15 Best Online Associate’s in Accounting for 2021

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Have you been working as a bookkeeper or administrative assistant and feel ready to make the next step? You can earn your associate’s in accounting online from a wide variety of accredited and legitimate schools, from community colleges to online universities. 

Individuals who are unhappy with their current career or who are looking to start over in a career where they have the opportunity to advance can take their courses online while they continue to work. If they already work in the accounting field or one that is similar, they can begin to explore new opportunities almost immediately. Earning and working at the same time can be easy if you know how to schedule your time properly. Once you know your work and class schedule, set aside a small amount of time each day for school and ask your family for quiet time.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Associate’s Degree in Accounting Programs

For the Great Business Schools ranking of the top online accounting associate’s degree, editors focused on fully online and hybrid programs from accredited, reputable institutions. Programs are ranked by their student reviews, salary potential, and cost, using current figures from IPEDS and Niche. 

1. Purdue University Global

Purdue University has one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting programs. The program allows students interested in bookkeeping and accounting to acquire postsecondary education. The curriculum emphasizes the use of accounting software and identifying solutions to accounting problems. As one of the best online accounting associate’s degree options, it focuses on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and the capstone project requires students to apply the concepts they have learned to real-world accounting problems.

This public university has 3,300 undergraduate students. The school also has a generous acceptance rate. Basically, everyone who applies receives an affirmative answer. Food, wellness, nutrition and business constitute popular majors chosen by many students at the school.

Highlight The school’s 100% acceptance rate gives many students access to higher education even if they don’t score well on standardized test or have the best GPA.
Degree AAS in Accounting

2. Florida Tech

Florida Tech has another one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting options for students who want to pursue careers in finance and accounting. As one of the best online accounting associate’s degree programs, the AA in Accounting program takes a multidisciplinary approach by including liberal arts courses. Those who love numbers may find this program ideal for their interests and career goals. 

This online degree helps students learn specialized accounting skills such as assets, liabilities and equity calculations. Successful graduates can put these skills to work in jobs such as management, global business and statistics.

Highlight Florida Tech is a Tier 1 school according to U.S. News and World Report. Graduates who live in the area can look for jobs at Northrop Grumman, SpaceX and NASA.
Degree AA in Accounting

3. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University has what’s considered one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting opportunities. Graduates learn the skills needed to pursue entry-level accounting positions, and they also gain a firm basis for a bachelor of science in business or accounting. As one of the best accounting associate’s degree options, the school’s AS in accounting aims to produce global leaders with an excellent education and high standards of academic excellence. At the DeVoe School of Business, accounting students receive Christian-based education to help them prepare for roles in industry, business and nonprofit organizations.

Indiana Wesleyan is a Christian University with 2,600 undergraduate students. The competitive school has an acceptance rate of 67%. This means that students who want to attend programs at Indiana Wesleyan should prepare well for the application process. Nursing and business form two of the most popular degree programs at the school.

Highlight Thanks to its selective approach to recruiting freshmen, Indiana Wesleyan graduates more than seven out of 10 students — a phenomenal rate for two-year colleges.
Degree AS in Accounting

4. Harper College

At Harper College, students can attend one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting programs. The AA in Accounting at Harper College includes rigorous academic classes to help students transition smoothly to a four-year college if they choose to do so. Classes include business administration, accounting, financial services, management and marketing. Students can meet with advisors to select electives that enrich their educational experience.

Located in the Chicago area, Harper has 4,600 undergraduate students. The school accepts all students who apply, making it a good choice for students to study popular majors such as nursing assistant, liberal arts and other degree programs.

Highlight Harper College has been ranked the top community college in Illinois, giving graduates a claim to fame that can help them land jobs in accounting.
Degree AA or AAS in Accounting

5. Lone Star College

Another best online associate’s degree in accounting program, Lone Star College’s AAS in accounting focuses on applied sciences. Graduates emerge ready to take on entry-level positions. Completing an accounting degree at one of the best online accounting associate’s degree programs can help students find lucrative jobs once they complete their classes. With an associate’s degree, graduates can find jobs as administrative assistants or bookkeepers. Some entry-level accounting positions include collecting data for corporate and governmental reporting.

Lone Star College is based in the Houston area and has 20,000 students. This well-respected public university accepts everyone who applies and some of them take majors such as welding, nursing and liberal arts.

Highlight Lone Star college is ranked number nine among the best community colleges in the state.
Degree AAS in Accounting

6. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati has an AAB in accounting that some say is the best online associate’s degree in accounting program available. One of the features that puts this program among the best online accounting associate’s degree options is the freedom it affords students. The flexible program allows students to study at their own pace in the location of their choice. Students can take advantage of the self-paced learning to go as fast or slow as they need to through various material.

