15 Best Online Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020

healthcare administration bachelor degree programs in texas

The demand for well-trained, experienced healthcare administrators and managers has created a demand for online health administration degree programs. The convenience of online learning means working people in healthcare can earn their degree without having to leave a rewarding jobs. Another major benefit of online healthcare degrees is that they allow you to set your own schedule. No matter what your responsibilities or schedule entail, by obtaining your degree online, you will be able to decide when you study and complete assignments. Additionally, earning an online healthcare management degree makes acquiring your degree less expensive. This is because there are no costs for commuting, parking, fuel, etc.

 For those who enjoy working in settings that are diverse in terms of the people and the type of work you are doing, working in healthcare administration will allow you to have diversity in both of these areas. Moreover, acquiring an online healthcare administration degree does not restrict you to working jobs in healthcare administration. This means that you may be able to acquire positions in government agencies, management consultants, etc., once you decide to exit the healthcare realm.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Healthcare Administration Programs

Great Business Schools editors began ranking the best online healthcare administration degree programs by researching accredited, trusted institutions that have shown a real, positive impact on graduates’ careers. From there, we rank programs based on their income potential, student reviews, and tuition costs for a great overall look at return on investment. 

1. University of Minnesota

One of the best online healthcare administration programs, the University of Minnesota’s Health Management BS allows students to learn online while juggling other responsibilities. As one of the best online healthcare administration degrees, it readies elearners for jobs planning, directing, and coordinating medical healthcare in clinics, hospitals and other settings. Students complete technology, education and management coursework, and they receive in-depth knowledge of healthcare administration and leadership.

The University of Minnesota, a public university in Minneapolis, Minnesota hosts 30,000 undergraduate learners. Just over half of those who apply get the nod from the school, which offers a competitive, high-quality education. Other popular fields of study include economics and biology. Minnesota graduates an astonishing 80% of students who start out as freshmen, Students give the professors high marks for preparedness when delivering course material.

Highlight Minnesota received an A+ rating from students for categories including academics and value for money.
Degree Health Management, BS

2. Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global offers one of the best online healthcare administration programs. Its Health Care Administration, BS emphasizes foundational knowledge and builds skills that prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the field. Among the best online healthcare administration degrees, it covers concepts, values and technology prevalent in healthcare today. The program helps online learners manage work, family and school responsibilities and develop critical thinking. Students are encouraged to focus on team-building and collaboration, considering the forces at play in health delivery organizations.

Students rate the professors highly for being prepared for class, and the small student to staff ratio help online students engage with instructors as needed. Purdue Global falls under the auspices of Purdue University, which is renowned for its high quality of education and among the top 100 best school per U.S. News and World Report.

Highlight Purdue Global offers internships that students can take for credit, allowing them to learn professional skills to add to their resume.
Degree Health Care Administration, BS  

3. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University has an online Healthcare Management BS, which is among the best online healthcare administration programs. The BSHM program provides students with a chance to complete their degree 100% online. After completing their degree, online learners are ready for management and leadership positions in health-related fields. Transfer credits are accepted toward two concentrations, the Healthcare Professional Concentration or the Executive Management Concentration.

Not only is Texas Tech among the best online healthcare administration degrees, it’s also a well-funded public research university. Approximately 28,000 undergrads attend Texas Tech. According to the school’s website, the diverse student body boasts an 87% first-year retention rate. The school’s acceptance rate is 71%.

Highlight The Texas Tech motto, “From here, it’s possible.” points to the school’s commitment to students’ future, and 93% of students find desirable jobs within two years of graduation.
Degree Healthcare Management, BS 

4. Maryville University

Maryville University’s Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management is helping students to fill in-demand roles in healthcare. Online students want flexibility and the best online healthcare administration programs available to steer them in the right direction regarding modern healthcare and business practices. At Maryville University, the online study program contains the same course as on-campus degrees. Classes include technology in healthcare, financial management, and patient partnerships.

