10 Fastest Online Master’s in Management (MIM) Degrees for 2020

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For working adults who want to earn a Master’s in Management, time is of the essence. They need to enhance their leadership skills, increase their credentials, and advance in their career, and they need it soon. They don’t have a business bachelor’s, and they don’t need an MBA. How does an accelerated management program work? An accelerated program uses the same course materials and teaching methods as a non-accelerated program. Teachers in both types of programs have the same expectations from their students, and after graduation, the degrees look exactly the same. So what’s the difference? 

The difference between an accelerated management program and a non-accelerated one is the fact that students learn this information in a shorter amount of time. As a result, accelerated programs are often more challenging than their non-accelerated counterparts. Students literally have to study faster. Due dates arrive in half the time. However, degrees also arrive in half the time, which is a trade-off that a lot of students are willing to accept. Many students thrive with this kind of challenge. Others prefer the shorter framework because it lets them jumpstart their careers. Accelerated programs also have other ways to save time. For example, some accept relevant work experience for course credit. As a result, students can take fewer classes to earn their degree. 

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Business Management Degree Online

To rank accelerated online master’s in management and leadership, Great Business School editors needed to take many factors into consideration. We began with reputable, accredited institutions, so prospective students know the programs are quality. We then researched what programs allowed students to complete their degree in no more than 18 months. Finally, programs were ranked according to Cost, Income Potential, Reputation, and Student Reviews, using data from U.S. News, Niche, IPEDS, and College Scorecard. 

1. Michigan State University

At Michigan State University, you can earn a Masters in Management, Strategy, and Leadership. With this 20 month program, you can earn your degree and put it to good use fast. This program empowers students of all professions. It instills top-notch management skills. The program focuses on team leadership skills, innovation, and effectiveness. As a fully online program, it also provides lots of flexibility. 

MSU is all about innovation. At MSU, researchers always push the envelope to find out what they can do. As a result, MSU is home to lots of science and tech discoveries. Thanks to this spirit of innovation, teachers and students think outside the box. Students find new ways to become leaders in thir fields. For those who want to go into management, this entrepreneurial spirit will take them places. That’s why MSU is one of the best places to earn a Business Management degree online. 

Highlight US News and World Report ranked MSU as one of the top 25 online business programs. 
Degree MS in Management, Strategy, and Leadership – 20 months

2. University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas online Management Science program is for those who want to expand their STEM careers. It offers challenging, high-demand courses that prepare students for all sorts of leadership scenarios. These classes help students become competitive within their fields so that they’ll feel confident applying for excellent jobs. Finally, UD Dallas offers lots of networking and professional development opportunities. Here, students don’t just learn about the possibilities. They make those possibilities happen. That’s what makes this program one of the best online Masters in Management and Leadership. 

UT Dallas is a top-level university. The UT name garners respect and looks great on a resume. This school performs well all across the board. However, it really shines when it comes to STEM majors like engineering, science, and technology. This school helps students rise to all kinds of challenges, and it creates innovation every day. 

Highlight UT Dallas was ranked as one of the best online grad schools in the US. 
Degree MS in Management Science – 18 months

3. Kettering University

Kettering University offers a Masters in Operations Management. The program prepares students to create a global impact with their skills. It helps students maximize workflow so that they can run an efficient business. As a result of this program, students gain confidence to take charge in the business world. The program has 10 courses and is 100% online, so it’s perfect for busy adults. Between its flexibility, efficiency, and impact, Kettering is a great place to earn a Business Management degree online. 

Kettering University is one of the best colleges in Michigan. It has a lot to offer students, including a great, cost-effective education. It emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning so that students can feel confident moving forward. This school instills academic skills, of course, but it goes further than that. It also connects students – even online students – with professional opportunities. This way, students can make the most of their education while still in school. 

Highlight This degree from Kettering does not require students to take the GRE or GMAT before admission. 
Degree MS in Operations Management – 18 months

4. University of St. Francis

The University of Saint Frances offers an online MS in Management. Students can finish their degree in 15 months, so it’s ideal for those who need an accelerated program. The program also offers several concentrations. These include Human Resource Management, Data Science in Healthcare, Performance Improvement, and more. The degree is challenging, effective, and provides immediate real-world applications. Overall, Saint Frances offers one of the best Online Masters in Management and Leadership. 