This highly ranked university has 23,000 undergraduate students. It has a relatively competitive acceptance rate of 77%, meaning that nearly one out of four applicants are rejected. Popular majors include marketing, psychology and nursing. The school graduates a phenomenal 71% of its students.

Highlight The University of Cincinnati ranks 2nd among top public universities in the state.
Degree AAB in Accounting

7. Northcentral Technical College

Northcentral Technical College’s best online associate’s degree in accounting prepares students to update accounting systems and prepare financial reports. Graduates of this program learn to produce balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements. As one of the best online accounting associate’s degree options, it covers a wide array of subjects such as individual tax, cost accounting, and specialized areas. Students who graduate go on to pursue certified bookkeeper designations and earned their Microsoft Office certificate.

Northcentral Tech is located in Wausau, Wisconsin. It accepts all students who apply and has just over 1,200 undergraduate enrollees. Diverse majors include welding and childcare provider. The generous acceptance rate allows students who want an opportunity to attend college to continue their education.

Highlight The university ranks number eight among Wisconsin’s best community colleges.
Degree Associate’s in Accounting

8. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College has an AAS in accounting that’s one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting students can find. This best online accounting associate’s degree allows students to find jobs where they can showcase the skills they learned in their classes. Students study balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. This well-rounded approach help students polished their resume with highly sought after skills.

WITC is in Shelly, WI. It’s an above-average school with just over 1,100 undergraduate students. The school accepts everyone who applies and offers a diversity of majors such as nursing assistant and business support services. Students can take their courses online for their convenience and in order to help them juggle work, school and family responsibilities.

Highlight WITC ranks number three among Wisconsin’s best community colleges.
Degree AAS in Accounting

9. University of Toledo

Students looking for the best online associate’s degree in accounting should consider the University of Toledo. What makes it one of the best online accounting associate’s degree options is the unique approach it takes to accounting technology in today’s business environments. The world of accounting grows more complex every year, so students need to stay up to date with the latest skills.

The University of Toledo is a prestigious school that has law and medical schools as well as programs for pharmacists, nurses, engineers and other professionals. The diversity of its programs draws students from across the United States and beyond.

Highlight The University of Toledo fosters a sense of community among students and graduates.
Degree Associate of Applied Business Accounting

10. Nicolet College

Nicolet College, among the best online associate’s degree in accounting, teaches students the ins and outs of interpreting financial data. Having one of the best online accounting associate’s degree programs helps the school attract a range of high-quality faculty members who work in financial and statistical departments. Small businesses and large corporations all need accountants to keep the books straight and watch for cost overruns. This helps ease the mind of students wondering if they will obtain a job after graduation.

Located in Pelican, Wisconsin, Nicolet Area Tech is a decent public college. The small school has under 300 undergraduate students and accepts everyone who applies for its degrees in welding, nursing assistant or lower arts and humanities.

Highlight The school is ranked number nine among Wisconsin’s best community colleges. The small size of the school appeals to students who prefer small class sizes and individual attention even in the online arena.
Degree AAS in Accounting

11. Monroe College

At Monroe College, students can pursue an AAS in accounting, one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting programs. For students who love math, business and economics, this is one of the best online accounting associate’s degree options. The faculty strives to provide a well-rounded educational opportunity. Past graduates work at Deloitte, KPMG and PwC, making this one of the most lucrative programs available. Accredited by the ACBSP, the program offers career-focused students the perfect opportunity to take some courses online and others on campus.

Monroe is a private college that has helped many students in its 85 years of existence. There are currently 8,000 students enrolled at the school based near New York City. Graduates often go to work for surrounding municipalities and agencies.

Highlight Monroe accepts less than half of those who apply, preferring to keep a vigorous academic program going strong. Fewer than half of those who apply get a nod from the admissions committee. However, everyone who makes it into the university receives some kind of financial aid.
Degree AAS in Accounting

12. Wake Tech Community College

Wake Tech Community College also has one of the best online associate’s degrees in accounting. What makes it one of the best online accounting associate degree programs? Wake Tech has a strong finance and accounting component that teaches students the skills they need to get jobs or go on to receive their bachelors in accounting. The school teaches students to assemble, process and communicate information about a company’s financial well-being. Students study an array of courses including accounting principles and theories. Other courses include finance, business, economics and management. Graduates emerge with critical thinking and communication skills that can help them succeed on the job or in a bachelors degree program.

Wake Tech accepts all students who apply and has over 7,600 undergraduate students. Located in Raleigh the school offers popular majors such as business and accounting.

