15 Best Online Business Doctorates for 2021

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Each person has a different reason for choosing to earn their online business Ph.D. Some simply prefer to study in the comfort of their own home. Others may have family and career obligations that prevent them from returning to a structured classroom setting. Instead, they need the flexibility of an online platform that will allow them to study when it is most convenient for them. Being able to work studying into their schedule when they have free time, makes it easier to devote their time to the task.

Advanced online business Ph.D. programs provide graduate students with the same courses as those offered in the classroom. Accelerated degree programs are also offered online so that students can complete their coursework in a much shorter period of time. Online classes make it possible for students to act as an intern or work in a mentor program that allows them to go into their chosen field before they graduate and gain much-needed hands-on experience.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Online DBA Programs 

For students interested in an online Doctor of Business Administration or Business PhD, Great Business Schools editors have selected accredited, trusted institutions of all kinds. Programs are ranked according to their cost, reputation, and salary potential, using data from IPEDS and Niche. 

1. University of Florida

The University of Florida has one of the best DBA online programs in the country. Students take 60 credit hours over three years to finish the program. As one of the best DBA programs online, this degree requires minimum time on campus. It gives students maximum time with their families or to devote to their careers as they pursue the best online doctor of business administration programs. Courses include change leadership, corporate finance, advanced research, entrepreneurship, and marketing strategy.

Besides having one of the best online DBA programs, the University of Florida is a well-respected public institution in Gainesville, FL. This large school has over 32,000 undergraduate students. Admissions is competitive and just 39% of applicants are accepted.  Other popular majors include psychology, biology, and liberal arts and humanities.

Highlight The school offers a rigorous academic environment.
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2. Florida International University

Hosting one of the best online doctor of business administration programs, Florida International University’s DBA program falls under the Chapman school business. Students lucky enough to attend the best DBA programs online attend programs like that at FIU. The DBA doctorate degree introduces students to practical research and leadership skills. Students also learn strategic responsibilities in the best DBA online programs. Learners advance their knowledge in solving complex operational problems. This is one of the best online DBA programs available in Florida.

Florida International not only has one of the best DBA online programs, the public institution also has a large undergraduate population of 28,000 students. Located in the bustling Miami area, FIU offers many opportunities to online and on campus students. It has a competitive admissions rate and fewer than six out of 10 students who apply are accepted. Other popular majors include psychology, communications and liberal arts.

Highlight FIU is rated second among the nation’s best online schools.
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3. Temple University

Students looking for the best online DBA program should consider Temple University’s DBA degree. Participants attend one of the best online doctor of business administration programs in the country at temple’s Fox School of Business. Executive-level students join this program to keep up with the latest trends in industry and to advance their leadership capability in the field.

Temple has one of the best DBA programs online and it is located in Philadelphia, PA. this highly rated public school has nearly 27,000 undergrads and popular majors include finance and psychology. It has one of the best online DBA programs and it also graduates 73% as students. The University receives high marks in overall diversity in academics.

Highlight Temple is rated the number three top public university in Pennsylvania. This makes the degree highly valuable whether students remain local or move away.
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4. Florida Institute of Technology

One of the best online DBA programs is offered by The Florida Institute of Technology. It became one of the best online doctor of business administration programs due to its ability to train effective leaders. For those attending one of the best DBA online programs, this liberating program demands academic rigor and dedication. Relentless learners who won’t settle for anything less than the best DBA programs online often sign up for this degree. The degree involves 42 credit hours of study paced out over three years. Students attend classes one Friday and Saturday each month for four semesters and one Saturday a month for the last four semesters of the program.

Florida Tech is a respected School and over half the students are engineering majors. Companies such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Harris Corporation and others prepare students for cutting edge research, as well as technological innovation.

Highlight 79% of students survey said that professors prepare well for classes.
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5. Indiana Wesleyan University

One of the best online doctor of business administration programs in Indiana is located at Indiana Wesleyan University. Its DBA doctoral program prepares students for careers in consulting, business leadership and education. As one of the best online DBA programs, it helps students learn to create strategies for effective change management and other business challenges. Students looking for one of the best DBA online programs should consider this school’s focus on problem-based learning models. The program requires a doctoral project in place of a dissertation, making it one of the best DBA programs online for students who do not want to write a dissertation.

IWU has one of the best DBA online programs and is a private university with Christian roots. Located in Franklin Township, Indiana, this midsize school has approximately 5,500 students. Students with conservative values may decide to choose another field of study such as liberal arts are business. The school has a generous acceptance policy that may give students peace of mind if they don’t like to take standardized test.

