10 Most Affordable Real Estate Degrees for 2020

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If you want to save money on a real estate degree, you do have options. One option is to attend community college to start your degree. Community colleges are very reasonably priced and allow you to receive a quality education for a fraction of the cost of larger universities and specialty schools. 

Alternatively, although it may not afford you with the cheapest real estate degree, you can search for lower-priced public colleges as this will afford you some of the same benefits as attending a community college. Lastly, you can try working for a company that reimburses for education or asking your existing employer if they have any programs or assistance for those pursuing secondary education. Many companies do offer partial or full reimbursements for certain educational costs. 

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Real Estate Degrees

For students who want to enhance their career without breaking the bank, Great Business Schools editors have ranked the most affordable real estate bachelor’s degree programs. Only accredited, reputable programs with a proven track record of student success are eligible. For the final ranking, programs are presented in order of cost, according to IPEDS data. 

1. Brooklyn College (CUNY)

The BBA in Business Law and Real Estate at Brooklyn College is a comprehensive degree program which will prepare students for all aspects of their real estate career. Courses will enable students to navigate both the technical aspects of today’s real estate market with in depth computer science instruction, as well as management, leadership, marketing, and economy. With a heavy concentration on business management, this degree can prove to be a flexible career tool used within many different career landscapes. Regardless of how you plan to use your degree, the BBA in Business Law and Real Estate from Brooklyn College is among the nations most affordable real estate degrees and can prepare you to make your dreams a reality.

Brooklyn College has been considered a center of educational excellence for students of all backgrounds for 90 years. Brooklyn College prides itself on their diverse student body, which boast students from 143 different nations worldwide. Students love conducting their education in the heart of NY, where the city often becomes a living classroom. Brooklyn College is proud to offer a state of the art campus at an affordable tuition. Brooklyn College offers the perfect location to take your education to the next level.  

Degree BBA in Business Law and Real Estate

2. Baruch College (CUNY)

The BBA in Real Estate from Baruch College is the perfect starting point for your career in real estate. This degree program offers you access and interaction with knowledgeable professors who have the real world experience you need. This school offers networking events as well as internship opportunities which are crucial to success in the real estate industry. Those who successfully complete this program can achieve success in both corporate or commercial real estate, property management, entrepreneurship and more. Affordable real estate degrees such as this program, can set up students for a lifetime of success in the real estate industry with job opportunities at real estate investment firms as well as banks, financial institutions, and traditional real estate agencies.

Baruch College, located in the heart of New York was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as on of the top ranked schools in America. Zicklin School of Business is located near the headquarters of hundreds of companies as well as Wall Street. This close proximity to the heart of the nation’s economy gives students access to unparalleled internship opportunities which you cannot get anywhere else in the country. Networking and career opportunities abound when you earn your BBA in Real Estate from Baruch College.

Degree BBA in Real Estate

3. University of Texas at Dallas

Earning your BSBA in Real Estate at University of Texas at Dallas is the perfect combination of location and learning. As the biggest continental state in the US, the real estate market has always been an important aspect of the economy of Texas. The teachers and professors who will guide you through your degree program can offer both educational and real world instruction. The BSBA in Real Estate is a concentration of either a Bachelor of Science in Business Admin or a Bachelor of Science in Finance. This wide range of focus helps prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities. Affordable real estate degrees in Texas can prepare you for a profitable career in real estate investments, property management, investment analyst and more.

Acclaimed as a research and business powerhouse, The University of Texas at Dallas houses eight schools offering more than 140 degrees. With a concentration on business and science, students who are serious about their career preparation seek out The University of Texas at Dallas. Here students will enjoy a rich campus community as well as challenging, inspiring educational instruction.

Degree BSBA in Real Estate

4. University of North Texas

The BBA in Real Estate offered by University of North Texas is part of a robust business program located in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business. Real estate continues to be an important part of the economy in Texas, as it is the largest continental state in the US. Earning your real estate degree in this hot spot for real estate activity offers students the perfect opportunity for real world experience as well as class room instruction. The University of North Texas offers this degree program with a concentration in property management for those interested in a career in this field. The University of North Texas offers affordable real estate degrees as well as a memorable college experience.

