What Can I Do with a DBA?

A doctorate of business administration vs PhD in business administration target students with different goals. Generally, a DBA career path differs from a PhD program as those who get a PhD program generally study social sciences and hope to become full-time professors. The PhD vs DBA salary differs as well. DBAs who work in business tend to make more than PhD’s working in academia. PhD students are often still in their 20s and have little work experience, which varies in contrast to seasoned professionals looking to upgrade to DBA careers. We will look at careers as a DBA or PhD below.

A career as a DBA opens up doors to those who have many years of experience but want to get their DBA to satisfy an intellectual challenge. DBA careers often include advancement at the same job in a manager or executive position. Most people who go for their DBA already have an MBA and want to set themselves apart in the industry. The DBA career path offers students interested in management research to use their background as business professionals to further their academic goals.

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PhD vs DBA salary differs greatly, partially due to the ages of these two populations. PhD students are typically in their 20s or early 30s, whereas DBA students have many years of experience and maybe in their late 30s or early 40s. Whether a student pursues a DBA vs PhD in business administration depends largely on their goals. Those who want good positions with higher salaries may opt to remain in the private sector. Younger candidates with less work experience may want a teaching career.

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School/Program Accreditation

AACSB accredited DBA programs online are recognized by businesses and universities for its commitment to academic rigor. AACSB accredited DBA online programs may also have other certifications or accreditations. In addition, AACSB accredited online DBA programs often have to go through the certification process every several years.

Accredited DBA online programs May have the following international accreditations:

AMBA accredited online DBA programs have undergone individual program evaluations for a doctor of business administration degree. On the other hand, EQUIS and AACSB accredited DBA programs online refer to certifications for institutions. AACSB accredited DBA online programs have already undergone a review by the approprate agency.

Regional Accreditation

AACSB accredited online DBA programs can also earn regional accreditation. Regional accreditation organizations include the following:

  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
  • Higher Learning Commission
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • WASC Senior College and University Commission
  • New England Commission of Higher Education

Accredited DBA online programs may also hold special certifications specific to their region. Well-known accredited online DBA programs should have at least one national or international and one regional accreditation. Additionally, accredited DBA programs online make it possible for motivated students to attain their highest degree level, possibly while juggling work at home life.  

Types of Business Doctoral Degrees

Online business PhD programs confer a Doctor of Business Administration and PhD to successful graduates. An online business PhD is the highest academic degree you can achieve in this area. A business PhD online allows you to study at home or anywhere on your own schedule. Students enrolling in a PhD in business online may also conduct field research, and an online PhD in business also prepares candidates to teach.

With accelerated online DBA programs, you can achieve your degree faster. Some of the best executive DBA programs include the University of Charleston and Baker College, according to Accredited Online Schools. The best part time DBA programs include online business PhD such as Southern New Hampshire University and Purdue. These programs are among the best DBA programs in the world and offer students flexible programs of study. The best doctorate of business administration programs are located at the University of Charleston, according to many online ranking organizations.

When looking for the best business doctorate programs keep in mind that it can be a difficult decision. Make sure programs you consider figure in study schedule and career expectations. The first thing you should look for is proper accreditation. The best doctorate in business administration programs have national and regional accreditation.

Considerations for the best schools for a doctorate in business administration for you include the concentrations offered and the location of the school. The reputation of the faculty in the program are also important for your future job or teaching prospects.

A business PhD online must be affordable and eligible for financial aid if you cannot pay out of pocket. Paying for a PhD in business online is a major consideration since advanced degrees can be expensive. Students choose an online PhD in business when they want to continue working or care for their family while achieving their degree. However, accelerated online DBA programs often require full-time commitments.

The best executive DBA programs prepare you for consulting or teaching careers. These programs often have some classroom requirements and some online options. The best part-time DBA programs, such as online schools, let you study at your own pace and absorb the material as you see fit.

The best business doctorate programs for students who wish to become teachers are nationally and internationally recognized schools. However, if you are attending in person, a local college might be your choice for the best doctorate in business administration programs.

Among the best DBA programs in the world you find, consider the concentration offered. This is particularly important if you want the best doctorate of business administration programs that may lead to nonprofit, government of corporate work. The best schools for a doctorate in business administration are often available online in today’s digital learning environment.

Graduate schools for business are often some of the most selective programs in education. At the same time, business schools are expanding their doctoral tracks, offering courses online, and giving students an opportunity to get hands-on experience through internships and postgraduate fellowships.