Highlight Everyone who applies to IWU receives a letter of acceptance.
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6. Georgia State University

Georgia also has one of the best online doctor of business administration programs. Georgia State University’s DBA is one of the best DBA online programs. Executive students finish this program with the ability to apply business theory to real world challenges. As one of the best DBA online programs, it prepares students for high level decision-making and provides students with intellectual stimulation. Many students choose this program to improve their career options with one of the best DBA programs online.

At Georgia State, they are 21,000 undergraduate students and popular majors include finance, biology and psychology. The school is ideally located in Atlanta, Georgia, which can give both online and on campus students a good opportunity for internship and employment following graduation.

Highlight Georgia state is the fourth rated top public school in Georgia.
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7. University of Wisconsin Whitewater

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater has one of the best DBA online programs. for students who wish to get a degree from one of the best DBA programs online, this doctor in business administration offers an integrated curriculum that includes finance, management, accounting, marketing and technology. Among the best online DBA programs, UWW attracts students who wish to teach or consult. It’s considered to be one of the best online doctor of business administration programs.

UWW is a large school with over 10,000 undergraduate enrollees. Besides becoming a DBA, students can take up careers in marketing, communications and finance. The school has a 76% creative acceptance, making it highly accessible to most students who wish to attend. 

Highlight The school is among the top four public universities in Wisconsin.
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8. Drexel University

The best DBA online programs at Drexel University provide an intense experience that challenges students to deepen their thinking in the business environment. Graduates of the best online doctor of business administration programs become experts in resolving challenges facing commercial institutions. Among the best DBA programs online in Pennsylvania, Drexel’s DBA doctorate prepares executive leaders headed for C-Suite corner offices as CIOs.

Drexel is a high-ranking private university in Philadelphia. This large school has 14,000 undergraduate enrollees and admissions is competitive, with a 77% acceptance rate. Other popular majors include accounting, mechanical engineering and nursing.

Highlight 100% of students at Drexel University receive financial aid for one of the best online DBA programs.
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9. Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University has one of the best DBA programs online for executive DBA students. The best online doctor of business administration programs Provide rigorous learning environments to allow leaders to sharpen their professional skills. Among the best online DBA programs, Pepperdine has an excellent staff that develops research-based insights and teaches students to think deeply about contemporary business challenges. This is one of the best DBA online programs in California.

As a Christian University, Pepperdine offers a private education to online students. The small institution has just over 3,300 undergraduate students. A little more than one third of applicants receive an acceptance letter. Popular majors include psychology, business and public relations. and Psychology.

Highlight 91% of the students receive financial aid, giving students who want to receive their doctorate an excellent chance of receiving financial assistance.
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10. University of Dallas

Online doctor of business administration programs such as the one in the University of Dallas train DBAs in a rigorous environment. Like the best online DBA programs in Texas, this program includes coursework in developing leadership and innovation. The best DBA programs online also include a focus on customer engagement. It takes 61 credit hours to complete the program designed to give students the skills to solve challenges with evidence-based solutions. Like other best DBA online programs, this one has a global focus.

Dallas is a Catholic Graduate School in the DFW area of Texas. The small school has over 1000 graduate students in 23 programs including the doctorate of DBA degree. Choosing programs such as DBA, accounting, business and liberal arts, 75% of grad students attend part-time.

Highlight With so many students attending part-time, the University of Dallas is understanding of students juggling school with work and family life.
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11. Grand Canyon University

Among the best online doctor of business administration programs, Grand Canyon University has a doctorate DBA program focusing on quantitative analysis. The best DBA online programs use statistical tools to study data, and GCU DBA students gain insights into the beliefs and behavior of people and systems.

As one of the best DBA programs online, GCU provides DBA students with the tools needed to succeed in a secular world. At the same time, GCU students join one of the Premier Christian universities in Arizona. All curricula include a Christ-centered worldview.

Highlight This may be among the best online DBA programs for conservative Christians in Arizona.
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12. DePaul University

The best online doctor of business administration programs include the one at DePaul University. Online DBA students complete this degree in three years by attending part time, making it one of the best online DBA programs for students with families and work obligations. Candidates for this masters degree attend one of the best DBA online programs available. Its focus on creating senior business leaders and education professionals make it one of the best DBA programs online for returning adult students.

As a Catholic grad school in Chicago, DePaul University is a private institution with approximately 8,000 grad students. It has over 100 programs and 14 of them are available online. Other popular majors include law and business.

