15 Best Online Master’s in Entrepreneurship Degrees for 2021

Earning a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship online is a great way to boost your career and give yourself a competitive edge over others in your field. Entrepreneurs can be found in every industry. With an online Master’s in Entrepreneurship, you have the advantage of earning while you are learning. You can put the lessons from school to work while you are still in school. It gives you the opportunity to care for your family and gain much-needed experience at the same time. By working and learning at the same time, you get the best of both worlds while working toward your future.

An online Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship teaches valuable skills and abilities that will allow you to work within your chosen industry with confidence. As an entrepreneur, you will be able to bring new ideas and concepts to the table, all while working in a fast-paced environment that is constantly evolving. With a Master’s in Entrepreneurship, you can quickly become an expert in your field and establish yourself as a leader among your peers. An online degree program maximizes your earning potential and increases the number of opportunities you have for advancement.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Entrepreneurship Master’s Programs 

For the Great Business Schools ranking of online master’s in entrepreneurship programs, GBS editors focus on accredited, reputable institutions offering online and hybrid degrees. Programs are ranked according to cost, potential salary, and student reviews. 

1. Columbia University

Columbia University has an entrepreneurship MBA that’s one of the best online entrepreneurship masters in the country. Many entrepreneurs start their journey at Columbia and build successful startups and businesses. For students looking to launch their own business, the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center gives them the opportunity for valuable hands-on experience. Upon completion of one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship programs, elearners can grow their business after graduation using the knowledge that they have acquired.

Based in Manhattan, Columbia University is a large graduate school with a population of 23,000 students. There are 132 graduate programs and 14 of them are available through either distance education or online offerings. Besides entrepreneurship, social work, business, mathematics and statistics are popular majors at the school.

Highlight 100% of students believe professors can help them connect to future opportunities.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

2. University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Another one of the best online entrepreneurship masters, the entrepreneurship MBA at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst mixes general business and entrepreneurship for a well-rounded education in business matters. This can help individuals who want to start their own business or lead a corporation. MBA students complete nine credits of electives in a focus area and can graduate with a program that’s among the best online masters in entrepreneurship.

UMass is based in Amherst Center near Springfield, MA. The Graduate School has a large enrollment of more than 7000 students. There are 84 programs and eight of them are offered through virtual or distance programs. Other popular majors include teaching, computer science and business.

Highlight 64% of students attend graduate school part time, indicating that this school is amenable to students with busy schedules.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

3. Temple University

Students looking for the best online entrepreneurship masters in Pennsylvania should consider Temple University’s innovation management and entrepreneurship MS. As one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship, this program delivers pioneering techniques that entrepreneurs can take with them when they are developing their new businesses. Graduates from engineering, science and technology often take this program to learn the business side of invention and product creation. As part of this program, students use problem solving techniques to develop strategic solutions to tactical challenges.

This public graduate school has 10,000 students and is based in Philadelphia, PA. It offers 135 programs and 16 of them can be taken online. Other popular majors include medicine, law and business.

Highlight Just 26% of students attend on a part-time basis. This indicates that students should plan to spend most of their time on their coursework while attaining this degree.
Degree Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, MS

4. Pennsylvania State University

Penn State University’s Master of Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship is considered one of the best online entrepreneurship masters. This option for one of the state’s best online masters in entrepreneurship confers a masters in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship degree on successful graduates. Participants learn how to create startup units within a company or to use an independent startup to bring their idea to the market. Leadership and developing high performance teams is a key focus area. Participants learn about intellectual property rights and how to apply innovation to reward systems and business processes.

Penn State Online is based in College Township, Pennsylvania. There are 6,000 graduate students enrolled in the program and 35 graduate degrees to choose from. Of these, 35 can be taken online. Other popular courses include Homeland Security and disaster management and business analytics.

Highlight Penn State has a reputation for excellence that open stores at top tier institutions around the world.
Degree Master’s in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

5. Drexel University

Drexel University offers a Masters in entrepreneurship and innovation, one of the best online entrepreneurship masters available. This program develops an entrepreneurial mindset in students and helps them master the skills needed to nurture innovation in existing companies or in their new businesses. As one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship, this program gives students a unique perspective on developing an entrepreneurial spirit. Adaptability, critical thinking, value creation and problem solving are all required to succeed as an entrepreneur, and this program emphasizes those skills.

Drexel is based in Philadelphia, and this private school and has nearly 9,000 graduate students. There are around 100 graduate programs and 38 of them can be taken online or via distance education options. About half the students attend part-time.

