15 Best Online Mathematics and Statistics Master’s for 2020

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Online graduate math programs are changing the way many professionals look at education. This is especially true for highly specialized careers like mathematicians and statisticians. Once a person has earned a position in such an elite field, it is difficult to take time off to go back to school. With Online graduate math programs, students can continue to work their full-time job and still have time to go to school. Schedules are flexible and allow students to do their coursework when it is most convenient for them.

Online graduate math programs allow students the opportunity to work and learn at the same time. Students who can put what they are learning to use often gives them a better chance of retaining the information on a long-term basis. Employees who are actively working toward their degrees are often given a higher chance of advancing as well. This dedication to their career normally will not go unnoticed by their superiors. With online graduate math programs, students also have access to the same resources as those who attend a traditional classroom allowing for all of the perks and less stress.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Master’s in Statistics and Mathematics

For the Great Business Schools ranking of the best online statistics and math master’s programs, editors found hybrid and fully online programs from accredited, reputable institutions. With the initial pool in place, editors ranked programs according to three factors, using IPEDS, Niche, and College Scorecard data: Tuition, Student Satisfaction, and Potential Salary. 

1. Columbia University

Columbia University has an Applied Mathematics Master program that made our list of the best online masters in statistics. In the program, elearners become applied mathematicians that solve problems driven by outside forces. Applied mathematicians deal with modeling and abstract solutions. With a faculty to student ratio of 6:1, Columbia presents an ideal learning environment for students with highly qualified faculty member teachers one of the country’s best online statistics masters.

Besides having one of the best online masters in mathematics, Columbia receives an A+ scorecard for factors including an 87% faculty approval rating and high availability for needed courses. Although students agree that Columbia presents challenging coursework, that translates into a stronger branding for successful graduates. 

Highlight Columbia has a 96% graduation rate, which is extraordinary among similar universities, and 89% find suitable employment following graduation
Degree Applied Mathematics Master 

2. Texas A&M University

The online Statistics MS at Texas A&M University has one of the best online masters in statistics in the country and allows learners to continue their careers while pursuing an advanced degree. Skills learned in the program include a capstone project spanning the last two semesters. Past projects include price modeling and ratings for Airbnb rentals, modeling NFL draft and combine results and modeling average airfare for the United States. This unique optional project gives graduates invaluable real-world experience and helps identify Texas A&M as one of the best online statistics masters degrees.

Texas A&M is a well-respected public school with an enrollment of nearly 50,000 students. While admission is competitive, 68% if applicants meet the school’s entry requirements. Further, 82% of students successfully finish their coursework and go on to earn respectable salaries averaging $48,600.

Highlight Texas A&M is ranked #22 among American universities and is one of the best online masters in mathematics available.
Degree Statistics, MS

3. Oklahoma State University

One of the best online statistics masters, the Applied Statistics MS at Oklahoma State University gives students an opportunity to schedule coursework around family and other obligations. This degree is a terminal degree and not meant to prepare students for doctoral degrees. Courses include two classes each in analytics, experimental data analysis and applied mathematical statistics, as well as coursework in SAS and R computer programming with SAS and R. Its concentration on statistical analysis makes this OSU program one of the best online masters in statistics in the country.

Oklahoma State receives high marks for its focus on academics, diversity and value for money. With an acceptance rate of 74%, the university provides competitive entry requirements while remaining accessible to three-quarters of all applicants. Four out of five students give faculty members a thumbs up on preparation and content knowledge, and 91% of students get financial aid to help with the cost of tuition and other expenses. 

Highlight Its concentration on statistical advanced mathematics puts OSU on our list of the best online masters in mathematics.
Degree Applied Statistics, MS

4. Colorado State University

If you would like to earn an MAS in Applied Statistics, consider Colorado State University, one of the best online masters in statistics available. Students choose from statistical science or data science concentrations and gain tools to help them design studies, make inferences from data and translate insights into meaningful contexts. Elearners find out how to interpret graphics and data and translate this into actionable points for decision-making laymen. 