UNT was named one of the Top 10 Public Universities on the Rise. As a public university, The University of North Texas works easily with Federal student aid, work study programs, scholarships, grants and loans to make sure that students get an excellent education at an excellent price. The helpful admission staff is available to discuss questions and concerns during your enrollment process.

Degree BBA in Real Estate

5. University of Hawaii at Manoa

The BBA in Real Estate Finance at The University of Hawaii Manoa is a specialty track in the Department of Finance at the Shidler College of Business. A concentration in Real Estate Finance prepares students for an array of career opportunities within the real estate market. These opportunities can include commercial property mortgage broker, commercial real estate loan officer, residential loan officer, residential real estate analyst, and others. These careers have great job security and many opportunities for advancement. The affordable real estate degrees offered at Manoa will contribute to a profitable long term career in the real estate industry.

Founded in 1907, The University of Hawaii Manoa is one of the oldest, and largest of the University campuses. This campus, situated in the beautiful Manoa Valley, outside of Honolulu, offers both an excellent academic experience and a multi-cultural traveling experience. A robust research program as well as nationally ranked NCAA Division 1 Athletics lend the school to a varied and exciting range of activities. Here students can quench their thirst for learning as well as their desire to experience a new culture in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Temperate weather all year, makes this a great place to pursue your educational dreams as well as your personal adventures. Tuition at The University of Hawaii Manoa continues to stay below average, making this a great affordable option for students.

Degree BBA in Real Estate Finance

6. Middle Tennessee State University

Students seeking a BBA in Finance/Real Estate at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, will get both classroom and real life experience in this degree program. At Middle Tennessee State University students enrolled in a Finance major will earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. This degree program offer three areas of concentration; Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. Students in this program will also have a minor in Business Administration. This degree program offers students a great range of flexibility in the way they can use their degree upon graduation. For instate students, Middle Tennessee State University offers an exceptional value for your money. This school also offers robust financial aid opportunities. These tools make this one of the most affordable real estate degrees you’ll find.  

MTSU has been ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the best places to earn a degree in the United States. Those looking for both quality and affordability will find it on the beautiful campus located in Murfreesboro, TN. The state of the art campus boasts many improvements over the last years, increases both is attractiveness and accessibility.

Degree BBA in Finance/Real Estate

7. University of Alaska Anchorage

The BBA in Property Management and Real Estate from the University of Alaska Anchorage combines courses that integrates together to build a strong real estate foundation. The property management degree program is facilitated through The Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program. Through a combination of General Education requirements, CBPP core requirements and Property Management concentrations, students will graduate from this program with a strong understanding of real estate business and business administration. This combination of both real estate education as well as business administration will set you up for success in a variety of real estate professions. The University of Alaska offers competitive tuition rates as well as scholarships, grants and cooperation with Federal student aid to make this one of the most affordable real estate degrees available.

The University of Alaska operates five campuses across the state of Alaska. The University of Alaska at Anchorage is located in the heart of Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage. This location gives students access to both a robust cultural life on campus as well as all of the natural beauty and adventures which Alaska offers. UAA offers over 100 programs of study, campus living facilities, as well as sports and community activities.

Degree BBA in Property Management and Real Estate

8. University of Texas at Arlington

The BBA in Finance and Real Estate offered by the University of Texas at Arlington is very customizable to the type of career you are pursuing. Because finance is a very broad industry, the academic advisors within the College of Business are available to discuss with students the best finance track to pursue for their specific career goals. The BBA in Finance and Real Estate is a very flexible degree and can be used to pursue many different career tracks within the real estate/finance industry. The College of Business at UTA has had a proud history of assisting students in their business endeavors since 1965. The faculty and staff of the College of Business are committed to providing both excellent classroom instruction as well as real world experience in the community. With low tuition rates and excellent financial aid packages, The University of Texas Arlington provides the most affordable real estate degrees.

The University of Texas Arlington is the largest university in North Texas. In close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, students can enjoy both rigorous classroom instruction as well as a robust cultural life and community activities. State of the art facilities and equipment help students reach their full potential. The school helps to facilitate important internship programs which can kick start life long careers. UTA offers 180 undergraduate degree programs as well as master’s and doctoral programs.