Maryville is one of Missouri’s top schools, and having one of the best online healthcare administration degrees attracts students to the university. The small school has nearly 2,600 undergraduate students. Maryville generously accepts 95% of applicants, creating open access for a great many students. Popular majors, beyond healthcare administration, include Nursing, Business and Psychology. The University receives top grades from students on value for money. The online format of many programs allows students to interact with students and instructors from across the country. 

Highlight Maryville ranks number 9 among the best colleges in Missouri.
Degree Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management

5. CSU Global

CSU Global has a Healthcare Administration and Management BS degree, from one of the best online healthcare administration programs in the country. Students build a foundation in skills such as marketing, management and supervision, human resources, decision-making, communications, operations finance and strategic planning. Additionally, graduates leave the school equipped to fulfill roles in quality assurance, insurance, population health, managed care and risk management.

CSU Global’s Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and Management is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Bachelor’s of Healthcare Administration and Management alumni from CSU Global report extremely high rates (91%) of working in the field of healthcare administration and management after completing the program. On average, the pay increase a typical CSU Global graduate of the B.S. in Healthcare Administration and Management program received one year after earning their degree is 7.34%, according to an alumni survey. 

Highlight CSU Global is the first fully online public university to receive its own independent accreditation and status.
Degree Healthcare Administration and Management, BS 

6. LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University has a Healthcare Management BS with faculty working in healthcare, and the curriculum was designed with input from top-tier healthcare professionals, making it one of the best online healthcare administration programs. Learn online from CEOs, CFOs, presidents and vice presidents of hospitals in East Texas. The curriculum includes marketing health services, health informatics and the legal and social aspects of healthcare. Students also learn about integrating faith in healthcare. In a truly unique format, courses last three to seven weeks and students take them one at a time to earn one of the best online healthcare administration degrees.

LeTourneau gets an A grade from students on value for money and academics. Online students enjoy a diverse range of peers and teachers. The online format includes many opportunities for students to interact and mingle. This small private university has just over 1,300 undergraduate students. 

Highlight According to College Data, nearly eight out of 10 Yellow Jackets return to LeTourneau to continue their education and 75% of financial need is typically met with financial aid. 
Degree Healthcare Management, BS

7. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University has a Healthcare Administration BS that’s considered to be among the best online healthcare administration programs. This program covers health-related management topics. Students learn to work in contemporary health settings and how to collaborate as part of a team. Coursework allows online learners to master project management, leadership, collaboration, and the inner workings of healthcare organizations. This focus makes this one of the best online healthcare administration degrees.

Grand Canyon University is a public university ranked 33rd among best online colleges in America. With an acceptance rate of 73%, GCU offers prospective students a good chance of becoming eligible freshmen. Four out of five students report the ability to complete the assignments with minimal trouble and to get the classes they need. Other popular majors include business and nursing.

Highlight The antelope mascot denotes the graceful deer that can be found in the Phoenix area. Online students can take advantage of networking opportunities if they would like to work in the Phoenix area.
Degree Healthcare Administration, BS  

8. University of Michigan – Flint

One of the best online healthcare administration programs, the University of Michigan – Flint’s Health Care Administration BS prepares students to fill the shortage of qualified healthcare administrators. An emphasis on ethical, empathic and effective administration fits in well with the vital services healthcare facilities and managed care facilities provide. Online students receive world-class instruction from experienced instructors, placing Michigan among the best online healthcare administration degrees.

UM-Flint is a public university with 3,674 undergraduate students. Just 66% of applicants are accepted, making this a competitive school. Popular majors include Healthcare Management, Nursing and Psychology. Excellent student support, year-round enrollment and small class sizes help make UM-Flint a top online school.

Highlight Many programs, including healthcare administration, offer internship opportunities and 96% of students receive financial aid. 
Degree Health Care Administration, BS

9. Grantham University

Grantham University’s Health Systems Management BS is one of the best online healthcare administration programs in the country. Students complete work at home while meeting family and work obligations. Graduates are prepared to fill a number of IT roles within the healthcare industry, such as data processing manager or information systems supervisor. The accelerated pacing of courses lets motivated learners get into the workforce sooner than traditional four-year colleges.

