10 Fastest Online Master’s in Entrepreneurship Degrees for 2021

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Fast track online degree programs for entrepreneurship and marketing students provide all of the educational requirements that are needed to succeed in a much shorter amount of time. While traditional MBA degrees can take anywhere from 24 to 36 months, an accelerated online MBA degree program can take as little as 18 to 24 months to complete. This gives the graduate an opportunity to pursue their goals at a much faster pace and enjoy higher earnings and more responsibility much quicker than if they had chosen a traditional program. 

With an accelerated online degree program, a student is more likely to be considered for an advanced position simply because of their tenacity and proven drive to succeed. If you choose an accelerated program, you can earn your degree in as little as 18 months allowing you to pursue higher career goals much sooner than expected. New opportunities for advancement means higher pay and more responsibility.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Entrepreneurship Master’s 

Great Business Schools editors choose accredited, legitimate institutions for their ranking of the fastest master’s in entrepreneurship programs. Programs are ranked according to their tuition rate, salary potential, and reputation with students.  

1. Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Louisiana State University – Shreveport offers an accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters that provides students with the educational tools they need to be successful in almost any type of career field they choose. A Masters degree in entrepreneurship gives students managerial experience as well as the skills they will need to negotiate deals, analyze trends, and solve problems on many different levels. With an Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise MBA from Louisiana State University – Shreveport, each graduate will have the tools that are necessary for success.

Louisiana State University – Shreveport is well-known throughout the south for quality educational degree programs and faculty members who are committed to helping each of their students succeed. The university has spent several years working to build an entrepreneurship degree program that will allow its students to move forward in their careers with confidence. The result is a Masters program that is second to none in the state and surrounding region.

Degree Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, MBA 

2. Indiana University

Indiana University offers an accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters for students who want to earn an MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a much shorter period of time. Accelerated programs condense the course curriculum into fewer lessons that allow the student to complete their studies in as little as 18 months. An accelerated degree program is ideal for students who have already entered the workforce and are ready to move up the ladder into a management position. With an MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students have the tools they need to apply for new opportunities that offer additional responsibilities for higher pay.

For over 200 years, Indiana University has set the standard for education throughout the Midwest. By offering the most advanced curriculums taught by the most experienced professors, the school offers educational programs that are both complete and effective at providing the skills entrepreneurs need to be successful as they start to establish their careers.

Degree Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MS

3. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland offers students who are interested in an MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship. Maryland’s accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters degree program offers students everything they need to know to build their career and go after the type of jobs they will enjoy for many years to come. As an entrepreneur with a strong background in technology, the student will be able to pursue a career in the industry of their choice. With an MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship, the graduate can become a respected leader in their field and increase their earning potential as they continue to broaden their horizons and gain experience.

The University of Maryland is one of the most respected schools on the east coast in terms of quality degree programs and resources that are offered to its students. Faculty members are chosen based on their past experience and willingness to dedicate themselves fully to the students who rely on them for their education. The university is constantly striving to provide each student with the most advanced curriculum possible.

Degree Technology Entrepreneurship, MPS 

4. National Louis University

National Louis University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship for students who are ready to complete their education and move forward with their careers. This accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters is designed to provide the necessary skills that are needed for a graduate to succeed in the industry of their choice. As an entrepreneur, graduates must be willing to forge ahead, creating their own path and finding new ways to achieve their goals. With an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship, the graduate will have everything they need to establish themselves as leaders in their chosen field.

National Louis University is one of Chicago’s most diverse and affordable schools of higher learning. The course curriculum is accelerated allowing students who want to finish their education at a much faster pace, can do so without compromising the integrity of their education. Each graduate leaves the school with confidence and the ability to move forward to effectively establish themselves as professionals.

Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

5. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers an MS degree in Entrepreneurship for students who are interested in pursuing their own, individual career path. With an accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters, the student can forge their own path, establishing themselves in a career that they enjoy. Degree programs for entrepreneurs offer a wide range of skills and abilities that range from problem-solving to managing the day to day operations of a business. The goal of an MS degree in Entrepreneurship is to provide skills that will allow the graduate to reach their career goals in a timely fashion.

For over 125 years, the University of Arizona has continued to provide students with the best degree programs in the Southwest. Advanced coursework and faculty members who have years of experience are the benchmarks the school relies on when teaching each student. The university continues to work diligently to provide students with everything they will need for a successful future.

Degree Entrepreneurship, MS

6. Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University provides students with an MBA in Entrepreneurship they can rely on to provide them with much-needed skills to succeed in whatever career they choose. With an accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters degree, students can expect to achieve their career goals at a much faster pace than if they had attended a traditional classroom setting. The accelerated MBA in Entrepreneurship can be completed in just a year and a half allowing students to explore new opportunities at a management level.

Oklahoma State University is one of many colleges and universities in the central United States that strive to make sure each student receives the highest quality of education possible. Faculty and staff also go the extra mile making themselves available to their students whenever the need arises. Graduates leave the university ready to take on any task and succeed in all their endeavors.

Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

7. Colorado Tech University

Colorado Tech University offers an accelerated MBA in Entrepreneurship for graduates who are interested in completing their degree at a faster pace than ones taught in a classroom. This accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters is taught online and offers the same skills and concepts that are offered in a classroom setting. Instead of attending school for the full two years, students who enroll in the accelerated MBA in Entrepreneurship degree program can finish their studies in as little as 18 months. This opens the door to new and exciting opportunities on many levels.

Colorado Tech University is one of the central United States’ top-rated colleges in terms of online education. Graduates have access to state of the art resources as well as faculty members who are always on call to answer difficult questions or discuss issues that a student must be having. The university is known for going the extra mile to ensure that each student succeeds and begins to move forward after graduation.

Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

8. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University offers an ME in Entrepreneurship that provides each student with several of the most important skills they will need as they begin their career path. As an accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters degree, students can expect to graduate at a much faster pace and will be able to pursue new opportunities in the workplace within a few months instead of waiting two years. The accelerated ME in Entrepreneurship is designed to speed up the learning process so the graduate spends less time in school and more time enjoying their career.

Western Carolina University has a long-standing reputation for offering exceptional courses while providing each student with the necessary resources they will need once they graduate. Faculty and staff are considered to be some of the most experienced in their field offering students valuable insight as well as advice from a professional’s point of view.

Degree Entrepreneurship, ME

9. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University offers an accelerated Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures degree program. This accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters degree can be completed in under two years and allows students to learn at a much faster pace. This enables them to return to the workforce and begin applying the lessons they have learned and moving forward with their careers. A graduate with a Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures can literally choose the type of career they want and start to establish themselves as a leader in that field immediately after graduation.

Central Michigan University offers online and traditional classroom courses so that each student can learn in an environment in which they feel most comfortable. The university has sought out the most professional and experienced faculty members to teach their courses. This gives students every advantage when learning from an advanced curriculum and highly experienced educators.

Degree Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures 

10. Regent University

Regent University offers students an accelerated MBA in Entrepreneurship that can be used to kickstart their careers and get them moving on the fast track to success. An accelerated Entrepreneurship Masters allows a student to pursue their goals quickly and expeditiously. They are able to graduate with their degree up to six months faster than if they had taken a traditional course. The accelerated MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed to provide students with as much information as possible in as little time as possible.

Regent University has offered state of the art, advanced and accelerated degree programs for many decades. The strict standards of excellence that have been set for the school have been put in place to ensure that each student graduates with the level of education they deserve. Faculty members are also held to the highest standards and are always available to assist students as needed.

Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA

What Can I Do with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship?

Earning on an online Master’s in Entrepreneurship degree allows you to pursue a wide variety of job opportunities in almost any industry you choose. Entrepreneurs can be found in every type of work from marketing to design to engineering. No matter what field of interest has captured your attention, learning how to effectively manage your resources and lead your team forward is the key to future success. Becoming an entrepreneur takes hard work, dedication, and a strong commitment to yourself so that you can succeed on your own terms.

An online Master’s in Entrepreneurship provides you with the knowledge you will need to solve problems, identify areas of risk, and delegate resources, both human and material, so they can be used to their fullest advantage. An entrepreneurship degree allows you to maximize your potential in terms of both advancement and earnings, giving you the advantage when it comes to vying for the positions you are most interested in. Given the right tools and resources, opportunities will begin to appear as soon as you begin to show your willingness to achieve your goals.

Finally, earning an online or traditional Master’s in Entrepreneurship degree will give you the confidence you need to go after almost any job you choose to apply for. Having the right education will not only give you the knowledge you need to succeed but will also give you the drive and the competitive edge you can thrive on while you are working your way to the top. Having faith in what you have learned and your ability to apply that knowledge in the workplace is half the battle.

What If I Already Have a Master’s?

If you already have a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship or any other educational program, there are other options that will allow you to continue to further your education. Certification programs are an excellent choice, especially if you are looking for continuing education credits that you can use to keep your certificates and licenses in good standing. Most licenses and certifications require a set number of continuing education hours each year to maintain your credentials. Earning a certificate through an online program is just one way of completing those requirements.

Just because you already have a Master’s degree, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing left for you to learn. Enrolling in a second degree program or a certification program will provide you with the most up to date information available for your chosen career path. Updating your knowledge through a certification program or by taking an additional class or two is the best way to keep yourself as current as possible.

Every industry moves forward as time passes. A degree program that was top of the line five years ago, may be almost obsolete now. Each year brings advancements in protocols and technologies that can have a direct impact on those who work in the field. Taking two or three classes every couple of years will ensure that you stay as up to date as possible on all of the latest news, tips, and trends associated with your career path. The more you learn, the more likely you are to be offered new opportunities for growth and higher earnings.

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