Degree BBA in Finance and Real Estate

9. University of Texas at San Antonio

The BBA in Real Estate Finance and Development offered at University of Texas at San Antonio was created for students looking to manage businesses in real estate. This degree program prepares students for the aspects of real estate finance which include conceptualization, financing, developing, and even construction of profitable projects in the real estate market. As the largest continental state in the United States, Texas is the perfect location to learn and launch a real estate career. In addition to the robust real estate education offered in the courses, students can also support their education by adding business competencies to their course load. These competencies include; analytics, international business, risk management and more. UTA offers affordable tuition, scholarships and student aid packages which make it one of the most affordable real estate degrees today.

The University of Texas at San Antonio has been a leader in research, community service, urban development and diversity. They pride themselves on training professionals to be leaders in our modern economy. With four campuses located in San Antonio, students can find a spot to live, grow and learn in this diverse and exciting educational community.

Degree BBA in Real Estate Finance and Development

10. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The BBA in Finance/Real Estate offered by University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a concentration track as part of the Economics and Finance Department located in the College of Business. Students earning a Business Degree will work on a Finance Major with a Real Estate Minor. This degree construction allows for students to use their degree in a very flexible way upon graduation. With a strong understanding of business and finance, students with a minor in real estate will graduate ready to take on any number of career options in the real estate industry. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers competitive tuition as well as student aid packages which makes this one of the most affordable real estate degrees around.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a research school located in the heart of Arkansas. Although situated in metropolitan Little Rock, the surrounding Ouachita Mountains provide the perfect balance to campus life. Little Rock offers both a strong cultural experience as well as beautiful scenic escapes in the nearby Pinnacle Mountain State Park. This is the perfect location for students seeking a city experience close to nature.

Degree BBA in Finance/Real Estate

How Much Can I Make with a Real Estate Degree?

According to Forbes.com, the amount you can make from a real estate degree varies, depending on your location. However, the bachelor in real estate salary was $41,289 in 2019. If you are wondering is a real estate degree worth it, the answer is often “yes”, especially when you are working in one of the top areas for real estate degrees. A real estate bachelor degree salary is significantly higher in places such as New York, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, Rhode Island, California, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Colorado, and Virginia. You can make anywhere from $60,000 to over $100,000 per year. 

Will I Make More Money with a Certification? 

Although there is no way to guarantee how much money you will make as a real estate agent, acquiring a certification will allow you to potentially make more money in an array of ways. For instance, an online real estate certification will allow you to hone skills such as decision-making, risk mitigation, enterprise management, analyzing cash flows, and more. Therefore, the invaluable knowledge and information you receive while acquiring a real estate certificate often pays for itself. Additionally, many people are attracted to professionals that have taken the time to a real estate online certification as it makes you appear more serious and reputable than those who do not. Either way, getting a license is a requirement to work in this field. 

Do I Need a College Degree to Get a Real Estate License?

In short, in most states and cases, a real estate degree is not required to get a real estate license. However, such a credential will make you appear as a more serious and reputable candidate, which, in turn, may allow you to get better-paying positions at real estate firms moving forward. Additionally, given that the field has become increasingly competitive, some employers are starting to require a degree for all applicants. 

How Do You Get a Real Estate License?

As with most other fields in the financial realm, getting a real estate degree requires that you get educated. All real estate agents must complete certain courses in order to become eligible for licensure. Moreover, if you are attempting to start your own business, you will need to take courses such as accounting, business, and marketing. 

What Do You Need to Get a Real Estate License

Once you have obtained the necessary education for your circumstances, you can move on to pursuing your required license. Getting your real estate license has some minimum requirements. They are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Completing the required courses for your area and career goals
  • Passing the license exam

Additionally, how to obtain a real estate license varies from state to state and certain states have additional requirements. For instance, you may have to pass a background check. Also, be sure that you have researched the market you are applying for a real estate license in, as these licenses are usually not transferable across state lines. However, some states will allow you to transfer over things (such as course hours), from one state to the next, when you are going to apply for your license. 

In order to acquire a broker allowance in most states, you need to possess anywhere from one to three years of experience working as a licensed agent. In order to maintain your license, you must renew it every two to four years. You may also be expected to take continuing education courses to keep track of market trends and stay abreast of all emerging information and methods being used in the field. 

The only method of training to become a real estate agent involves hands-on experience. While some agencies do provide a more structured training effort, many simply put the new agents in the field and allow them to learn based on their experiences, tips and hints from seasoned agents, and the trial and error method that is innately embedded into the field of real estate. 

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