Highlight 93% of students say that professors seem to care about whether students succeed.
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13. University of the Incarnate Word

Among the best online DBA programs, the University of the Incarnate Word’s DBA program builds deep knowledge and skills for students who have already obtained a masters degree. The best online doctor of business administration programs offer intense business-related courses, and the university of the Incarnate Word is no exception. Graduates of the best DBA online programs become scholar-practitioners who advance business practice and research.

Incarnate Word’s best DBA programs online is one of 31 graduate programs available at this private Catholic institution. Based in San Antonio, Texas, this mid-size grad school has more than 2,700 students. Five of its programs are available online and degrees include concentrations in pharmacy studies and organizational behavior.

Highlight The University of the Incarnate Word is a good match for conservative students.
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14. Saint Leo University

The best DBA online programs include the one available at Saint Leo University. Saint Leo’s doctor of business administration program offers an online format to students engaged in advanced research, allowing them to make an intellectual contribution to their field from the comfort of home. Among the best online doctor of business administration programs, Saint Leo university’s online DBA students pursue careers as academic leaders or consultants. Another reason it’s one of the best online DBA programs involves Saint Leo’s flexible graduate program model.

As a private Catholic grad school, Saint Leo offers 21 programs, and they are all available online, including the DBA program and popular majors in safety studies and social work. Even though it’s an online program, coursework is rigorous. Just 3% of students attend part time.

Highlight Almost all students attend full-time, making it crucial that students can commit enough time to keep pace with their peers.
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15. Felician University

Felician University’s best DBA online programs lead students through a range of classes concluding with a doctorate degree. As one of the best online doctor of business administration programs in New Jersey, this course of study prepares students for jobs in executive leadership or education. The best online DBA programs focus both on advanced business concepts and customer relationship themes. This program may be a good match for DBA students with a conservative background who wants to maintain that in their educational environment.

Besides having one of the best DBA programs online, Felician offers 15 other graduate programs. Five of these are available online. This private Christian University is located in the New York city area and has just 380 grad students. Besides the DBA program, other popular majors include counseling psychology, healthcare management and business.

Highlight Undergraduate students who roll into the program have a decent chance of getting into the University which accepts 77% of grad students who apply.
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How Do I Choose an Online DBA Program?

You can choose an online DBA program in many different ways. One of the best ways is to make sure the course is accredited by the AACSB. AACSB stands for Associates to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. When you are trying to choose the right degree program, remember to look for AACSB accredited online DBA programs that offer the skills you will need to perform responsibilities that are required at the upper management level. It’s also a good idea to focus on a few elective courses that are geared toward your chosen career path.

Another factor in choosing the right DBA program is to audit one or two of their class offerings. If you like what you see, add the program to your prospective list of possible candidates. Once you have three or four on your list, start comparing notes. One or two will stand out above the rest either because they are superior educationally, or they have courses that thoroughly intrigue you. Either way, they have piqued your attention and that is a credible accomplishment.

In addition to a degree program being accredited, it is important that it includes the courses, resources, and skills that you may need over the next few years. If you are paying for your education, it is up to you to find a degree program that gives you exactly what you both want and need for the money. Save all of your course materials as well. This allows you to go back and review whenever you feel the need. Many of the files will be online and can be stored virtually for easy access.

Online courses offer a level of convenience that cannot be matched by traditional classroom courses. While students in the classroom can interact with the instructor in person, students who attend class online can chat with their teachers via emails whenever the two are online at the same time. This gives students a chance to build a positive relationship with their instructors.

What Can I Do With a DBA?

There are several things that you can do with a DBA. DBA programs can be easily adapted so that they can be used in almost any industry. Business managers and administrators often start in supervisory or managerial positions within their chosen company. As they move up through the ranks of management, they are able to gain valuable experience that is extremely beneficial as it relates to their industry. As time passes and they continue to advance, returning to school to earn a DBA will allow them to combine their hands-on training with their online coursework. This will give them everything they need to effectively manage a business where they have learned the ropes from the ground up.

A graduate who has earned a DBA can choose to work in either the public or private sector. Some may choose to pursue a career in public service or run for an elected office in their community. Giving back to the community is an essential part of being a success. Those who have earned their DBA have all the right tools and resources that will allow them to be an asset to their community.

DBA degree programs allow graduates to move to the top of the list when it comes to being offered the highest paying jobs and the most responsibilities. For those who are career-driven and highly motivated, this can be the dream of a lifetime. Those who have started as a laborer within a company may have to work extremely hard to move up in the ranks to a management position, but it can be done. Returning to school to finish your education will show others just how dedicated you are to your own career path. It will also open up new avenues for advancement.

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