10 Fastest Online Mathematics and Statistics Master’s for 2020

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An accelerated Master’s in Mathematics or Statistics offers several advantages for students who ready to move forward. An accelerated degree program can be completed in as little as 18 months. This will allow the graduate to start applying for advanced positions much sooner. If they are already employed and working in the field of their choosing, then they can expect to eligible for opportunities to advance themselves.

Accelerated degrees provide the same basic course material. The only difference is in how it is presented. The coursework is more condensed and students learn more with each lesson. With an accelerated degree program, you learn more in less time, allowing you to reap the rewards of your education much sooner than later.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Master’s in Mathematics and Statistics

Speed isn’t everything, but it is the starting point for the Great Business Schools ranking of the best accelerated math and stats programs. With a group of reputable, accredited programs offering methods for speeding up the degree, GBS editors ranked programs according to their overall value: Tuition Cost, Student Reviews, and Salary Potential.  

1. University of Washington

The University of Washington offers an online Master’s in Applied Mathematics degree that can be completed in 1-3 years. Online Master’s degree programs can be completed at the student’s discretion, allowing them to maintain a full-time work schedule. The University’s programs provide the skills and resources each student requires to apply for the positions they are interested with confidence. The MS in Applied Mathematics online degree from the University of Washington is designed for students who need a flexible class schedule and a strong curriculum.

The University of Washington offers an outstanding course curriculum that has been created to meet/exceed the standards held by most industries. Whether the graduate plans on entering a scientific, financial, or manufacturing field, the knowledge and skills they receive will fully prepare them for their duties. With the help of the professional faculty and instructors, they will receive the guidance they need to succeed.

Degree Applied Mathematics, MS

Format: Online – 1-3 Years 

2. University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama offers an online MS in Mathematics degree program that adds up to 18 credit hours. The University offers a quality curriculum to students who are trying to complete their education or those who are choosing to return to school to further their careers. Students are able to adjust their class schedule so that it fits in smoothly with their work and other obligations. Credit hours for the online MS in Mathematics degree can be used to fulfill the requirements needed to keep their existing certification in good standing.

Located in Florence, Alabama, the University of North Alabama has a positive reputation for providing students with not only the skills they need but also the resources to be able to apply what they’ve learned. Instructors are professionals in their own rights and offer students insight and advice based on experience and real-life situations. Graduates who complete their online Master’s in Mathematics degree at the University of North Alabama can enter the workforce fully prepared for any position they are hired for.

Degree Mathematics, MS

Format: Online – 18 Credit Hrs.

3. University of Idaho

The University of Idaho offers an online MS in Statistical Science that is worth 24 credit hours. The University’s online program offers a flexible schedule and a curriculum that includes all of the essential skills a statistician needs. Graduates who complete this online degree program can go directly into the workforce with the skills they need to succeed. If they are already employed, the program will give them everything they need to move forward in their career. The University of Idaho’s online MS in Statistical Sciences degree program can also be used as continuing education credits.

For over 130 years, the University of Idaho has been ensuring every graduate who enrolls in its degree programs receives the highest quality education possible. The University has created an environment that motivates and encourages students to reach their fullest potential. Instructors are available who have years of experience and are readily available whenever the student has questions or concerns. The online format makes it possible for students to achieve all of their goals without losing ground on their career.

Degree Statistical Science, MS

Format: Online – 24 Credit Hrs.

4. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University provides an online MA in Mathematics that is worth 36 credit hours. The curriculum offered through the online courses is the same as that offered to students who attend class on campus. The online format also provides valuable resources and access to instructors and counselors that students can use to work through any obstacles they may experience. Earning an online MA in Mathematics from Sam Houston State University is an excellent way to stay motivated and moving forward with your goals.

At Sam Houston State University, the learning environment offers students the ability to face challenges with confidence. Faculty members and instructors bring many years of experience to the table to assist every student in finding the success they are looking for. The University gives students every possible advantage when it comes to education and advancement. Every graduate from Sam Houston State University has the tools and skills they need to build a very lucrative and exciting career. 

