10 Most Affordable Business Intelligence Master’s Degrees for 2020

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Business intelligence is a relatively new field, and many companies are quickly realizing the value of having someone who is an expert in business intelligence on board. If you’re ready to take your business career to the next level, and you want to remain within your company, talk with your supervisor about advancement opportunities after you earn your masters in business intelligence. It’s likely that your company will be happy to help you take your career to the next level. 

One of the toughest parts about furthering your education can be paying for it. Luckily, many employers recognize the value of employees who want to grow their education while also growing their future at a company. Talk with your employer about whether the offer tuition assistance or reimbursement to help you pay your way through school. You’ll also want to talk with your school about options that allow you to maintain some flexibility, such as online, weekend, and night classes. Many business schools understand that they need to cater to busy professionals, and will be happy to work with your schedule to allow you to get the education you need. 

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Business Intelligence Master’s Programs 

Affordability is important, so the programs in the Great Business Schools ranking of the most affordable business intelligence master’s programs are ranked according to their tuition cost (according to IPEDS data). However, a cheap degree is only worth what you can do with it, so GBS editors feature only accredited, reputable institutions that students can trust. 

1. Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University has affordable MS in Business Analytics and Data Science degree options for both campus-based students and those who enroll online. Graduates who focus on business analytics and data science have the skills they need to efficiently work with massive amounts of data. They can assist their employers with maintaining the day to day operations of the business while providing the information they need to move forward.

Oklahoma State University has the ability to offer both campus and online degree programs to students who are interested in enrolling. With the state of the art online platform and professional faculty and instructors, graduates are able to receive the highest quality education in an affordable manner. They have the choice of attending either online or on campus, making it easy for them to achieve their goals and move forward at their own pace.

Degree Business Analytics and Data Science, MS

2. University of Houston-Downtown

The University of Houston-Downtown offers students an affordable MS in Data Analytics that allows them to pursues their degree without having to worry about exorbitant tuition fees. Data analytics requires an in-depth knowledge of data systems, how data is collected, and the many ways that it can be interpreted and utilized. Businesses rely on data analysis to guide them through changes in the economy as well as changes in how the business is functioning. Those who have earned an MS in Data Analytics can rest assured, they will be able to effectively compete for higher pay and managerial positions in a variety of industries.

The University of Houston-Downtown is one of Texas’ most prominent schools in terms of business and data analysis. The university takes pride in not only provided a sound curriculum but also professional faculty members who are able to assist their students as they transition from a learning environment to being part of a fast-paced workforce. Graduates are able to look forward to a very lucrative career while having the encouragement and support of their mentors and instructors.

Degree Data Analytics, MS 

3. State University of New York Plattsburgh

State University of New York Plattsburgh is proud to offer an affordable MS in Data Analytics for students who are wanting to finish their education without having to spend a lot of money. Students can count on learning about every aspect of how data is used. Integration, visualization, and utilization are all part of the process. The focus will also be on mathematical equations and optimizations that allow students to accurately interpret and use every bit of data they receive. With an MS in Data Analytics, graduates are ready to apply for more advanced positions in any area of their industry ranging from research to management.

SUNY Plattsburgh makes sure that the learning environment they provide their students with is on par with the highest level of excellence in academics. Every faculty member has earned a Ph.D. and has been working within their profession for several years. They are able to add depth to the university’s curriculum through their years of experience and inherent knowledge of the subject matter. The University continues to stand beside their students long after they have graduated and entered the workforce.

Degree Data Analytics, MS 

4. Florida State University

Florida State University is well-known for providing affordable degree programs, including its MS in Business Analytics. With an FSU business analytics degree, graduates will be taught how to use the many forms of data that a business produces. They will be given the tools and skills they need to understand what types of data are used for and how to use that effectively to successfully propel the business forward. Graduates who have successfully completed their MS in Business Analytics degree program are ready to apply for almost any type of position they are interested in, including management.