Along with making our ranking of the best online statistics masters programs, Colorado State offers students diverse student body in both on-campus and online courses. It offers competitive tuition rates for the area as well as a sound educational experience, thanks to its qualified faculty team.

Highlight As one of the best online masters in mathematics, Colorado State’s Applied Statistics program prepares graduates to work in industry, government and education settings.
Degree Applied Statistics, MAS

5. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University’s Master of Statistics program is in good company among the best online masters in statistics. This flexible online offering features an MS and graduate certificates in Applied Statistics, Data Management or Statistics Education. Graduates develop marketable skills that meet the needs of multiple industries, and the schools’ strong focus on working with diverse data types and various programming language increase the ROI, solidifying its ranking as one of the best online statistics masters.

Beyond NCSU’s best online masters in mathematics status, the school is ranked #80 in national universities surveyed by U.S News and World Report. This ranking is based on numerous factors contributing to an overall environment of educational excellence. 

Highlight The Raleigh area offers graduates unprecedented opportunities for internships and job prospects and has a reasonable cost of living.
Degree Master of Statistics

6. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware has an Applied Statistics MS that is among the best online masters in statistics. From the comfort of their favorite cafe or couch, students transform into data professionals and meet increasing demands for qualified data scientists. The 100% online offering gives elearners a theoretical foundation in statistics and advanced preparation in model building and data for real analysis. Students who desire long-term success and a flexible learning opportunity value the best online statistics masters, including this one at the University of Delaware.

Ranked #33 among U.S. News and World Reports public university survey, the University of Delaware receives an A rating for academics, diversity and return on investment for Niche.com. Two-thirds of applicants receive the nod from the admissions committee, and UD undergrads choose finance, liberal arts and marketing among other popular majors, some of which gear students up for the school’s best online masters in mathematics curricula

Highlight To attract accomplished faculty members, the University of Delaware offers competitive salaries, and student reviews indicate a high faculty approval rating.
Degree Applied Statistics, MS

7. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has an Applied and Computational Mathematics MS students can pursue in a 100% digital format. As a member of our best online masters in statistics, JHU offers a post-master’s certificate as well as an MS in the field. Concentrations available include applied analysis, information technology, operations, probability and simulations and modeling. Graduates cash in on the university’s branding through high-paying careers in business, defense technology, medicine and public policy, making this a valuable investment for one of the best online statistics masters programs.

One of the most renowned universities at home and internationally, Johns Hopkins University has a grueling admissions process and an 11% acceptance rate. However, besides having a recognized best online masters in mathematics, JHU is widely regarded as the #1 university in Maryland. 

Highlight With a student to faculty ratio of 7:1, Johns Hopkins offers students more facetime with teachers and advisors.
Degree Applied and Computational Mathematics, MS

8. University of Houston

The Master’s of Arts in Mathematics at the University of Houston requires 33 semester hours that includes 21 credits of mathematics. Students master analysis, probability and statistics, algebra and applied mathematics in one of the best online masters in statistics programs. Students can take courses online or take courses both online and on-campus, giving students total freedom in deciding where they need the most help and which courses they can navigate on their own. 

As well as boasting of one of the best online statistics masters programs, the University of Houston is an above-average school that admits 83% of applicants. This wide-access admissions policy leads to a diverse student body. Plus, 85% of students receive student aid. Combined with an affordable tuition program, this adds to the list of reasons that make it one of the best online masters in mathematics.

Highlight The University of Houston ranks respectably at #185 among U.S. News and World Reports 2020 college rankings.
Degree Mathematics, MA

9. University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky offers a Masters of Applied Statistics or MAS agree that’s on our pick of the best online masters in statistics. The MAS online program equips elearners with a variety of skills, including big data management, analysis and interpretation. Effective data analytic and computing skills are essential for statisticians employed by Intel, Google and Pfizer. Graduates of the best online statistics masters can seek employment on Wall Street as well as numerous state and federal government organizations.

