10 Fastest Online Master’s in Taxation Degrees for 2021

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The main advantage of undertaking an accelerated master’s in taxation is the ability to get into the workforce sooner and start practicing what you learned. Accelerated classes let you get more done in less time, still provides you with a high-quality education, and helps you focus on your coursework with the least amount of distractions. The fast track taxation masters program is an excellent choice for a student who wants to get through higher education in less time than usual and has the capability to handle the pace.

The accelerated masters in taxation program is advantageous for students who have studied business management or are seeking to become a certified public accountant. These undergraduate programs teach tax law, but not to the extent that the masters of taxation does. However, having a foundation in taxation is helpful when it comes to earning the masters in taxation degree, and the accelerated program is easier to progress through due to existing knowledge.   

Methodology: Ranking the Best Fast-Track Taxation Master’s Programs

Great Business Schools editors know that, when it comes to getting your degree and boosting your career, faster is better. But fast isn’t all, so GBS features only trusted, accredited schools, ranked according to other factors in addition to speed: tuition, student reviews, and potential salary, using Niche and IPEDS data. 

1. Arizona State University

The accelerated masters in taxation program at Arizona State University’s Carey School of Business takes nine months to complete. The program increases students’ knowledge and understanding of taxation and makes students eligible for jobs at some of the country’s leading companies. Students are prepared to take the CPA exam and can even take it while still enrolled in the program. The MTax program helps students learn to apply the things they learned in their undergraduate studies in real life.

The School of Accountancy at ASU has high rankings from The Public Accounting Report. Its renowned faculty provides many years of experience that help students understand how taxation is handled in the real world. The school recently received a $15 million investment from the W.P. Carey Foundation, which is being used to improve career services for the students at the school. School of Accountancy students have extensive access to career coaching, job search resources, and employers.

Highlight 100% of the program’s gradates are employed within 90 days.
Degree Master of Taxation

2. Portland State University

The Master of Taxation degree at Portland State University is a fast track taxation masters that can be completed in 12 months full-time or in 24 months part-time. The program aims to help fill the growing demand for tax professionals, which the American Institute of CPAs expects there to be a shortage of in the near future. PSU’s Master of Taxation degree was developed with input from top corporate tax specialists and public accountants and offers tax education that is highly sought after by employers.

Portland State University offers a professional, career-focused orientation and its master’s-level tax courses are taught by experienced tax professionals with many years of experience. The school boasts many rankings from U.S. News & World Report, CFA Institute, and the Princeton Review. PSU is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Colleges of Business in both business and accounting.

Highlight PSU’s Master of Taxation program’s schedule is set to coincide with accounting recruitment cycles.
Degree Master of Taxation

3. University of Colorado Denver

The accelerated masters in taxation from the University of Colorado Denver can be completed in one year. However, most students prefer to work full-time while attending school and complete the program in two years. The program is designed for lawyers, accountants, and enrolled agents who work in the field of taxation. In addition to learning about taxation, students who complete the program are prepared to take the CPA exam. The program includes coursework that helps get students ready for the exam.

The CU Denver Business School has been working to create better business leaders for over 30 years. The school offers more degree options than any other B-school in the state. The school has outstanding faculty and makes use of the latest technology in its facilities. The school works with global leaders in industry to create its top-notch business programs.

Highlight Graduates have access to the school’s Business Career Connections team for the rest of their lives.
Degree Taxation, MS 

4. University of Minnesota

The Master of Business in Taxation at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management is a fast track taxation masters that has a top-notch faculty with years of industry experience. The program has received attention for its extraordinary value and all but one of the top 25 CPA companies in the Twin Cities have Carlson students or graduates in their tax departments. In addition, 22 of the biggest public corporations in the Twin Cities have MBT students and graduates working in their corporate tax departments.

Faculty members at the Carlson School of Management have a real-world taxation background, with experience working for some of the lading tax firms and biggest corporations in the world. The school’s alumni network is a valuable resource for students and graduates seeking employment opportunities.

Highlight 100% of the program’s courses can be completed online.
Degree Taxation, MB 

5. University of Baltimore

The Master of Science in Taxation from the University of Baltimore is an accelerated masters in taxation that consists of 30 credits in tax courses. Students who do not have an accounting foundation may be required to complete up to 27 credits in accounting as well. The courses are all available both on campus and online. This program helps students prepare for careers in the taxation field, working for businesses or nonprofit organizations. Most students are working professionals with valuable experiences to share with their classmates.

The Merrick School of Business is an AACSB-accredited business school that focuses on the success of its students. The school prepares its students with the skills they need to be transformational business leaders. The school offers an innovative curriculum that gives its students an edge in the job market.

Highlight The Master of Science in Taxation from the University of Baltimore is the only program of its kind in Maryland.
Degree Taxation, MS 

6. Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Masters of Science in Taxation at Fairleigh Dickinson University is a fast track taxation masters that is one of the oldest taxation programs in the state. The program is designed for working professionals and is accredited by AACSB. Students receive practical lessons that they can apply right away in their work. Every student receives a free account with RIA Checkpoint to help with their studies. The faculty is highly skilled with real-world experience in taxation. To help students juggle work and school, there are no classes during the busiest part of the tax season.

The Silberman College of Business is one of the top-ranked business schools in the nation. The school prepares students to become outstanding leaders in business and management. The school’s programs give students real-world experience in business and provide them with proven methods to use in their new careers.

Highlight The program is now 100% online.
Degree Taxation, MS 

7. University of Cincinnati

The Master of Science in Taxation from the University of Cincinnati Online is a highly-ranked accelerated masters in taxation. The program includes interactive coursework that gives students the edge they need to stand out in the job market and excel in their careers. Students are prepared to serve as professional tax advisors by gaining a comprehensive understanding of tax law. Faculty members include lawyers, CPAs, and other tax experts with experience working for international and Fortune 500 companies. The program can be completed in as little as one year.

