10 Fastest Online Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020

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For working adults looking to increase their career options with an online bachelor’s completion program, an accelerated supply chain management degree may be the quickest, most convenient option. The decision to pursue an accelerated supply chain management degree program may raise concerns about your ability to keep up with the course materials. By clarifying the benefits of an accelerated logistics degree program, you are able to determine if it is a good fit for your goals. 

The primary benefit of an accelerated program is the speed of the program. It saves time for students who are planning to advance in their careers at a fast pace. Students can finish a degree and move forward with their plans without wasting time. In some cases, an accelerated program in supply chain management is also a better choice for a student’s learning style. Since the programs are provided at a faster pace, it helps students who may struggle with boredom or related challenges in a traditional class environment. Students are able to face a challenge in their studies.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Supply Chain Management Degree Programs

Obviously, for busy working adults looking for an accelerated supply chain management program speed is a crucial consideration. However, fast doesn’t mean good. That’s why Great Business Schools editors don’t just look for the fastest online degrees. They must also be accredited and reputable, and are ranked according to factors like cost, salary expectation, and student satisfaction. 

1. California Baptist University

California Baptist University offers a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in logistics and operations. This accelerated logistics degree takes an average of 16 months to complete. The program is designed for students who want to learn about transportation of goods, allocating materials, and how to solve today’s complex business challenges, especially those related to logistics. Students also strengthen their communication and problem-solving skills.

California Baptist University is one of the leading Christian colleges in Southern California. The school strives to help students find their God-given purpose and fulfill it. Students receive a Christ-centered education that integrates spiritual development with academic achievement. CBU Online focuses on making education accessible by providing online courses to working adults. There are over 40 programs that can be completed 100% online.

Highlight Graduates are qualified to work as cost estimators, claims adjusters, budget analysts, appraisers, warehouse managers, and logisticians.
Degree BABA in Logisics and Operations

Format: Online – 16 months

2. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College has an accelerated logistics degree that takes 20 months to complete. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics teaches students about strategic transportation, global operations, and supply chain management. Graduates are prepared for jobs such as logistician, logistics coordinator, distribution manager, warehouse manager, transportation manager, and operations manager. Students also gain analytic and critical thinking skills.

Florida State College at Jacksonville is one of the leading schools in Florida. The school values each of its students for being unique and talented, whether they are attending straight out of high school or changing careers after many years in the field. FSCJ hires exceptional faculty members who care about their students and want to help them succeed. The school uses innovative teaching methods to achieve academic excellence. FSCJ has students from more than 150 countries around the world.

Highlight FSCJ prides itself on being affordable. It holds top rankings for its affordable online degrees.
Degree BAS in Logistics

Format: Online – 20 months

3. DeSales University

Students looking for an accelerated supply chain management degree should check out the BS in Supply Chain Management from DeSales University. The program is offered online, and there is an accelerated option available. Students learn how products move from one point to the next, all the way from product design to final delivery. Because every company that manufactures products needs to move them efficiently, careers in supply chain management are in demand.

There is a positive energy at DeSales that sets it apart from the competition. The school boasts accomplished faculty, state of the art labs, and a welcoming atmosphere. There is a belief that small actions lead to big results, and every single student is important. There’s something magical about being in a place where people care about you and your success.

Highlight Students can work with the Career Development Center to find an internship that will allow them to gain practical experience while earning their degrees.
Degree BS in Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – accelerated option available

4. Colorado Tech University

Another good choice for students who want to pursue an accelerated supply chain management degree is the BSBA with a concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Colorado Tech University. The program focuses on getting products from one place to another. Students learn to design efficient supply chains and keep them running effectively. Studies include supplier management, procurement, inventory control, and distribution management.

Colorado Tech University is dedicated to innovation and diversity. The school offers flexibility to make education accessible to everyone and embraces the use of new technology to enhance education. The school offers freedom of choice, interactivity, and connectivity. CTU understands the importance of mentoring relationships, and its faculty, staff, and student advisors provide the support each student needs to succeed in school and beyond.

Highlight Students can take Fast Track™ exams to earn credit for what they already know.
Degree BSBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – Fast Track option

5. American Public University

American Public University offers an online BA in Supply Chain Management. The program covers acquisitions management, transportation, reverse logistics, warehouse management, order management, demand management, and capacity planning. Students improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills over the course of the program. Graduates will be able to identify and implement best practices in supply chain management.

American Public University offers 8- and 16-week classes for easier scheduling. The school caters to older students, with the average age being 32. More than 85% of the student body is comprised of working adults. About 80% of the school’s students are in the military or veterans of the military. Classes start monthly, and they are asynchronous, which means you can log in anytime to do your schoolwork with no set class or lecture times. 95% of students would recommend American Public University to their friends.

Highlight Students can transfer up to 90 credits.
Degree BA in Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – transfer 90 credits

6. Colorado Christian University

The College of Business at Clayton State University offers an online BBA in Supply Chain Management. The degree prepares students for careers in the areas of logistics and supply chain management. Graduates often find work as logistics managers for companies such as Coca Cola, Sherwin Williams, FedEx, Home Depot, AT&T, and Georgia Pacific. Students learn about logistics, transportation, operations, global sourcing, and warehouse management.

Clayton State University offers small class sizes, which enable faculty members to provide individualized attention to each student. The school’s mission is to provide experiences that empower students and enhance their critical thinking skills. Clayton encourages diversity and inclusivity, and focuses on helping students achieve their dreams, whatever they may be. The school has been designated a Community Engaged University by the Carnegie Foundation, and US News & World Report ranked Clayton the #7 public school in the South in 2015.