With the number of specializations available in business, it can be a dizzy experience to choose the track that you will pursue. From entrepreneurship to accounting to human resources, the list goes on and on. Whether you choose to deepen your knowledge in areas that you’re already familiar with or choose a new track that can lead to a new career, getting a PhD in business can be a fulfilling experience.

It also validates your skills and knowledge and moves your resume to the head of the pack when you apply for corporate jobs. Many students want to become professors and conduct research to find solutions that impact the world of business.

In the next section, we will look at the careers that you can pursue with a business doctorate. First, it’s important to decide whether you want to stay in the same area that you work in or pursue a completely new industry. If you pursue your PhD immediately after getting your master’s degree, you may want to get some work experience. You can do this by applying for a part-time program that lets you work while earning a degree.

No matter what your level of education, the experience is important to hiring employers. So, you wish to consider an internship, externship or research fellowship to beef up your resume.

Careers with a Business Doctorate

Available doctor of business administration jobs depend on the program taken and the student’s specialization. In general, students who take rigorous programs that offer hands-on training emerge qualified for a number of different doctorate in business administration jobs. For example, those looking for doctorate of business administration jobs in teaching can take on roles as teaching assistants for professors while they pursue their degree.

On the other hand, students looking for jobs for doctorate in business administration in a corporate environment may want to consider a part-time or online program that lets them gain valuable business experience as they continue their studies.

Business PhD jobs typically incorporate your experience prior to getting your doctorate with the deeper knowledge that you obtained during your studies. For example, if you have a background in corporate finance and get your PhD in business administration with a concentration in treasury, you may find yourself applying for executive PhD in business jobs that involve corporate taxation or Treasury. On the other hand, PhD in business administration jobs for those who concentrate in economics may involve positions at a government agency.

Whatever career you pursue, doctorate of business administration job opportunities can open the door to new academic end remunerative opportunities.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Doctorate in Business Administration?

Doctorate in business jobs are only limited by your interest and qualifications. If you want to research PhD in business administration job opportunities, you can go to Indeed or monster to search for terms such as PhD in business management jobs. many of the job opportunities will be higher level management positions or jobs in government and private sector spaces.

These jobs may include:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Executive VP

DBA programs yield even more doctor of business administration job opportunities when you choose one with hands-on train in the concentration you choose. Jobs requiring doctor of business administration do exist outside of colleges and universities. Some jobs after doctor of business administration include becoming a C-level executive or economist. What jobs can you get with a PhD in business administration? See below.

Doctorate in business administration jobs include becoming a management analyst. Management analysts for consultants advise managers how they can reduce costs and increase their profits.

Some of the most coveted doctor of business administration jobs, C-level executive positions, involve directing business operations for a private or public corporation. In this job, candidates can design policies to help keep the company on track for its major objectives.

Market research analysts have business PhD jobs that involve examining what products and services people are attracted to and how much they are willing to pay for them. These PhD in business jobs, like others on this list, can command six-figure salaries.

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What jobs can you get with a doctorate in business administration? If you want to pursue a job teaching at an institution of higher learning, you will need a doctor degree to do so. As a professor, you can look for PhD in business administration jobs at colleges and universities. Some private schools also hire instructors to teach business administration. Private schools often offer competitive salaries and the opportunity to influence the next generation. Doctorate of business administration job opportunities vary greatly. However, many people who obtain their PhD do so with the hopes that they will be able to teach and give back after having successful careers.

Many doctorate in business jobs for graduates with an economics concentration include looking at micro and macro trends in the economy. Economists research and monitor trends and inform the public through media or act as commentators on radio and television. Many economists also write books about their area of expertise.

PhD in business administration job opportunities are very diverse. This allows you to tailor your concentration to give you the best opportunity to snag the best PhD in business management jobs. Some people who obtain this degree find themselves with a significant career boost. This may include being promoted within the same company, receiving job offers at other companies, and career advancement in terms of higher wages.

What jobs can you get with a PhD in business administration? As discussed, many factors go into the answer of this question. If possible, have an idea of what doctorate of business administration jobs you would like to pursue prior to choosing your concentration.

When you compete for jobs for doctorate in business administration, you may face candidates with greater work experience than you. However, very few people achieve a PhD in business administration. This achievement can help you obtain doctor of business administration job opportunities that more seasoned professionals have applied for.

Jobs requiring doctor of business administration are more difficult to find the normal jobs because few people have this qualification and only a select number of companies and agencies understand the full value of the degree.

Job Offer Categories for DBA Holders

Once you have your DBA, many career opportunities will open up to you. To give you an idea of the broad categories that you can choose from, we have put together the information below. Basically, there are five main career types for those seeking PHDs in business.