Located in Lenexa, Kansas, Grantham is a for-profit university based online. In total, more than 3,000 at a time pursue their undergraduate degrees here. With a 100% acceptance rate, Grantham provides an excellent opportunity for learners who have difficulty excelling on standardized tests. Popular majors include Business, Law Enforcement Administration, and Liberal Arts.

Highlight This Health Systems Management BS is designed to be completed in 38 months (just over three years), making it one of the fastest and best online healthcare administration degrees.
Degree Health Systems Management BS

10. Columbia Southern University

One of the best online healthcare administration programs, Columbia Southern University’s Healthcare Administration BS teaches online learners the skills they need to become leaders in healthcare administration. Working from home on their own schedule, students gain a firm foundation for entry-level positions in the field. This degree emphasizes the importance of business principles and ethics. Students start to think about what kind of leadership style works for them. This makes Columbia Southern’s Healthcare Administration BS one of the best online healthcare administration degrees.

Columbia Southern is an online university with 8,397 undergraduate students. Everyone who applies gets a shot at becoming a CSU student. Besides healthcare administration, popular majors include business and fire science. SAT and ACT scores are not required.

Highlight Columbia Southern graduates typically find work within two years of graduation and report an average starting salary nearly of $52,000, which compares favorably to similar programs.
Degree Health Care Administration, BS 

11. Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University has a Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s Degree BS that’s among the best online healthcare administration degrees. The program provides flexible learning for online students juggling careers and family obligations. Students learn leadership skills and foundational knowledge that uniquely prepares them for the workforce or to continue their educations at the postgraduate level. CCU courses are presented from a Christian worldview but prepare students to succeed in this competitive field. Grapple with pressing issues and ethical considerations, such as quality of life issues. The emphasis on compassion makes this one of the best online healthcare administration programs. A focus on statistics and informatics balances out the strong moral worldview.

Colorado Christian is a private university in Lakewood, Colorado. The small school has 1,824 undergraduate students. However, its acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include nursing, business and psychology as well as healthcare administration, 

Highlight Colorado Christian is a faith-based university, which may appeal to students who want to receive their degree from a Christian-based school.
Degree Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s Degree, BS

12. City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle has a Healthcare Administration BS that is one of the best online healthcare administration programs for students looking for flexible learning options. The program teaches students the real-world skills needed to make a difference in today’s demanding environment. Complete the 180-hour course with coursework in legal, ethical and financial aspects of healthcare leadership, and receive one of the best online healthcare administration degrees.

CityU, a highly rated private school, has fewer than 200 students. Popular majors include  Business, Information Science, and Liberal Arts and Humanities. Students agree that the professors are well-prepared and help the university live up to its driven environment.

Highlight With a 100% acceptance rate and 100% graduation rate, CityU provides a great opportunity for students looking for an understanding learning environment.
Degree Healthcare Administration, BS

13. Pfeiffer University

Pfeiffer University’s Health Administration BS one of the best online healthcare administration programs, is offered online and allows students to learn what they need to know for an entry-level position in health administration. Another feature that makes this one of the best online healthcare administration degrees is its emphasis on academic excellence. Graduates are prepared to begin a master of science in health administration (MHA) program.

Pfeiffer is a private, Christian school in Misenheimer, North Carolina. The small college has just 845 undergraduate students. Low enrollment and competitive admission standards (65% acceptance rate) help Pfeiffer ensure a solid educational experience. Popular majors beyond health administration include business and nursing.

Highlight All students at Pfeiffer receive some kind of financial aid. 
Degree Health Administration, BS

14. Brookline College

Brookline College’s Healthcare Administration BS creates leaders for various medical, hospital and clinical settings. Students learn record-keeping, human resources, medical law, ethics and communication skills. in one of the best online healthcare administration programs, students learn to collaborate with peers and instructions in a dynamic online environment. This is among the best online healthcare administration degrees that lets students manage their education from their home or any convenient remote location.