Highlight Students must complete a culminating capstone project to graduate.
Degree BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – transfer 90 credits

7. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers a BS in Operations Management with a concentration in Logistics and Transportation. The program teaches students how products move through the supply chain, from storing supplies to finished goods. Students learn how to store and warehouse products and how to integrate suppliers into the supply chain. Graduates can manage a supply chain to deliver products to customers right on time.

Southern New Hampshire University is both convenient and affordable. Students can attend classes online on their own schedules. The classes are eight weeks long, and there are six start dates every year. At SNHU, students learn from professors who have first-hand experience in their fields. There are career advisors and academic advisors available to provide students with the support they need to navigate their educational journeys.

Highlight SNHU claims to have one of the most affordable tuition rates in the country.
Degree BS in Operations Management

Format: Online – transfer 90 credits

8. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers an online BS in Supply Chain Management. The program includes every area of supply chain management, including operations, logistics, and purchasing. Students learn how to transport materials and products from one location to another and make sure they get where they are going on time. The program includes strategy development, procurement, planning, negotiations, logistics, and execution systems.

The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University has an enrollment of more than 15,000, which makes it one of the largest business schools in the nation. The school encourages diversity and believes that a global outlook is necessary to solve the problems facing the planet. The School of Business strives to create global change by producing business leaders who will use their entrepreneurial skills to create a better future for the world.

Highlight ASU is the #1 choice for international students attending a US college or university.
Degree BS in Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – unlimited transfer

9. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University offers a BS in Supply Chain and Logistics Management online. The program teaches business skills such as entrepreneurialism, innovation, and servant leadership. Students learn about enterprise optimization, business process management, and lean operations as well as logistics and procurement. Graduates can analyze and implement logistics and supply chain strategies.

Grand Canyon University is the leading Christian post-secondary school in the state of Arizona. The school is committed to providing students with a Christian worldview. The school is growing quickly, both in the number of students served and the number of online offerings. GCU is continuously improving its online platforms to enhance the quality of education being provided. The school is committed to excellence and seeks to help its students become responsible leaders, effective communicators, and strong critical thinkers.

Highlight Graduates are qualified to work in operations research analysis, product inventory, customer service management, and supply chain management.
Degree BS in Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – transfer 90 credits

10. Grantham University

Grantham University offers an online Logistics and Supply Chain Management BBA concentration. The program prepares students for careers in supply chain management, transportation, and logistics. Students learn how to get products from one place to another efficiently without sacrificing quality. The program includes training on the most up-to-date software and other tools used in logistics management.

At Grantham University, everything revolves around the students. The school strives to remove obstacles to education and provide the best possible education. Its online programs are designed for working professionals and are both affordable and flexible. Students who are in the military or first responders and their families receive reduced tuition rates. Grantham has a culture of service and encourages staff and student to volunteer and donate as a part of the Grantham Gives Back program, which is held twice per year.

Highlight The logistics and supply chain management program helps students prepare for Association for Supply Chain Management certification.
Degree BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Format: Online – 38 months for full degree

What if I Don’t Want a Full Degree? 

When you are looking into your career options, you may discover that you have alternatives to a traditional degree program when working in supply chain management. A certificate in supply chain management and logistics may offer an alternative solution if you do not have the time to pursue a full degree or you do not want to move forward with a full degree.

Supply chain management certificates give students the training they need to keep up with a complicated and growing industry. It teaches students the valuable skills they can apply to their careers, but it does not require the same commitment in relation to your time. A certificate in logistics and supply chain management may also open doors for professional connections. Accredited supply chain management courses may involve discussions with working professionals in the industry. It may also allow students to network with others in the industry through college programs and similar tools.

It is not necessary to get a full degree when you are unsure about an industry or do not have the time for the program. Professional certificates may offer a solution that gives you the experience and connections you need without the same commitment to a comprehensive degree program.

Will I Make More Money with a Supply Chain Certification?

Certifications in supply chain management offer an opportunity to advance in your career. The challenge is determining when a supply chain manager certification is a good choice for your personal situation and plans. 

As a general rule, a certification in logistics and supply chain management may offer opportunities for a promotion or advancement in your career. If you pursue a certification in supply chain management online, then you want to make sure that it is through an accredited program. Online supply chain management certification may vary based on the type of certification you pursue, so clarifying the accreditation of the program is a critical part of evaluating your salary potential.

When it comes to supply chain management certification salary potential, you should be aware that many details will impact the actual outcome in your career. Supply chain management and logistics certification programs may allow you to increase your salary through a promotion or a change to your career. Keep in mind that supply chain management certification online programs may offer a flexible solution if you have limited time to work on the program and want to obtain certification to improve your opportunities for a career.

How Much Can I Make in Logistics and Supply Chain Management? 

Logistics and supply chain management salary is variable based on your level of education, your location, and the specific company. While many factors may impact your logistic and supply chain management salary potential, you can expect a reasonable return on your investment in your education. 

The average supply chain management and logistics salary is around $62,000 per year. As you gain experience in your field, you can expect supply chain and operations management salary potential to increase over time. Operations and supply chain management salary may start at a lower rate than the average; however, as you gain experience and move into leadership positions, you can expect your salary to increase to an average of roughly $111,000 per year. 

Supply chain managers make between $98,000 and $128,000 per year based on their experience, location, and education level. As you move into leadership positions within a company, you can expect your salary to rise to meet the standards of the company for management roles. Specific roles within the company may impact your compensation and salary. If you are not sure about the salary potential for a specific role within supply chain management and operations, you should evaluate the position and its requirements for your experience level as well as an offer from the company to determine if it is reasonable. Keep in mind that professionals with a higher level of education may have more opportunities for promotions or may have higher starting salaries.

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