10 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Management (MIM) Degrees for 2020

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People looking for an online Master’s in Management degree (just like an online MBA) will typically look for the combination of affordability and quality. A good education at a lower cost isn’t impossible to find. However, when it comes to graduate degree programs, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing between institutions. The Masters in Management top universities provide may come with tuition costs that seem a little high, but the cost of tuition isn’t always a good indicator of the full price someone may pay overall. This means when looking at a Master of Management ranking list, those tuition costs shouldn’t represent the thing that causes someone to not look further into a program.

Consider, for example, a Master of Management ranking list of the Masters in Management top universities. Finding an online degree program on such a list will start with narrowing them down by accreditation status. Properly accredited programs will take the highest priority. From there, an applicant can start to look at their own resources. In many cases, the most affordable universities are the public universities and regional colleges that have online degree components. These schools are more likely to have good student loan programs as well, which all serves to lower the cost of attending.

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Online Degree in Management 

For working adults looking for an online program to enhance their career, there can be many competing priorities, but cost is definitely going to be high on the list, especially if they’re paying the tuition themselves. So the Great Business Schools ranking of the most affordable online Master’s in Management programs gathers accredited, trusted institutions, but the order is based on one factor: tuition cost, as reported to IPEDS. 

1. Texas A&M University – Commerce

The Master of Science in Management from Texas A&M University-Commerce allows you the flexibility to choose how you want to learn. This program can be taken online, in person, or in a combination—whichever suits the student best. The masters in management from Texas A&M helps students strengthen their managerial skills. Students learn to zero in on opportunities, lead people, and oversee the management of resources.

Texas A&M University-Commerce has been a leader in educational excellence for more than 100 years. Although it is a large university, the faculty and staff do not let that get in the way of personal interaction with students. At Texas A&M, professors work closely with students to help them achieve their dreams and goals. Students can take advantage of internships, service and research opportunities, and one-on-one mentorship to elevate their skills and knowledge.

Highlight Texas A&M offers more than $75 million in scholarships and financial aid each year.
Degree MS in Management

2. Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University offers a Master of Science in Management that is available 100% online. This online degree in management is extremely flexible, allowing students to attend classes whenever they fit in their schedules. Students who work in managerial positions but majored in some other area will find this program to be a good fit. The program is designed to be suitable for students who do not have a bachelor’s degree in business.

At Southeast Missouri State University, online courses are taught by respected faculty members in an online environment that is both affordable and flexible. The courses are in an asynchronous format, so students don’t need to be online at the same time as their instructors. Discussions between students and faculty are conducted through forums. Professors make use of online resources such as websites, .pdf documents, PowerPoint presentations, and audio or video files to make learning easy for students.

Highlight Each student has an online program specialist who helps guide them all the way from enrollment through graduation.
Degree MS in Management

3. University of Colorado Denver

The MS in Management at the University of Colorado Denver Business School is a great choice for students who wish to pursue a specialization while earning their masters in management. Online programs are available in the following specializations: business strategy, enterprise technology management, leadership, sports and entertainment business, change and innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation, managing human resources, strategic management, construction engineering management, global management, and managing for sustainability. Some specializations do require some on-campus work.

The CU Denver Business School knows that different students have different needs, so they offer many degree options. The school develops strong leaders who are prepared to become leaders in their industries. Faculty members at the school are top experts and leaders in their fields.

Highlight The CU Denver Business School has partnerships with many top companies in the Denver area.
Degree MS in Management

4. Minot State University

The Minot State University College of Business offers an affordable Master of Science in Management. This online degree in management offers the flexibility to be able to attend classes on campus or online and finish in either 9 or 18 months. The degree itself is flexible as well, since management principles apply to virtually every industry. This program places emphasis on the tactics that are most needed for success in today’s business world.

The College of Business at Minot State University focuses on active learning. The school strives to ensure that graduates are fully prepared for anything they might encounter during their business careers. All management students receive a solid foundation in business, operations management, accounting, strategic management, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship.

Highlight For the 2017-2018 school year, 74 students from the College of Business earned scholarships averaging over $1770 each.
Degree MS in Management

5. Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern Online offers a Master of Science in Management degree that gives students a thorough understanding of the foundational skills needed to be successful in business today. Students are deeply immersed in learning about leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, analytics, talent management, and critical thinking. Like most masters in management online programs, one of the main benefits is flexibility. The program offers an accelerated format that is perfect for working professionals.

Faculty members at Charleston Southern University take the time to understand their students and help them visualize and achieve their potential. The school strives to be recognized for incorporating the Christian faith into education, service, and leadership. Charleston Southern believes that God has created every individual with his own talents, purpose, and ability. The school challenges students to explore their faith and discover their unique purpose.

Highlight Charleston is a Christian university, and its professors integrate their faith into the management curriculum.
Degree MS in Organizational Management

6. Troy University

Troy University’s Master of Science in Management program focuses on organizational management for global businesses. The program consists of ten courses, and can be completed in one year full-time or two years part-time. Students do not need an undergraduate degree in business to enroll in the program. Some of the skills covered include team leadership, continuous improvement, effective and engaging communication, and ethics. Students learn the problem-solving skills needed to face the challenges of a rapidly-evolving workplace.

At Troy University, everything revolves around student success. Troy is committed to helping students develop values such as respect, communication, civility, and faith in addition to learning the skills they will need to succeed in business. Troy produces career-ready graduates that are prepared to succeed in all areas of their lives. Online students take the same courses as their traditional counterparts.

