember a particular brand over another? That’s the work of a Marketing manager and a skilled team of creators under their management. They are the people responsible for discussing and deciding on the finer points of a marketing campaign. They analyze and instigate market research to discover what drives their customers to purchase their products above their competitors. Then, they negotiate contracts and payments. The majority of managers work for an independent firm and 19% can work up to an average of 50 hours a week. But the pay is definitely worth it. Entry level positions are usually above $50,000 and the median income is $110,000. The highest ten percent earn in excess of $150,000.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are experiencing some of the fastest sector growth out of all the possible careers for business majors. The field expects to grow at an astounding 23% over then next decade. And for good reason. Financial analysts are becoming highly sought after to avoid other personal fiscal issues like the majority of Americans faced. They can also get positions in insurance companies such as Pacific Insurance Group. These analysts study historical and recent data to help their clients make pertinent, appropriate decisions. As such, they get paid well. Their median income is roughly $75,000 per year. The lowest end, entry level positions can expect to earn roughly $45,000 and experienced professionals can earn above and beyond $143,000.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) are the individuals who deal with one of the two inevitabilities in life: taxes. A CPA is allowed to practice within the state that they received their certification in. This means that they know the specifics of that state’s tax laws inside and out. They inspect account books and financial statements to ensure that there are no discrepancies. Furthermore, they organize and collect financial records to ensure that everything is proper and presentable. CPA’s and other accountants are expected to see a healthy increase in growth at 16%. The average CPA makes around $60,000 and the lower end sees about $40,000. However, the higher end of the spectrum sees about $105,000 a year.

Financial Manager

The financial manager has the highest grossing average income compared to any other career on this list. Their median income tops $110,000. Once you understand their job descriptions, it’s easy to understand why. These men and women often work in corporations and act as the chief advisers to top business executives. Often, their expertise in tax law and the company’s financial activities lead them to high ranking positions. A great example is a company’s chief financial officer. Understandably, they don’t often exceed the average upon entering (they can expect about $55,000 per year). But when they migrate to that top ten percent earning potential, they can see salaries exceeding $170,000.

Sales Manager

Sales managers often have what many would consider a thankless job. They have to deal with consumer complaints and determine the viability and profitability of their products. However, their salaries prove to be a very appealing thanks. Their median salary is roughly $100,000 per year. Entry level managers can expect about half that ($50,000) but experienced individuals see incomes exceeding $165,000.

Human Recourse Manager

If you ever landed a job because of a stellar job interview, you have a human recourse manager to thank. Human recourse managers are the people who perform interviews and parlay news of excellent aspiring candidates to the higher ups. They are expected to experience a phenomenal sector growth of %21 over ten years. In addition, their pay is also extremely rewarding. The average human recourse manager makes around $50,000 per year. Entry level employees can expect around $30,000 but the higher end managers see over $95,000 per year.

Budget Analysts

Budget analysts are the folks who determine whether or not a company is truly budgeting wisely. They are responsible for determining the appropriateness of a budget when compared to other fiscal concerns. The majority of individuals work for the federal government, at around 23%. Meaning that the benefits are exceptional. The average pay for budget analysts is $70,000 a year. The highest grossing analysts see over $110,000 while entry level employees see roughly $40,000.