Highlight 88% of students believe the school is worth the money.
Degree Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

6. Syracuse University

One of New York’s best online entrepreneurship masters, the entrepreneurship MS at Syracuse University prepares students to be entrepreneurs whether that means starting a new venture or managing innovation within a company. As one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship, this program offers practical guidance on starting and leading businesses.

Syracuse University is a private school that enrolls more than 7,500 students. There are 107 programs and six of them can be taken via distance education or electronically. Other popular majors include information science, law and business. Four out of 10 graduate students here attend part time.

Highlight 86% of students report that professors care about their success.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MS

7. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University has one of the best online entrepreneurship masters in California. Its entrepreneurship MBA program has comprehensive online options. This allows students to get their degree without quitting their job. If you need a flexible program, this might be the best online masters in entrepreneurship for you. Students take courses that maximize their interaction with other students even with an online format.

Azusa Pacific is a nondenominational private school located in Azusa, California. This midsize school has a graduate enrollment of fewer than 5,000 students. There are 20 graduate programs here with almost half of them offered online or via distance options. Half of graduate students attend part time, and nursing and psychology are other popular majors at the school.

Highlight Nine out of 10 students believe that professors are interesting and that classes are easy to understand.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

8. California Lutheran University

Another one of the best online entrepreneurship masters available in California is offered by the California Lutheran University. The Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track brings together students from diverse backgrounds early in the program. The collaborative format makes it one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship, and the university creates a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem.

California Lutheran is a private Christian school. The midsized grad program has over 1,300 students. There are 18 programs and seven are offered either online or via distance education.

Highlight 100% Of students surveyed agree that professors care about their success and three out of four students also agreed that professors are engaging in the classroom.
Degree Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MBA 

9. Grand Canyon University

One of the best online entrepreneurship masters in Arizona, Grand Canyon University’s MBA with an entrepreneurship focus offers a solid curriculum. This program hones marketable skills that give entrepreneurs and job applicants a sharp edge. The program does not require GMAT scores, so future business leaders can focus on preparing for their learning experience rather than studying for a standardized test. GCU filters content through a Christian worldview, which makes it one best online masters in entrepreneurship for conservative Christian students. This private university is fully accredited at the regional and national levels.

GCU has a student body of 36,000 enrolled in graduate school. There are nearly 40 graduate programs and all of them are offered online or through distance education. Other popular graduate programs include teaching, special education an education administration. All enrolled students attend part-time.

Highlight 83% of students said that they thought professors cared about their success and well-being.
Degree MBA (Entrepreneurship focus)

10. Samford University

Samford University has an entrepreneurship MBA that is one of the best online entrepreneurship masters available in Alabama. The Brock School of Business prepares students to be successful managers and leaders in an increasingly global environment. Its core business curriculum focuses on practical applications that can be instantly applied upon graduation. This is another one of the reasons it’s one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship.

This private Christian university is located in Homewood, Alabama, near Birmingham. It is a midsize school with over 2,000 graduate enrollees. Of its 33 programs, just a handful are offered online. Most students attend full-time with just 12% of the graduate student body attending part-time.

Highlight 100% of students asked said that their professors were caring, supportive and engaging in the classroom.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

11. Walsh University

One of the best online entrepreneurship masters for altruistic students is available through Walsh University where students can obtain an entrepreneurship MBA that focuses on the needs of the church. This is one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship for students who want to live in a spiritual community while obtaining their graduate degree.

Walsh University in North Canton, OH, is a small school with less than 800 graduate students. It offers 12 programs and five of them can be obtained online or via distance education. Half of the graduate students attend part time.

Highlight Niche.com gives the school an A as an overall grade with cost of living, crime and safety being major factors in the ranking.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

12. Ashland University

Ashland University offers one of the best masters in entrepreneurship in Ohio. Its entrepreneurship MBA teaches students the fundamentals of starting and funding their own businesses. The practical mindset makes it one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship programs for students who want to start their own business after graduation. Students learn practical techniques from successful entrepreneurs. This includes idea creation, business planning and funding. AU gives graduates everything they need to successfully start their own business in Ohio.

Ashland is a Christian graduate school. It is a midsized institution with over 1,600 students enrolled in graduate programs. There are 21 graduate programs and just one is offered online. About 1/3 of the students are part-time with the rest attending classes full-time.

Highlight This program gives conservative students an opportunity to get their degree among like-minded students.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

13. Endicott College

For students looking for the best entrepreneurship masters in Massachusetts, Endicott College might be the right fit. The entrepreneurship MBA is designed for working professionals, so students can attend while working and managing other responsibilities. The program caters to students who want to pursue a career internationally or manage a business in Massachusetts. Graduates gain valuable experience and acumen regarding concepts such as lead advertising, marketing campaigns and managing a nonprofit organization. The flexibility the program makes it one of the best online Masters in entrepreneurship.