Florida State University has a reputation for being one of the most popular schools in the southeastern United States. In addition to having a strong reputation based on its sound curriculum options and degree programs, the University is also known for drawing in the top educators in their chosen field. Every graduate that enrolls in the MS in Business Analytics degree program receives the best possible guidance to go along with their knowledge and proven skillsets.

Degree Business Analytics, MS

5. Stanford University

Stanford University offers affordable MS in Statistics: Data Science degree programs so that students can pursue their education while still living within their means. Individuals who choose a degree in statistics with a specialization in data science must have incredible attention to detail as well as a passion for accuracy. Students who enter this field and graduate with the essential skills to compete in this fast-paced environment will be in the running to receive the highest possible wages and be offered positions that carry heavy responsibility.

Stanford University is well-known throughout the world for its business degree programs. Every program they offer is known for academic excellence. The University has been recognized many times over for the high caliber of its faculty as well as the depth and value its various degree programs offer. Students who attend the university often find themselves being guided by faculty members so that they are better able to overcome various challenges and obstacles.

Degree Statistics: Data Science, MS

6. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida provides many different affordable degree programs for students who are interested in obtaining an MS in Data Analytics. Data analytics requires strong problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as impeccable attention toward accuracy and detail. Students receive skills and training that allow them to observe and interpret changes that occur in large volumes of data generated by businesses. This allows them to solve problems and establish new patterns that allow for growth and productivity. An MS in Data Analytics can be the key that opens the door to a world full of new opportunities.

The University of Central Florida is situated in the heart of the state so students who want to earn an affordable degree close to their home can do so. The school also offers online courses for those who do not live close by. The school’s commitment to research and academic excellence makes it a great choice for any student who wants a quality education from a smaller, more focused university. The faculty are also focused on providing one on one assistance to students who may require it during their course of study.

Degree Data Analytics, MS 

7. Purdue University

Purdue University offers an affordable MS in Business Analytics and Information Management. MS degree programs that specialize in business analytics and information management include skills that are required to efficiently collect and interpret data. Once the information has been thoroughly researched and studied, reports must be provided to management so that business operations and projections can be adjusted accordingly. An MS in Business Analytics and Information Management is the best way to get the skills that are needed to enter into this field and succeed.

Purdue University is one of the most recognized universities across the globe when it comes to science, math, and technological advancement. The University has state of the art laboratories and facilities so that students can learn in an environment that is similar to that which they will eventually be working in. Students can rely on faculty members to be available for guidance and support throughout their time in school.

Degree Business Analytics and Information Management, MS

8. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois offers an affordable MS in Data Analytics degree program for students who are ready to take their education to the next step. Data analytics is a highly competitive field that revolves around the collection and interpretation of large volumes of data. Businesses generate large volumes of data that are used for many different purposes. A data analyst must be able to identify trends and determine strengths and weaknesses in performance. MS in Data Analytics degrees are available on campus as well as online for students who need to continue to work while they are in school.

The University of Illinois is one of the leading universities in the Midwest that offers excellence in academics as well as guidance from some of the best instructors in the field. Students are able to utilize valuable resources both on-campus and online to make their learning experience more productive and enjoyable.

Degree Data Analytics, MS 

9. University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis provides an affordable MS in Business Analytics degree program that allows students who are ready to move forward in their career the skills and abilities to do so. Students who enroll in this degree program are given a thorough understanding of how information and data are used in the day to day functions of a business. With an MS degree in Business Analytics, graduates are prepared to move forward with new, higher-paying job opportunities that will allow them to reach their career goals.

UC Davis has a solid reputation for being one of the most prestigious and well-respected schools in the country. Faculty members have a proven track record for professionalism and credibility in their own chosen career fields. With guidance from their instructors and a curriculum that is beyond reproach, students can graduate with the highest level of confidence knowing they have the skills they need to succeed in their endeavors.