This private university has just over 700 students in undergraduate programs. Everyone who applies gets accepted and has the opportunity to succeed. This may be good news for students who perform poorly on standardized tests but have a keen desire to learn.

Highlight Brookline’s online classes are live, allowing you to interact with the professor and other students.
Degree Health Care Administration, BS 

15. Charter College

Charter College has a Healthcare Administration BS that ranks among the best online healthcare administration programs. This program sets graduates up with the skills they need to become healthcare supervisors and managers. The program includes foundational courses in business, human resources and management, with an emphasis on interpersonal skills. 

Charter has several physical locations in Washington and Alaska. There are 2,853 undergraduate students enrolled and the school accepts 100% of applicants. Other popular majors include dental and medical assistant.

Highlight Four out of five students give professors the thumbs up for class preparation and say it’s relatively easy to get the classes they need, making this one of the best online healthcare administration degrees available.
Degree Health Care Administration, BS

Why Should I Get My Healthcare Administration Degree Online? 

If you are wondering about the benefits of getting a healthcare administration degree online, they are as follows:

Positive Job Outlook: One of the top benefits of getting an online healthcare management degree is that these careers have a positive outlook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of healthcare administration is growing much faster than the average career in the country. In fact, this field has grown approximately 22% in recent years, which means there has been an additional 22,000 jobs added.

High-Paying Salaries: Another benefit of getting online healthcare degrees in administration is that these careers pay relatively well. For instance, the average person working in healthcare administration makes around $65,000 within their first year of employment. Moreover, senior executives with 15 to 20 years of experience can make up to 200k annually, or more.

Emotionally Rewarding: Another major benefit of earning your healthcare administration degree online is that this profession can be incredibly rewarding. Those who work in healthcare get the emotional benefit of being able to help people and literally save lives.

Networking Opportunities: Acquiring your healthcare administration degree online also provides you with an amazing opportunity to network with those working in your field. This is because these programs allow people to participate from all over the globe. Additionally, it is far easier to introduce yourself online than it is in person.

More Personalized Learning Experience: Another great benefit of an online hospital management degree is that it will afford you with a more personalized learning experience. For instance, you will be able to ask all of your questions to your professor on your own time and will usually receive well thought out responses.

How Do I Choose an Online Healthcare Management Program?

If you are wondering how to find the best online schools for healthcare management, you should consider the following:

Is it Accredited: One of the top things to consider when looking for an online healthcare management program is whether or not the program is accredited. Accredited online healthcare degrees are preferred by many employers because it shows them that the university you attend offered you classes that are up-to-date, relevant, and of superior quality.

The Cost: Although acquiring your degree online is cheaper than acquiring it in a traditional setting, finding the best online schools for healthcare management for you can take some doing. Make sure that you are attending a school that is in your price range and offers the curriculum you are seeking.

Career Path: Additionally, deciding on which cahme accredited online programs you are interested in should largely depend on your intended career path. Given that there are a wide variety of career paths to choose from, you should be sure to choose a program that will make it possible for you to secure employment in the types of places you wish to be employed with.

What Will I Learn in a Healthcare Administration Program?

As mentioned, the healthcare administration field is a vast one. Therefore, you can take a wide variety of classes in order to get your healthcare administration degree. Either way, you will learn the following skills on your journey:

Leadership Skills: Working in healthcare administration requires leadership skills. The various courses you take will prepare you to make choices from a leadership perspective.

Effective Communication: To become a successful healthcare administrator, you must have effective communication skills. Without them, you will not be able to manage your staff effectively.

Technical Knowledge: Additionally, there are various technical skills required for healthcare administrative positions. Therefore, you will be taking courses that helps you boost your technical capacity in general.

Interpersonal Skills: Another major skill you will learn while attending healthcare management degree schools is that of interpersonal skills. Given that management often requires a personal touch, learning these skills will make you a much more effective manager in general.

Research Methods: Earning a degree in healthcare administration requires the ability to conduct proper research. Therefore, you will be taking courses to ensure your research methods skills are properly honed.

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