Degree Mathematics, MA

Format: Online – 36 Credit hrs. 

5. Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University offers an online MS in Applied Statistics degree program that gains a student 30 credit hours. The online program allows students the flexibility to work a full or part-time job and also earn their degree. Students who choose the online platform are guaranteed the same quality coursework and resources as other students who prefer a classroom setting. For students who must complete a certain number of credit hours each year to maintain their certification, the MS in Applied Statistics from Michigan Technological University is a great way to accomplish that goal.

Michigan Technological University has offered its students top of the line academic courses for almost 140 years. The University has a list of 120 degree programs for students to choose from so they can complete their education and look for work in the industry of their choice. Students and faculty members are able to work together to face challenges and overcome a variety of obstacles. With an MS in Applied Statistics, students are able to pursue their goals and strive for the career they have always wanted.

Degree Applied Statistics, MS

Format: Online – 30 Credit Hrs. 

6. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University provides students with an online Master of Statistics that is worth 30 credit hours. Students have access to a variety of resources as well as one of the most proficient course programs available. Online courses follow a more flexible schedule which allows students to study when it is more convenient for them. The 30 credit hours gained during the course can be used towards continuing education credit for maintaining a valid certification or license.

North Carolina State University has a reputation for academic excellence and experienced instructors who can provide students with the guidance each student needs. Whether a graduate attends the classroom or chooses to pursue an online Master of Statistics degree, they will be guaranteed to receive the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to perform the requirements for their job. Once they graduate they can pursue their career with confidence.

Degree Master of Statistics

Format: Online – 30 credit hrs. 

7. Shawnee State University

Shawnee State University offers students an online Master of Mathematical Science degree that can be completed in 27 months. The online programs offered by the University give students an opportunity to learn all of the skills and abilities they will need when they enter the workforce. Each student will receive the same courses as those who choose to attend class on campus. With an online Master of Mathematical Science, graduates who are already employed can explore new opportunities for advancement and continue to forward their careers.

Shawnee State University is well-known throughout the state for offering academic coursework that meets or exceeds their expectations. Students are able to work with professional instructors who have years of experience to draw from. They can provide each student with the guidance and advice they need to choose the correct job path and further their career. They can also provide students who are already employed with the resources they need to keep moving up in their field.

Degree Mathematical Science Master

Format: Online – 27 Months 

8. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware provides students an opportunity to earn 30 credit hours with its online MS in Applied Statistics. This degree is meant to provide all of the skills and training a student will need to become a statistician, actuary, or other math-oriented professional. In addition to the coursework, students all have access to many resources they will need to continue to excel in their chosen career once they are actually employed. This online MS in Applied Statistics is a great way to take care of continuing education requirements that are needed to maintain a certification or license.

The University of Delaware has a reputation for academic excellence that is second to none in the area. Instructors are available to help students who need assistance with their coursework or to assist them in finding the resources they need to continue to attend school while maintaining their current employment. The online MS in Applied Science degree makes it easy for students to learn while they work. Their opportunities for advancement will begin to increase as they prove their dedication to their career.

Degree Applied Statistic, MS

Format: Online – 30 Credit Hrs. 

9. Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus offers students an online Master of Applied Statistics degree program that can be completed in approximately 24 months. With a Master of Applied Statistics, a student can go on to work as an actuary, statistician, financial analyst, or research analyst depending on their area of interest. Students who choose to enroll in the online program have an opportunity to remain employed while continuing to pursue their education. The online Master of Applied Statistics degree provides a flexible schedule and access to the same resources and benefits as a traditional classroom.

Pennsylvania State University is a leader in its field when it comes to offering students a quality education and an online learning environment that is above reproach. Every faculty member has worked as a professional in their field and has years of experience to draw from when instructing their students. Those who graduate from Pennsylvania State University can rest assured that they will have the best possible opportunity for advancement.