Degree Business Analytics, MS

10. Georgia State University

Georgia State University offers students an affordable MS in Data Science and Analytics. The degree provides skills over and above other degree programs and gives students an opportunity to learn more about management and the day to day operations of a business. Data science and analytics careers involve highly advanced mathematical and scientific research skills that allow for the accurate interpretation of all types of data. Students who enroll in an MS in Data Science and Analytics degree program expect to learn all of those skills and more.

Georgia State University has a strong reputation for being able to provide an excellent education that is backed up by teaching professionals who are able to educate based on experience. Each student who graduates from the university knows that they can rely on their newly learned skills and abilities to help them reach any career goal they set for themselves.

Degree Data Science and Analytics, MS

How Do I Save Money on a Master’s in Business Intelligence?

If you are considering pursuing an affordable business intelligence masters, some of the best methods of doing so are as follows:

  • Apply for Fellowship Awards: One of the best methods of acquiring an affordable business intelligence masters is by applying for fellowships. Many business schools offer generous fellowship grants, which do not have to be repaid. This can be a great method of lowering your bill.
  • Graduate Scholarships: Another great method of attaining an affordable business intelligence masters is by applying for graduate scholarships. Many MBA programs offer various scholarships that are based on previous educational achievements.
  • Graduate Assistantships: Another way to acquire a lower cost master’s degree is by working as a graduate assistant while you are working towards earning your degree. These positions allow you to earn money to help fund your education while also working alongside administrators and faculty members.
  • Employer Sponsorship: If you are employed while working towards your master’s degree, you may be able to get your employer to sponsor you. Depending on how valued you are at your company and whether they are interested in helping you develop in the professional realm, you may be able to get them to help fund your education in exchange for working for the company for a certain amount of years once you have obtained the degree.
  • Retirement Funds: If you have been employed long enough to amass enough money to fund your education in a Roth IRA or similar retirement funding programs, you may be able to withdraw some of your money to fund your education. However, keep in mind that these withdrawals typically come with financial penalties.
  • Government Grants: Another way of obtaining an affordable business intelligence masters is by applying for government grants. For instance, there are a couple of government grants that provide funding for advanced business degrees overseas. 

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Business Intelligence?

Depending on what your career goals are, there is plenty of money to be made by acquiring a master’s in business intelligence. In other words, the salary for business intelligence varies from person to person. Some of your career options are as follows:

  • Analytics Consultant: If you are wondering about the salary for business intelligence, one option is becoming an analytics consultant. These positions involve developing and implementing data-driven solutions for various organizations and pay an average of  $80,588 annually. 
  • Senior Business Analyst: Another potential position that you can work in after obtaining a business intelligence master’s in a senior business analyst. These positions involve using large amounts of data and figuring out how to apply this data to business objectives. These positions pay an average of $84,081 per year.
  • Business Insight and Analyst Manager: Tasked with leading a team of analysts and ensuring the accuracy of their findings, business insight, and analyst managers make an average of $96,005 annually.
  • Quantitative Analyst: Another option for those who are wondering about the potential in terms of a masters in business intelligence and data analytics salary is the position of quantitative analyst. These positions involve developing strategies to help companies maximize their investments and pay an average of $83,477 per year. 

Will a Certification in Business Intelligence Help My Career? 

For those who are wondering about the benefits of a certification in business intelligence, some of them are as follows:

  • More Reputable: Generally speaking, those who take the time to acquire a certification for business intelligence are considered to be more reputable and serious about their careers.
  • Higher-Paying Jobs: In keeping with that notion, being considered a more reputable and serious professional also makes it possible for you to secure better-paying jobs.
  • Increase Potential of Tuition Reimbursement: Additionally, a certification for business intelligence can also increase your potential of having your education sponsored by your employer. If you have an employer that is willing to reimburse you for your educational costs, acquiring a certification will be an even greater incentive. 
  • More Technologically Fluent: Another benefit of business intelligence certifications is that they can make you more technologically fluent. Given that certifications require students to take on a more robust curriculum, this will allow you to become more technologically fluent overall. 

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