The school has an enrollment of just under 1,700 grad students. There are 15 programs and over half of them are available online. Other popular courses include education and special education. More than six out of 10 students attend part time.

Highlight Students can take courses in the evenings or 100% online.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA 

14. Full Sail University

Offering one of the best online entrepreneurship Masters in the South, Full Sail University has an innovation and entrepreneurship MS that helps students turn novel concepts into saleable products. The practicality of this program makes it one of the best online masters in entrepreneurship and can help students learn to globally market their own inventions and ideas. Through real world projects, participants develop skills and strategies for businesses that need a new perspective. Technology is a focus of this exciting program.

Full Sail is located in Central Florida. It has approximately 1,600 grad students. Students choose from 18 majors, most of which are offered online. Other students choose from arts, media management, and film and video studies, as well as other programs.

Highlight 100% of grad students take classes full-time, and 90% of them complete the program on time.
Degree Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MS

15. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University has one of the best online Masters in entrepreneurship in New England. SNHU’s entrepreneurship MBA is designed for entrepreneurs and current business owners who want to learn more about running a successful business. The mix of students makes it one of the best online entrepreneurship masters for students who want a diverse experience. Coursework is applicable to real world challenges and students develop projects that focus on business needs and becoming capable leaders.

Southern New Hampshire Can be found in South Hooksett, New Hampshire. This large private University has a graduate enrollment of over 21 thousand students. The school offers 34 graduate programs and most of them are available through distance education and online programs.

Highlight 77% of its graduate students attend part-time, making this one of the most flexible programs available for working adults and those with family obligations.
Degree Entrepreneurship, MBA

Why Should I Get My Entrepreneurship Master’s Online?

Accelerated Entrepreneurship degree programs that are taken online offer students the option to do their coursework when it is most convenient for them. They can choose to study whenever they have free time at work or during a designated study time they set for themselves while they are at home. Being able to study when it is most convenient for them means they are more likely to retain the information that is being presented. The more they are able to utilize, the better off they will be when it comes to applying their new skills in the workplace. Learning while they are earning allows them to experience the best of both worlds and maximize their earning potential. By combining certain concepts into advanced learning plans, students also have the advantage of speeding up the learning process.

How Do I Choose an Online Entrepreneurship Master’s?

Choosing an Online Entrepreneurship Master’s degree isn’t difficult if you know what your career goals are. Do you plan on going back to school while you maintain a full-time job? Are you interested in finishing your degree program at an accelerated rate? Are you interested in changing your chosen career field or do you plan on going into a different line of work altogether? Most people who choose an online degree program do so because of the added convenience, the ability to achieve their degree in less time, and most importantly, the ability to work and go to school at the same time.

The next step in choosing an online Entrepreneurship Master’s degree is to find a school that offers the courses, schedule, and resources you feel will be most beneficial to you. Many of the most popular colleges and universities offer online degree programs making it easy for you to attend the school of your choice no matter where you live. The degree program you choose should be tailored to your career goals and what you need to pursue the jobs you are looking for. Every industry has opportunities for entrepreneurs that will allow them to forge their own path and establish themselves as professionals. Know your industry and the skills you will need to excel. The next step is to research several schools to find the one that offers the best fit.

Other factors that may affect your choice is affordability and flexibility. Online courses sometimes offer accelerated programs that allow you to complete all of your coursework in a fraction of the time of a traditional program. Schedules are also incredibly flexible allowing you to do your coursework when it is most convenient for you. Many schools offer online programs at discounted rates. Not only do you save money on your classes, you can continue to work a full-time job at the same time.

Is a Master’s in Entrepreneurship Good for My Career?

An online Master’s in Entrepreneurship degree is good for your career in many different ways. The knowledge and skills you learn will allow you identify opportunities and challenges that you can explore to move forward in your career. You will be able to solve a variety of problems as they arise and will be taught how to think of solutions quickly and expeditiously. The opportunities you receive through earning your degree will continue to assist you in achieving your career goals for many years to come. By working toward your degree online, you can maintain a full work schedule and begin to use what you are learning almost immediately.

A Master’s in Entrepreneurship offers you the most advanced courses possible when it comes to your chosen industry or career path. This means that what you are learning is as up to date as possible and that you are being given the most recent resources that are available to every student whether you are learning in the classroom or through an online portal. Every class you take has been optimized so that you receive as much useful information as possible and that every skill and ability is provided to the highest detail.

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