Degree Master of Applied Statistics

Format: Online – 24 Months 

10. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology offers an online MS in Applied Statistics that is worth 30 credit hours. With an online MS in Applied Statistics, a student can find employment in almost any industry. Actuaries, statisticians, and research analysts can be found in the manufacturing industry, finance, and insurance groups. The demand for these eligible applicants that can work in these positions is incredibly high. Rochester Institute of Technology’s online MS in Applied Statistics is one of the best ways to improve a student’s chance of advancement.

Rochester Institute of Technology offers online degree programs that go over and above in terms of curriculum and resources. The learning environment with the online platform is laid back and extremely flexible so that students can focus on their studies when it is most convenient for them. The ability to maintain full-time employment while attending class gives them an opportunity to use what they are learning right away.

Degree Applied Statistic, MS

Format: Online – 30 Credit Hrs.

What If I Don’t Need a Master’s?

Many students don’t need to earn a Master’s degree in Mathematics or Statistics. In some cases, a graduate certificate in Statistics or Mathematics will work just as well. This type of online graduate certificate for Applied Statistics is more than satisfactory for someone who has been working as a statistician or mathematician for several years. Instead of completing an entire Master’s degree program, they can earn their certification through online classes.

Years of experience, along with the tools and skills provided by the online coursework, will give existing employees the edge they need to be competitive in this fast-paced career field. The certification will carry the same weight as the Master’s degree if they have enough years of experience to show they have the knowledge and skills they need. Years of experience allows for a unique perspective and can provide new graduates with additional skills they can add to what they have already learned in school.

What Is a Statistician?

A statistician has the ability to collect, analyze, and then apply data to a specific situation in order to find possible solutions to problems or issues. By using the data they collect, they can create models that use mathematical equations to analyze a situation and find underlying risks. They can identify potential problems by identifying patterns within the statistics they collect.

Statisticians are highly educated. They have been taught in-depth skills that involve the use of mathematical and statistical theory. These methods are then used to help businesses overcome obstacles and find solutions to very complex problems. Statisticians are some of the most valuable employees a company relies on to stay ahead of the game financially. Statisticians can be found in almost every industry. Manufacturers and industrial companies use them to predict sales and identify issues when it comes to inventory. Financial institutions and insurance companies rely on statisticians to maintain a modest level of risk.

How Do I Become a Statistician?

The key to becoming a statistician is to learn what degree you need to be a statistician. In addition to knowing the education requirements for a statistician, you will also need a passion for numbers. If you don’t love working with numbers and formulas, you may become bored with the coursework and eventually lose interest in the subject. Once you have made the decision to pursue a career in statistics, you will need to find a degree program that meets your needs.

If you already have a degree in Math, your next step will be to pursue a Master’s degree in Statistics. You can choose to attend class on campus or opt for online classes. Online degree programs work very well for students who work a full-time job. The flexible schedule makes it easy for students to care for their families as well as maintain a solid work schedule. The flexibility of this type of schedule allows you to stretch out your degree program. By taking more time, students have more time to better understand the coursework.

What Can I Do With a Master’s in Statistics?

Statistician career opportunities are abundant if you have the skills that are needed to do the work. A few of the more common jobs for a graduate with a Master’s degree in Statistics include a mathematician, math teacher, applied statistician, operations research analysis, statistical consultant, and financial analyst. The skills and concepts that are taught in a Master’s of Statistics can be used to identify patterns associated with growth, loss, risk, and recovery.

Students can also combine a Master’s in Statistics with a Computer Sciences degree for an additional level of expertise. Graduates who earn a dual degree bring more to the table and are more likely to be offered the higher-paying jobs or moved to a management position. With a Master’s in Statistics, a graduate has many directions to choose from and more opportunities to pursue. the only limitations a graduate has are the ones they choose to put on themselves. Learning what they can do with their Master’s degree is part of the excitement.

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