Highlight About 86% of students surveyed found jobs within two years after graduation. Compare this to the national average of 83%, and it’s clear that despite its 100% acceptance rate, Wake Tech does an outstanding job of preparing students for the marketplace.
Degree AAS in Accounting and Finance

13. Montgomery County Community College

Montgomery County Community College has one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting programs available. Students learn how to record double-entry accounting transactions and graduate with one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting options. During the course work, students prepare entries and reports for a fictional payroll cycle. Students also learn how to analyze financial statements for liquidity, solvency and profitability. Accounting students at Montgomery learn how to apply regulations, laws and best practices to corporations or private companies they work for.

Montgomery County CC has just 3,200 students enrolled in its two-year programs. Montgomery County accepts everyone who applies to the programs and has many popular majors for students to choose from.

Highlight MCCC was ranked third among Pennsylvania’s best community colleges.
Degree AAS in Accounting

14. Pennsylvania College of Technology

The Pennsylvania College of Technology’s AAS in accounting offers students one of the best online associate’s degree in accounting options. This fully online program allows students to connect to their classes anytime, anywhere. Since it has one of the best online accounting associate’s degree options in the state, the school attracts students from around the country. Successful graduates emerge with the ability to organize, analyze and interpret financial data. They also study forensic accounting to help them better understand how money exchanges hands during a cybersecurity breach.

Penn College, located in Williamsport, PA has 4,400 undergraduate students and its generous acceptance rate allows students to follow their dreams of a higher education. Automotive mechanics and business are two of the most popular majors.

Highlight Over 92% of students surveyed said that they had found jobs within their fields within two years of graduation.
Degree AAS in Accounting

15. Portland Community College

Rounding out our list of the best online associate’s degree in accounting programs, Portland Community College has a fully online degree that helps students prepare for roles as bookkeepers and accounting clerks. It’s one of the best online accounting associate’s degree programs in the state and graduates learn to analyze financial records and make responsible decisions.

Portland CC has 11,000 undergraduate students and accepts everyone who applies. Its eclectic student body includes diversity in online classes. Other majors include liberal arts and humanities and computer programming.

Highlight Portland CC is ranked second among Oregon’s best community colleges.
Degree AAS in Accounting

Why Should I Get My Associate’s in Accounting Online?

There are several reasons for earning your Associate’s in Accounting online. The primary reason is that you will receive the accounting skills you need and learn the concepts and strategies that will allow you to be a good accountant. One of the most popular reasons for earning your degree online is the convenience and freedom you have while you are attending class. Whether you are employed or simply taking care of your family, you are able to study when it works best for you.

Many students have difficulty studying in a group where there are a lot of distractions. Earning an Associate’s in Accounting online is the ideal learning path for them. They are able to study in an environment in which they feel secure. There are fewer distractions and they can focus completely on their education without having to worry about being interrupted. It is their quiet time when they get to do something good for themselves. Create a productive learning environment and you will be all set.

What Can I Do with an Associate’s in Accounting?

Because an Associate’s in Accounting is one of the first steps in becoming an accountant, it contains many of the most basic courses that are required for almost any degree program. You will also learn the fundamentals of accounting that will allow you to begin to explore career options in that field. These are the lessons that all accountants use to lay the groundwork for their future careers. They are the building blocks that all of your other accounting skills will be based on. The more you understand at this level, the better off you will be as you continue to build on your education.

Once you have learned these fundamentals and are proficient at performing the tasks associated with them, you will be able to take on more responsibilities at work and be considered for advancement opportunities. If you already have a little knowledge when it comes to accounting principles, you may be able to apply for an entry-level position and work while you attend class. The experience you receive will be invaluable and will allow you to apply what you are learning as you go.

An Associate’s in Accounting degree will allow you to work in almost any field that requires some form of accounting. All businesses require someone with at least the basic accounting skills to keep their financial books and budget in order. You have the choice to work for a company in their accounting department, as an accountant in a firm, or on your own as an independent contractor. You may also choose to explore other options as well and utilize your accounting skills for your own benefit.

Can I Get an Accounting Job Online?

With the advancement of technology and many companies offering their staff remote employment opportunities, the number of online jobs has been steadily increasing. There are many online opportunities for accountants to work online out of their homes. Students who earn their degrees online can easily transition to working remotely as well. The same study space they created can easily be turned into a home office that will allow them to perform all of their work duties at home.

Applying for remote opportunities has never been easier. Companies like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster provide employers an easy way to post their job openings. People who are looking for work can apply through the portal on the website and submit their resumes and other credentials. With tools like Zoom and Teams, meetings are easily held through an online platform so there is no need to go into the office. This allows a company to hire the right person for the job, even though they may live halfway across the country.

If you choose to become an independent contractor and work for yourself, working from home is an ideal solution. No commute or outside expenses for rent or travel. You are able to set your own hours and work when you have time to focus on what you are doing. Effective time management is a must if you want to be successful. As an accountant, you can work from almost anywhere as long as you have the equipment you need and the commitment to doing the best possible job.

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