10 Most Affordable Bachelor’s in Accounting Degrees for 2020

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Accounting has always been a solid career choice, but it’s looking better all the time. The combination of a retiring workforce, favorable economic conditions, and other factors have contributed to the high demand for candidates with a solid background in Accounting and Finance. It’s not a fluke, though. The trend is continuing and ever-evolving to include a range of opportunities, based on traditional accounting job descriptions and new fields that are developing even now. 

Although many accountants begin with a certificate or associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree in accounting is really the absolute minimum requirement for a rewarding entry-level accounting job like Financial Analyst, Accountant, Auditor, Bookkeeper, or Budget Analyst. Just one of those entry-level accounting jobs can pave the way for a number of options for careers in Accounting and Finance. But as a working adult, money is a very real consideration. That’s why Great Business Schools has ranked the most affordable online accounting degree programs. 

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Online Accounting Degree

To rank the most affordable online accounting degree programs, only one factor was used: tuition cost, as reported to IPEDS. However, Great Business Schools isn’t interested in low-quality programs that waste students’ time and money, so all schools featured in the ranking are fully accredited and recognized for their educational quality. 

1. Fayetteville State University

When you are looking for an affordable online accounting degree that can help you accomplish your goals for an accounting career, you want to consider the online accounting bachelor’s program at Fayetteville State University. The online completion program is designed around the needs of students who plan to transfer credits into the program and finish up their degree before moving onto their careers. It is also a good choice for students who have finished their general education courses on-campus and want to work on finishing their degree through the online program.

A key way Fayetteville State University stands out as an affordable program is its flexibility. Students can take classes online to finish a degree at an accelerated pace or at their own pace. That helps reduce the cost of college by limiting additional expenses associated with on-campus programs. Students will have a clear idea of the costs and will reduce the expense of a degree by taking online classes.

Highlight Fayetteville State University offers a variety of scholarships to students in the online completion program for accounting.
Degree BS in Accounting

2. Athens State University

When you are looking for an affordable accounting degree online at the undergraduate level, Athens State University offers a solution for your goals. The accounting degree program allows students to study online or on-campus, so it gives students a flexible solution to help with their goals. The online program offers an affordable option that helps students stay within a budget.

Athens State University differs from other programs by preparing students for the CPA exam. The degree program sets a strong foundation for students and encourages them to pursue the minimum standards required to take the exam. The flexible online program also makes it easy for students to work at a pace that fits their long-term goals and situation.

Highlight Athens State University is ACBSP accredited and ACFE accredited. 
Degree BS in Accounting

3. Bellevue University

The BS in Accounting from Bellevue University offers an affordable online solution for students who want to obtain an accounting degree. The online program focuses on teaching students the foundation they need to work in an accounting firm. It ensures that students know auditing, taxation, financial accounting, and cost accounting to prepare for the rigors of a career in accounting.

A key way Bellevue University in Nebraska stands apart from other programs is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through an internship. While the internship is not required for students to graduate, it is recommended to help students gain the experience they need to improve their skills. It also helps students make connections to experienced accountants for potential career opportunities.

Highlight Bellevue University allows undergraduate students to take up to 12 credit hours for a master’s degree program if they want to continue into a higher level of education.
Degree BS in Accounting

4. Thomas Edison State College

Thomas Edison State College offers an affordable online accounting degree that helps students reach their goals for their education. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting is designed around adult learners who may have limitations on their time or personal obligations that require them to work on the degree at odd hours. It is a flexible solution to help students accomplish their goals and work on a new career path while still keeping up with their responsibilities.

Thomas Edison State College stands out by offering an integrated education that prepares students for a challenging career in accounting. The program teaches students the fundamentals of accounting and finance to ensure that students are able to work in a corporate setting as well as an accounting firm. It gives a well-rounded education for student success.

Highlight Thomas Edison State College offers a discounted tuition cost for military students and veterans in the online program.
Degree BSBA in Accounting

5. Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers an affordable accounting degree online that allows students to work at an accelerated pace. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting or Business Administration allows students to complete their degrees online after finishing their general education courses. That helps cut back on the cost of college and ensures that students are able to work at their own pace.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University stands out by allowing students to work at a fast pace on their undergraduate degree. The online classes allow students to finish a degree in five or six semesters. Students can finish the degree early by taking more classes online and working at a faster pace. Alternatively, students can slow down their classes by taking fewer and finish their degree at a slower pace. The option to work at a custom pace helps students succeed in their studies.

Highlight Northwestern Oklahoma State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the ACBSP.
Degree BS in Accounting 

6. Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers a BS in Accounting that is among the most affordable in the US. Students can take online classes and are able to work at their own pace and complete the degree at an accelerated pace. The school allows students to transfer credits into the program and the average student transfers 38 credits into the online accounting program. It ensures that students finish their degree at a fast pace and move forward into an accounting career.

The way that Western Governors University stands out from other programs is the focus on updated information. It teaches students the most up-to-date strategies to keep up with a corporate environment or to ensure that students are fully aware of how to use modern technology as it applies to accounting. It gives students a focused education.

Highlight Students are able to finish their degree in accounting online from Western Governors University within 36 months.
Degree BS in Accounting 

7. Indiana State University

Indiana State University offers an affordable BS in Accounting that is fully online. The online program allows incoming freshmen as well as transfer students to take the classes. It does not require students to spend any time on campus and it provides the opportunity to work at a custom pace. The online format ensures that students are able to work when it fits their schedules.

Indiana State University differs from other programs by focusing on a user-friendly experience for online students. It gives students a simple online format that makes it easy to keep up with classes and stay on track to finish their degrees. The program allows students to take classes full-time or part-time, so it works around a student’s situation.