Saint Frances is a Catholic University with a strong liberal arts focus. Its Franciscan tradition honors compassion, respect, and integrity. For those who want to deepen their faith along with their studies, this school makes a great choice. This school empowers students to seek justice in their work, find ways to help others, and rise to the most difficult challenges. USF provides a cost-effective education. 

Highlight In 2017, Money Magazine ranked this school as one of the most cost-effective private school options. 
Degree MS in Management – 15 months

5. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan Univerity’s online MSM program instills top-level leadership qualities. Students learn how to organize information, distilling it into data that they can use. The program also teaches business ethics and people skills. Overall, the program is one of the most well-rounded leadership programs that a student can get. Students can complete their degree within 18 to 20 months. In addition to acceleration, this program offers lots of support and flexibility. Thanks to all of these aspects, Wesleyan has become a great source for those who want to earn a Business Management degree online. 

Indiana Wesleyan is an evangelical Christian university. For those who want to dive deeply into that tradition, Indiana Wesleyan makes a great choice. This liberal arts school helps students bring all of their skills together to make a difference. This school serves adult learners especially well. It has been recognized for providing flexibility and opportunties for these students. 

Highlight Indiana Wesleyan is the largest member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. As such, it has a lot of resources for its students. 
Degree MS in Management – 18 months

6. Minot State University

Minot State University’s online MS in Management program is one of the fastest programs available. Students can finish their degrees in as little as nine months. The program is flexible, affordable, and great for working adults. MSU provides high-quality business education. In this program, students learn how to organize information, work with other people, and lead organizations of all sizes. For those who need a fast pace, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, MSU is one of the best sources for earning an online Masters in Management and Leadership. 

MSU delivers quality education for a diverse student body. This cost-effective education has helped many students succeed in their careers. This school empowers students, helping them find the resources they need. As a result, students get the most out of their educational investment. 

Highlight MSU is the third largest university in North Dakota. For those who want big school resources with the convenience of online learning, Minot State makes a great choice. 
Degree MS in Management – 9-18 months

7. Troy University

Troy University’s online MS in Management program lets students earn a degree in one year. The program prepares students to lead businesses of all sizes. It’s geared toward students who feel that they’ve hit a wall in their careers and want to find ways to move forward. Among other things, this program teaches leadership, critical thinking, and organization. If you want a degree that’s designed to help you expand your career, then look into this Business Management degree online. 

Troy University delivers a challenging and cost-effective education. Faculty and staff here know that not every student is a traditional student. That’s why they’ve created programs and resources to help all students thrive. In some schools, online degrees are an afterthought. At Troy, online studies get as much time and attention as on-campus studies. At Troy, students get an education with a global focus no matter what method they use. 

Highlight Troy University earns awards in lots of categories, from academics to athletics and everything in between. 
Degree MS in Management – 12 months

8. Lasell College

Lasell College has a great MS in Management program. Students can earn their degree in a year at Lasell. These classes are geared toward working professionals. The small class sizes mean that students can get all of the personalized attention that they need. If they ever have any questions, faculty members are happy to help. The program culminates in a captsone project, which means that students can take their studies into the real world right away. Overall, Lasell is one of the best places to earn an online Masters in Management and Leadership. 

Lasell University is a supportive, affordable university with a career-based focus. At this school, faculty and staff know that students want to move forward. They know that students need practical, well-rounded ways to get where they’re going. Lasell has designed its programs to help students step confidently into their careers. 

Highlight Lasell’s online MSM program does not require students to take the GMAT or GRE. If those tests are a major barrier to your grad school education, consider Lasell.
Degree MS in Management – 12 months

9. Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State University’s MS in Management program is 100% online and can be completed in a year. Classes are convenient and designed to provide a challenge without getting in the way of students’ other life commitments. In this program, students learn the core parts of leadership. The program also covers a lot of business knowledge, so students with no business experience can still succeed in this program. For business beginners who want to hone their leadership skills, this Business Management degree online makes a great choice. 