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business has been AACSB accredited since 1919. The school is dedicated to producing business leaders who are equipped to deal with today’s business problems. The school offers experiential learning and individualized career coaching to help its students succeed. 

Highlight Lindner has been a leader in innovation and research for over 110 years and has earned national recognition in multiple academic areas.
Degree Taxation, MS 

8. Strayer University

The online Master of Science in Accounting with a concentration in taxation from Strayer University is a fast track taxation masters that consists of 12 eleven-week courses. The program helps students understand the complexities of the U.S. income tax system. Students learn about tax audits, tax planning, and other areas of tax accounting. The program covers individual taxes, partnership taxes, and the structure of the federal income tax code. Students gain a thorough understanding of the tax issues relating to capital structures, corporate formations, income tax, corporate levies, and more.

Strayer University is ACBSP accredited and offers a modern degree that gives students the confidence they need to make their futures brighter. With online classes, students can learn anytime they want and fit their schoolwork around their work or home life. The school caters to adult learners. In fact, 89% of its students attend classes part-time.

Highlight All classes are 100% online.
Degree Taxation, MS 

9. St. John’s University

The Master of Science in Taxation from St. John’s University is an accelerated masters in taxation that consists of eleven courses. The school partnered with some of the top tax specialists to develop their innovative taxation program. Students gain knowledge and skills in state, federal, local, and foreign taxation for individuals, partnerships, corporations, real estate, estate and gift tax, financial productions, practice and procedure, and mergers and acquisition. The program consists of 31 credits and provides a thorough understanding of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business has outstanding faculty in its taxation department and its programs give students an experiential education in taxation. The school helps its students compete in an increasingly competitive job market. St. John’s students stand out and make an impression in the job market. Business students learn to apply their knowledge to practical situations through innovative learning programs.

Highlight Courses are available both on campus and online.
Degree Taxation, MS 

10. Northeastern University

The Masters of Science in Taxation from Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business is a fast track taxation masters that is completed in 16 months part time. The program is designed to expand the skills and knowledge of tax professionals who want to stay up-to-date with current industry trends. Students delve into the intricacies of the tax code and develop skills that will separate them from other practitioners in the field. Students analyze regulations, tax codes, cases, and rulings and develop a comprehensive understanding of tax compliance and tax planning.

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business prepares the business leaders of tomorrow. The school offers a curriculum that is technology-focused without neglecting human skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Students expand their perspectives through research, service projects, and executive-led workshops. They learn to execute their ideas and take risks while adopting a global view of the world.

Highlight This program is 100% online.
Degree Taxation, MS

What are the Advantages of an Accelerated Master’s in Taxation?

Engaging in a masters degree program means another two years of education on top of the four years that are required for an undergraduate degree. It’s a lot of schooling to undergo while waiting to begin a career. However, there’s no denying the advantages of having a masters degree in taxation. The best solution is to engage in an accelerated masters in taxation course and complete schooling in less time than usual. It can be a punishing pace, especially because there is usually no break in semesters, but if you are capable of keeping up with the speed, you can graduate and begin your career sooner than later. 

What is a Master of Laws in Taxation?

The masters of laws in taxation, also known as the LLM, is a degree earned by those who already have a professional law degree and have experience working in the legal field. The LLM in taxation is considered a secondary degree due to the fact it’s a focused and specialized area of law as opposed to the broader education of the juris doctorate. Someone with a JD who seeks to earn an LLM in taxation can expand their career and/or practice opportunities and raise their profile as a qualified candidate for a particular job. 

The LLM in taxation is ideal for attorneys who want to focus on practicing tax law. The combination of legal knowledge along with a strong understanding and comprehension of U.S. tax laws puts a lawyer into a specialized field with a commensurate income. Once you have earned an LLM, you’ll spend your time working in the field of tax law and applying it to the problems you’re presented with. Earning the LLM will also be of assistance in becoming an enrolled agent. 

The fact that the main requirement for an LLM in taxation is to be a practicing attorney can create some difficulties. Not only does the attorney have to maintain their regular working hours with overtime, they also have to find the time to take additional coursework. The easiest solution is to take an LLM in taxation online and attend school in a virtual setting instead of finding time to travel to a physical campus. The major benefit to getting an online LLM in taxation is the fact that major universities offer the LLM in taxation online. 

What is an MBA in Taxation?

The MBA in taxation is different than a masters in taxation as it focuses on combining CPA studies with a specialization in taxation. The MBA in taxation teaches students accounting ethics, solving problems at the managerial level, and how to analyze financial statements. A student learns about the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) along with federal tax laws. Upon completion of the MBA in taxation, the graduate can decide if they want to become a CPA specialist in taxes or earn the enrolled agent certificate and defend clients in front of the IRS. 

Students who want to start their career or working professionals who want to enhance their skills can benefit from taking an MBA in taxation online. Schools that offer the MBA in taxation online give you educational flexibility in terms of attending class and completing coursework. While you do have to adhere to deadlines, the freedom of being able to sit down for a class on your schedule is priceless. The education you receive is the same as the on-campus program and you have the ability to interact with other students and educators while you’re learning online. 

Getting an MBA in taxation also enables the graduate to find employment with corporations that need a dedicated tax specialist on their payroll. They can also work with lawyers on tax matters for clients, work for an accounting firm or work as a solo practitioner. Financial planning is another area that someone with an MBA in taxation will excel. The MBA in taxation curriculum is broader than a masters in taxation and offers flexibility in terms of a career. 

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