The University of Kentucky is a highly reputable public university in Lexington, Kentucky. It has a large undergraduate student body that choose majors such as nursing, business and marketing. With an acceptance rate of 94%, the school provides easy access to online learners looking for the best online masters in mathematics program for them.

Highlight The University of Kentucky is well=positioned in Lexington where students can pursue internships and employment opportunities in a bustling city.
Degree Masters of Applied Statistics, MAS

10. University of Tennessee-Knoxville

The University of Tennesse-Knoxville has a Masters of Mathematics that’s among the best online masters in statistics. The department offers a traditional MS that students may use to move on to a Ph.D. Online students choose where and when they will complete the 30 hours of coursework, and the program has courses available in the summer to help elearners finish as quickly as possible. Full-time students can finish in two years, making this a convenient and comprehensive program in our list of the best online statistics masters degrees.

The University of Tennessee was founded in 1794, a full two years before Tennessee was even a state. With a strong sense of tradition, it proudly servers as Tennessee’s flagship campus and boasts eleven graduate colleges. Combining the latest technology with its tradition of excellence, Tennessee makes the grade among our best online masters in mathematics.

Highlight University of Tennessee graduates who move into industrial jobs may make well over $100,000, and academic careers normally command starting salaries of around $65,000.
Degree Masters of Mathematics 

11. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley has an online masters in Mathematics that’s rated one of the best online masters in statistics. Elearners who successfully complete the program go on to pursue Ph.D.’s or move into careers in industry. This best online statistics masters program helps students gain a conceptual understanding of mathematics through rigorous proof. Another key takeaway is the communication of mathematical concepts to non-mathematical audiences in multiple formats.

UT – Rio Grande Valley may have one of the best online masters in mathematics, but it’s also a diverse public university in Edinburg, Texas. It has an acceptance rate of 81%, and its most popular majors are criminal justice, psychology and biology.

Highlight UT-RGV is ranked number #113 among the best big colleges in the nation, giving graduates a respectable branding when it comes to pursuing careers in the field.
Degree Mathematics, MS 

12. Emporia State University

Emporia State University has an MS in Mathematics, which is among the best online statistics masters. Students earn six credit hours in each of these subjects: algebra, analysis, statistics and applied mathematics. There are opportunities for motivated grad students to teach undergraduate courses. The program’s focus on marketable skills makes in one of the best online masters in statistics.

Emporia State boasts more the 3,000 students and 95% of them receive financial aid. With a faculty to student ratio of 17:1, elearners can expect assistance from qualified faculty members when they need it the most. 

Highlight Emporia has one of the best online masters in mathematics, and most classes have a weekly online chat for students and professors to discuss coursework and other topics.
Degree Mathematics, MS 

13. Indiana State University

Indiana State University’s Mathematics MS program is one of the best online masters in mathematics available. Elearners see what on-campus students do in this flexible program. Online students log into classes from their computers to hear, see and interact with professors and other students. As one of the best online masters in statistics, the program prepares students for careers as accountants, actuaries, teachers, bankers and data analysts.

Overall, students give Indiana State University high marks for diversity and high-quality professors. Besides having the best online statistics masters program, ISU admits 90% of applicants, giving money students an opportunity to further their education. 

Highlight The school’s vision statement calls for a commitment to career readiness, community engagement and experiential learning.
Degree Mathematics, MS 

14. Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University’s MA in Mathematics is one of the best online masters in mathematics in the state and in the nation. This online program is aimed at students who are secondary teachers with teacher certification. Students can earn a change in rank by getting their Master’s degree. This program isn’t designed for students looking to move onto a doctorate in mathematics. Graduate assistantships may be available offering one more reason we includes WKU in our list of the best online statistics masters.