An APSU education helps students meet regional and global needs. Students learn how to use their skills to become well-rounded individuals. APSU offers challenging academics, but it also offers plenty of support for students. This school emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and enterpreneurship. For students who also value these things, APSU provides the perfect education. 

Highlight APSU is the fastest-growing university in Tennessee. As a result, it offers a lot of resources for its students. 
Degree MS in Management – 12 month

10. Saint Mary’s College of California

Saint Mary’s College offers an MS in Management for non-business majors. If you want to learn the basics of business while also developing your leadership skills, this program may work well for you. This one-year program comes with some hands-on projects. At Saint Mary’s students learn by doing. As a result, when students graduate, they already know how to apply their skills, and they already have the confidence that they need to move forward. Saint Mary’s provides one of the best online Masters in Management and Leadership. 

Saint Mary’s is a selective college with high ideals and great academics. Students here are held to high standards, which means that they’re used to meeting high standards when they enter the workforce. Saint Mary’s offers a well-rounded liberal arts education. It values creative thinking, leadership, and community. 

Highlight Saint Mary’s alumni rank in the top 5% when it comes to salary potential. 
Degree MS in Management – 12 months

Is a Master’s in Management and MS in Management the Same Thing?

Overall, yes. Both degrees teach business and leadership skills. Both empower students to take on management roles. However, there are a few subtle differences in Masters in Management programs. 

Take the MIM degree, for example. The MIM (Masters in Management) is a management degree for students who already have business experience. Students who choose Masters in Management programs usually either have a few years of business under their belts, a business-related Bachelor’s degree, or both. 

Next, there’s the MS in Management. The MS in Management works like the MIM. However, this degree is geared toward students who don’t have business experience yet. In these programs, students learn all about specific management skills, but they also learn the basics of business. 

Both of these examples fall under the “MBM degree” category. MBM stands for “Masters of Business and Management.” It’s a general term that people use to describe management degrees. As you move through your education, you might see your specific degree type and “MBM degree” used interchangeably. 

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Management? 

All of the following numbers are based on averages. At the end of the day, your starting salary will depend on where you live, your specific job, and several other factors. Furthermore, your level of education makes a difference. If you search for “Business Management salary with Bachelors,” you’ll always get lower numbers than if you search for “Business Management salary with Masters.” That said, business management is a lucrative career in general. When you have a Masters in Business Management, salary may become one of the least of your concerns. 

Now, the Business Management starting salary depends on which career path you choose. The numbers vary widely, but they all point to a comfortable salary. Toward the lower end, an HR generalist might make about $43 thousand per year. A Director of Operations, on the other hand, will make around $106 thousand per year. When it comes to your business management starting salary, expect to make between $40 thousand and $45 thousand for the first couple of years or so. Over the next several years, you’ll have plenty of growth and promotion opportunities. Getting a Master’s degree will help you maximize those opportunities and give you more leverage when it comes to raises and promotions. Remember that a Business Management salary with Masters degree requirements will offer more money than one that only requires a Bachelor’s degree. Your Masters in Business Management salary can take you places. 

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Master’s in Management? 

There are all kinds of Masters in Management jobs. It all depends on your current career. MIM degrees are designed for people who want to go deeper into their own careers rather than for people who want to change their careers completely. They give people the skills and leverage that they need to seek promotions and ask for better salaries. Masters in Management jobs and Master of Science in Management jobs include possibilities include the ones on the list below: 

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Director of Events
  • Director of Sales
  • Executive Assistant
  • HR Director
  • Vice President of Operations

These are just a few of the possibilities. If you were to search “Master of Science in Management jobs,” you’d find page after page of choices. Most of those options have words like “director” and “manager” in the title. Of course, you may find titles within your specific career that don’t exist elsewhere, too. If you work in healthcare, for example, a lot of the job opportunities will look different than if you work for a nonprofit. In any case, your Master’s degree will open up lots of possibilities. No matter your career path, your degree will help you knock down limitations. 

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