1. Careers in the Academic Community

You aren’t the only one seeking an advanced degree in business. Business schools are always hiring candidates with a background in business education. With your PhD, you could easily qualify for an associate professor or other entry level position and work your way up to getting tenure.

With a PhD, you can become a vice president or chancellor at a local university or college. You could one day become the dean of the department of economics or accounting if either of those were your specialty.

2. Becoming an Executive Officer

Those with a passion for business and a head for numbers often seek positions as managers directors and senior executive officers at corporations. In the business world a doctoral degree stands out on your resume and signifies your expertise in your field. If you want to become an officer at a corporation, a DBA or PhD in business can definitely help you move ahead. Your doctorate tells companies that you have accomplished many things in your career and that you’ve taken the time to hone your skills and knowledge.

3. Research and Think Tanks

If research is your passion, there are plenty of avenues for you to explore that as your career. After you complete your PhD, you can move into academic research or enter the private sector to meet the needs of policy and research institutes. There’s also a place for those with PHD’s in business within government intelligence and economic agencies.

Think Tanks gather together some of the finest minds in America. These influential organizations number in the thousands and focus on numerous topics. Graduates can choose from think tanks that ask questions about the arts and humanities or question policies that impact the environment.

From national security to foreign relations, think tanks have a big impact on local and national policies. Whether you’re libertarian, conservative, progressive or anywhere in between, there’s probably a think tank for that. Choose from nonprofit or industry organizations.

Jobs related to thinktanks include the following:

  • Research Analyst
  • Strategic Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Research Associate
  • Executive Administrator

4. Government Agencies

Founded on the ideas of capitalism, America itself is in the business of doing business. With your DBA, you may be able to find a job in the US government or maybe you will decide to run for office. If you’re not a politician at heart, you can still use your DBA to shine in the following government departments:

  • Agriculture
  • Labor
  • State
  • Treasury
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Transportation
  • Commerce
  • Interior

5. U.S. Patent Office

If you consider all the innovations required to invent products, it makes sense that someone with a PhD in business would be welcome at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Government offices are places where research and analysis skills are a prerequisite. Problem-solving and management skills learned in your doctorate program will serve you well in a government position. Government jobs may not pay as well as corporate positions, but many experts remain in their positions for decades, continuing to contribute to running the nation.

Some federal and state positions do not go through the regular hiring process. Rather, many roles are set by appointment. So, if you have connections, you may be able to get an important position with your newly minted DBA. Like any other executive positions, those in business require a knowledge of the mechanics of the field. During your PhD in business, you will study finance, markets and numerous other subjects including your specialty.

Business Doctorate Salary

Study.com compiled salary information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to show the average salary of positions candidates can get with a DBA or PhD in business. DBA salaries and PhD in business salary vary mainly based on the type of position, the type of employer and the experience of the candidate.

A doctor of business administration salary or average salary of a DBA typically applies to graduates who land jobs in the private sector. Although academic positions tend to pay lower, a PhD in business salary can match the salary of a DBA.

Generally, a DBA salary in business or private company is higher than a doctor of business administration salary for a teaching or research position.

A chief executive officer with a DBA averaged more than $193,000 in 2019. However, the career outlook projects a 5% downturn in the need for this position through 2028. This DBA salary is much lower than an operations research analyst with a PhD, who might expect to make just over $90,000 and enjoy a 26% increase in demand for their skills through 2028.

The salary of a DBA who gets a job as a marketing manager would average $149,000 according to thestudy.com article.  Other top executives might average $105,000 for the salary of a DBA and enjoy a job growth projection of 6%.

Some graduates can look forward to acclaim, even with lower salaries, such as authors with PhD’s who average $74,000 in doctor of business administration salaries. A business PhD salary for management analytics could earn graduates $96,000 per year for a PhD in business administration salary.

DBA salaries for general managers total over $123,000 and have a growth rate of 7%. A business administration PhD salary for a marketing specialist could average $72,000 or go much higher with a little experience. For those who aim to be deans and university administrators, the PhD in business management salary is around $112,000. That’s much less that some DBA salaries, such as CEOs making nearly $200,000 a year.

As you can see, doctor of business administration salaries versus the average salary of a DBA vary widely. An individual’s[kl1]  business PhD salary follows their career trajectory up or down. It also depends on who you ask. A salary.com survey of 32 people showed an average PhD in business administration salary of $102,000, for example.

What can you expect for a business administration PhD salary, that depends on whether you obtain a PhD in business management salary or a less lucrative career in government or education? Your choices start with the degree and specialty you choose — so choose wisely!

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