As well as earning the best online masters in statistics, WKU graduates benefit from the university’s regional name recognition. Up to 97% of applicants are granted admission, which results in a diverse and eclectic student body on-campus and online. Additionally, 96% of students receive student aid.

Highlight Niche.com assigned a grade of B to WKU based on faculty accomplishments and reviews from students.
Degree Mathematics, MA

15. California University of Pennsylvania

The Applied Mathematics PSM degree offered by the California University of Pennsylvania gives online students a chance to attend one of the best online masters in statistics. Designed for busy professionals in nonprofit, government and business careers, it provides a flexible way to obtains a master’s degree. Other elearners are teachers looking for advanced math skills to pass along to their students. The 30-credit program provides a fast-track to one of the best online statistics masters that can be finished in 13 months. 

Students receive the full benefit of the best online masters in mathematics in the region and also benefit from CUP’s location near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a center of industry and education. With a 95% acceptance rate, the school opens its doors to everyone who’s willing to learn and apply themselves.

Highlight A small student body of around 5,000 students gives online and other students a chance to establish themselves and benefits from greater individual attention.
Degree Applied Mathematics, PSM

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get With a Master’s in Mathematics?

Graduates who are looking for jobs with a Master’s degree in Mathematics can expect to find employment in almost every industry that requires the use of mathematics and statistics. This includes the manufacturing and construction industries. Although not normally considered, these two industries use both mathematicians and statisticians to keep their companies running smoothly. Instead of working as an employee, analysts and statisticians often act as consultants and work on a freelance basis that allows them to work with multiple companies at one time.

For individuals who would prefer to work in the finance industry or with an insurance company, mathematician jobs are in high demand. Mathematicians often work as research analysts, actuaries, statisticians, and quantitative analysts. Employees who work in these positions are often paid above-average wages due to the weight and responsibility associated with their jobs. By evaluating risks and finding proactive solutions, these employees are able to keep their company functioning at maximum efficiency.

What Is a Mathematician?

Mathematicians are highly educated and have an in-depth, working knowledge of mathematics. They use mathematical equations and formulas to identify potential problems and, in turn, create viable solutions that are both effective and reliable. Mathematics is a unique language that uses numbers, letters, and symbols to formulate equations and theories that can be used for a variety of purposes. By building mathematical models, a mathematician can determine what type of risks exist, what type of impact they will have on the business, and the best possible solution to any issues they may cause.

The study of mathematics isn’t for everyone. In order to become a successful mathematician, one has to have a passion for numbers and how to use them. The early stages of learning can be quite tedious, but if a student continues to move forward with their education, they can uncover a very diverse and interesting world. Individuals who earn their Master’s degree in Mathematics can expect to enjoy a very lucrative career if they choose to explore their options in this type of work.

Even though mathematics may be difficult for some, those who excel at it can be quite successful in almost any industry they choose to work in. Those who are already employed as a mathematician or actuary can earn their Master’s degree and begin to look for jobs that are more advanced and carry more responsibility.

How Much Do Mathematicians Make?

The salary of a mathematician will vary. It will depend on several factors and possibly the industry as well. Mathematicians who are self-employed as independent contractors can sometimes set their own wages. Those who are employed by a company can expect to earn anywhere from approximately $90,000 to $105,000 per year. Mathematician salaries also depend on the type of industry you work in. A graduate can increase their earning potential by returning to school and continuing their education. Earning a Master’s in Mathematics degree is just one way to advance your career.

Other factors that will determine a graduate’s earning potential include how much experience they have and how proficient they are at doing their job. If a graduate is looking for work right out of college, their grade point average may be considered instead of their actual work performance or proficiency. Individuals who have been working as a mathematician for several years and chooses to go back to school to earn a Master’s in Mathematics can expect to earn a higher wage than a recent graduate simply because of their many years of experience. The knowledge they have gained through working in the field is invaluable and will be considered when determining their pay.

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