Highlight Indiana State University offers scholarships that apply to online students.
Degree BS in Accounting

8. Columbia College

Columbia College offers a BA or a BS in Accounting for students who want to work as an accountant. The online degree programs allow students to work on their degrees when they have time. It also gives students a different approach to accounting so they can focus on a process that fits their personal interests and goals. 

A key way that Columbia College stands out is the flexible approach to studying accounting. It does not limit students to one area of study. Students are able to study accounting from the artistic perspective with a BA degree or an analytical perspective with the BS degree. That allows students more flexibility in their studies to prepare them for the CPA exam in a way that fits a student’s learning style.

Highlight Columbia College is ACBSP-accredited and meets the standards of the accrediting organization for accounting and business.
Degree BA or BS in Accounting

9. Florida Atlantic University

When you are looking for an affordable accounting degree online, Florida Atlantic University is a good option to help with your goals. The online degree program offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. The degree program is fully online and is accredited by the ACBSP. It meets or exceeds the high standards set by the accrediting organization to give students peace of mind that they are getting a fully accredited degree through an affordable online format.

Florida Atlantic University stands out by focusing on providing students with a strong foundation in accounting. The degree program teaches students to use modern tools for accounting and different methods of accounting, as well as topics like taxation, auditing, and analytics. The degree prepares students for a variety of career opportunities. 

Highlight Florida Atlantic University allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years through the online accounting program.
Degree BBA – Accounting

10. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Accounting program that allows students to take on a career in the private or public sectors. It prepares students for a career in a government position, a private organization, or a corporate environment by offering a well-rounded education as it applies to business and accounting. Students have an integrated program that gives a strong foundation in accounting and business.

A key way Fort Hays State University differs from other programs is the focus on business. The degree program does not limit students to studies in accounting. It also teaches students to use business skills that help with a variety of different careers. The business skills allow students to work in a corporate setting or to take on challenges that may arise when working in an accounting firm that has business clients. By providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for a variety of different career paths, it gives students the opportunity to focus on objectives that help with long-term plans.

Highlight Fort Hays State University offers scholarships to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and online students to help reduce the costs of tuition.
Degree BBA in Accounting

Can I Get a Bachelor’s in Accounting for Free? 

It’s essential to tap into online Accounting certificate courses free options because Accounting and Finance will boost a career no matter what the interest, specialization, or industry might be. The cheapest online accounting degree will offer an important overview of the fundamentals of Accounting, with insight into reading Financial statements, understanding Corporate Finance, and other basic features of Accounting like journals and ledgers, the Accounting cycle, inventory, receivables, and more. 

The free online accounting degree programs feature coursework via the popular edX platform, OpenCourseware, or other free web-based portals, which offer thousands of online courses. While the question is typically about how much does an accounting degree cost, free Accounting courses offer the cheapest online accounting degree options with free online Accounting degree programs. 

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get with a Bachelor’s in Accounting? 

The Accounting job description includes the basic requirements and knowledge base needed to be a successful candidate for an Accounting position. Some of the most basic tenets of included with the Accounting jobs list include the ability to analyze and summarize financial statements, audit documents, make policy recommendations, and other related Accounting functions. 

The Accounting job listings that are the most in-demand include positions for a Financial Analyst, Bookkeeper, Auditor, Controller, or even a Staff Accountant. If you’re wondering about what are some entry level accounting jobs, there are possibilities as Accounting Assistants, Clerk, Public Accountant, or Budget Analyst. In most cases, the best entry level Accounting jobs far exceed what might be seen with other areas outside the specified Finance and Accounting Industries.

The BBA in Accounting jobs offers even more potential opportunities as a Sales Manager, Development Specialist, Human Resources Manager, Loan Officer, or Market Research Analyst. These are positions with the potential for higher pay, and great growth potential. These are the best jobs with an Accounting degree, but they may also involve more than their fair share of long hours.

Still, the management positions, in particular, can range upwards of $150,220 for the salary. Managers with a BBA in Accounting can be found in virtually every industry, with some of the most lucrative positions popping up in the Computers, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and Medical and Health Services areas of concentration. While these may be high-pressure occupations, the outlook is solid, with versatility in cross-industry movement and personal growth potential.

For those who love numbers, the range of Accounting-and-Finance related career involves opportunities as Statisticians, Economists, Actuaries, Analysts, and more. It’s possible to find a specialized field that will be of interest in an entry level position and then evolving into an expanded role in a preferred area of specialization. It just takes proper focus, directed educational experience in your preferred direction, and then the work experience that will support the ultimate career goal. 

Can I Work From Home as an Accountant? 

Telecommuting accounting jobs are one option a person has. Doing a simple internet search will bring up companies that offer telecommuting accounting jobs. some jobs let the person work from home completely and have to attend meetings via a computer program. Some companies may allow workers to work from their homes most of the time and report to the office on occasions, possibly to discuss the budget or etc. 

For individuals interested in accounting jobs that they can do from home, it’s also possible to advertise a person’s services as an accountant and freelance. Those who only want to work seasonally or part-time can offer their services from their home and work a full-time job outside the home. A person could also provide tax services just during tax season on their free time.  

How Much Can I Make with a Bachelor’s in Accounting? 

An entry level accounting salary might earn $38,640 in an analysis of positions across possible Accounting occupations. The median range for an accounting jobs salary is $70,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bachelor’s degree in Accounting salary still represents a job outlook that is steadily growing at 6 percent. With a BS in Accounting, the salary can be as high as $122,840.

The range of Accounting careers salary covers the range of possibilities from the Event Planner’s median salary of $49,370 to the Personal Financial Planner with a median salary of $88,890. While the entry level Accountant jobs salary might not quite reach the more median range quite yet, it’s a growing industry, with continued opportunities across the range of occupations. 

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