Highlight Troy University has offered distance learning since the 1950s and has awarded more than 20,000 online degrees.
Degree MS in Management 12 months

7. Austin Peay State University

The online MS in Management degree from Austin Peay State University consists of 30 credit hours that are broken down into accelerated 8-week terms. The classes are 100% online, and students can graduate in as little as twelve months. This program is designed to provide a foundation in business, leadership, and management for all graduate students, even those with a bachelor’s degree in something other than business. Students are exposed to many of the challenges and opportunities they will face in the real world throughout their management careers.

The College of Business at APSU pushes students to go beyond their studies and learn more about the things that really get them excited. The school’s faculty wants to see its students succeed and encourages them to strive to reach their goals and fulfill their potential.

Highlight Nearly 10,000 hours of internships were completed by College of Business students during the 2018-19 school year.
Degree MS in Management 12 month

8. Greenville University

The online MS in Management from Greenville University provides students with the strategies and knowledge they need to be effective team leaders and help their companies succeed. This program emphasizes human interaction, leadership, and collaboration. Students participate in a capstone project that allows them to apply what they have learned. This online program does not require any on-campus visits and takes two years to complete.

Greenville University is committed to helping students demonstrate service and character through their lives and careers. The school offers a Christian education that seeks to inspire students to reach their full potential, not only intellectually, but spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally as well. The school’s values are holistic teaching, an open-minded community, global awareness, Christ-centered education, critical thinking, service, and character.

Highlight The master’s in management from Greenville University prepares students for careers as general operations manager, sales manager, human resources manager, project manager, and more.
Degree MS in Management

9. Granite State College

The MS in Management from Granite State College is an online program that offers a complete foundation in business management education. The program teaches students the business leadership, problem-solving, and management skills they will need to succeed in the global business environment. Some of the required courses are organizational behavior, changing economics, change management and communication, ethical decision-making, financial management, and decision analysis for managers.

Granite State Colleges mission is to make higher education accessible to all adults everywhere. The school strives to be recognized for leadership in adult higher education by providing high-quality programs that are designed to meet the needs of employers locally and throughout the state and nation. The school’s core values are its commitment to make education affordable, its determination to instill critical thinking skills in its students, its diversity, and its belief in lifelong learning.

Highlight All students and alumni are eligible for career counseling services.
Degree MS in Management

10. Concordia University St Paul

Concordia University St Paul’s Master of Arts in Leadership and Management is offered 100% online and is designed to be flexible enough to appeal to adults with busy schedules. Evening classes are also available on campus for those who prefer to attend in person. This program strives to help students integrate interpersonal skills and business skills to achieve leadership success in the business world.

Concordia University St. Paul offers a sense of community that makes students feel at home whether they attend classes on campus or online. Students are encouraged to pursue what they are most passionate about and to interact with their professors and fellow students in order to help one another achieve their goals. Concordia offers degrees that focus on providing students with the skills they need to succeed in the real world after college. Students are given opportunities to apply what they learn and deepen their understanding and skills through practical experience.

Highlight 95% of Concordia Saint Paul graduates are offered jobs within a year after graduation, and they earn about 44% more than the average graduate.
Degree MA in Leadership and Management

Should I Choose a Master’s in Management or an MBA?

MS vs MBA: which is better? This is a question that comes up often. In most cases, the difference between MBA vs MSM has more to do with an applicant’s goals than anything else. A MiM or MSM is for people who want to find a faster way into their field of choice while having little or no experience.

By contrast, an MBA is a graduate degree for business professionals who already have experience and are actively working in their business field. So, the question isn’t MS vs MBA which is better. The question has more to do with whether an applicant wants to jumpstart their career with and MiM or boost their current career with an MBA.

For those considering salary, the Masters vs MBA salary or MiM vs MBA salary question isn’t really a fair one. In almost all cases, any field or career choice that requires an MBA will come with a higher salary than a MiM job.

This isn’t because one degree type is better than the other. This has more to do with the difference in what these degrees represent. Masters vs MBA salary is similar to saying entry level vs experienced. That’s the major difference between an MBA vs MSM.

Will a Master’s in Management Increase My Salary?

A Masters in Management salary will usually represent a general increase in salary for those who obtain their degree. The whole purpose of the Masters in Management degree is to help people transition into management positions or change occupations when they don’t have the experience to do so otherwise.

In this way, a graduate can look for jobs and career opportunities that pay a Masters in Management salary, rather than a baseline or fully entry-level salary. Also, keep in mind the MiM is still a Master’s degree, with all that entails.

Masters in Management salary will have some variations based on things like location, industry, occupation, etc. One important thing to take note of is that Masters in Management salary is also growing.

Many people may not realize that the MiM program is only recently becoming popular in the United States. As more businesses take note of the value that a MiM graduate brings to the table, the Masters in Management salary will continue to climb.

When considering the typical Masters in Management salary, applicants need to have an idea of what occupation they’re aiming for. Numerous jobs exist in the sphere of management, and each one has its own salary ranges. Overall, MiM graduates can make anywhere between $50k all the way up to and beyond $100k.

Can I Get an Online Master’s in Management for Free? 

Finding a business management degree online free will most likely not happen. Even if an applicant comes across something that says business management degree online free, they will most likely have to read the fine print and find out the costs are there in one form or another.

However, no matter the business management degree cost, applicants may have a few things at their disposal to help mitigate those costs or even eliminate them in some cases. For example, many organizations may offer tuition reimbursement for employees or even swallow the entirety of the costs if they’re the ones pushing an applicant to earn their business management degree.

Like with any other degree type, applicants can look for things like scholarships, grants, and programs designed to lower to the cost of obtaining a degree. With some research and question asking, the business management degree online free claims can become a reality.

Don’t assume the business management degree cost is set in stone. Applicants should always do what they can to figure out how to lower that cost and take advantage of any opportunities they come across.

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