15 Best Online Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020

online supply chain management

For working adults in some part of the supply chain, an online bachelor’s completion program in supply chain management makes a major difference. The best online supply chain management degrees position the individual to advance in his or her career. Completing a supply chain management online degree is easy and convenient. Since courses are available through a virtual campus, the student schedules classwork at convenient times. This allows the professional to continue working his or her daytime job. Online degrees in supply chain management are available on a part-time or full-time basis. 

Depending on how many courses are taken per semester, graduation requirements for the supply chain management online degree may be done in as quickly as a year. During this period, the enrollee continues to meet his or her family and work obligations. Attending school full-time in person is expensive and often requires a reduction in work hours. Online supply chain management degrees cost less due to no income interruption and no costs associated with commuting.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Supply Chain Management Programs 

To rank the best online supply chain management degrees, Great Business Schools editors rounded up trusted, accredited schools that are known for their service to working adults. Furthermore, programs are ranked according to practical factors that matter to working professionals: tuition cost, student reviews, and alumni salary, with data from Niche, IPEDS, and College Scorecard. 

1. University of Massachusetts – Amherst

UMass offers a BBA in Operations and Information Management. This program gets students ready to know the business world inside and out. It emphasizes data and how to use it effectively, but students also learn other relevant skills such as supply and demand, supply chain management, logistics, and much more. Students get a holistic and well-rounded degree approach, which is what makes the University of Massachusetts one of the best online logistics degree options. 

UMass Amherst is a vibrant and challenging school that excels with its business classes. It’s part of the broader University of Massachusetts system, which means that it looks great on a resume and provides the kind of academic resources that one would expect from a major university. This school’s online programs perform well, and online students receive an education with just as much quality and support as on-campus students. 

Highlight The US News and World Report ranked UMass Amherst as one of the best colleges in the nation. 
Degree BBA in Operations and Information Management

2. Illinois Institute of Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology has an online BAC in Supply Chain Management. This program provides a deep and focused look at how supply chains work. Students learn the details of supply chains, including logistics, inventory management, warehousing, and similar topics. While learning these topics, students also gain leadership and organizational skills that will serve them well on the job. This program is one of the best online supply chain management programs for those who want a specific focus. 

As a tech school, the Illinois Institute of Technology focuses on business, science, logistics, and similar high-demand subjects. This school prepares students to meet the most pressing needs of today. Classes here foster a sense of curiosty and a focus on problem solving. Because it only focuses on technical subjects, Illinois Tech provides some of the best resources for learning these subjects. It makes a great choice for those who want to go into science, business, or engineering. 

Highlight The Illinois Institute of Technology is the only tech school in Chicago. 
Degree BAC in Supply Chain Management

3. University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online BS in Industrial Distribution prepares students to fulfill certain leadership roles in business. Graduates from this program work in major corporations and manage large supply chains. In this degree, students learn skills specific to the industrial distribution world. This program combines business and engineering knowledge, providing a unique pathway into industrial distribution. For many, it’s one of the best online supply chain management programs available. 

UAB is dedicated to helping students forge their own futures in innovative, ethical ways. This school values excellence in education, providing both challenge and flexibility for all kinds of learners. As students develop their career skills, they also sharpen their curiosity to become lifelong learners. This school provides a socially-conscious education that helps students make a difference in the world. 

Highlight UAB ranked #1 two years in a row for the Times Higher Education university rankings. 
Degree BS in Industrial Distribution

4. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Worldwide’s online BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management instills the skills that students need to manage even the most complex issues that face the logistics and supply chain industry. Students learn how to serve all sorts of different businesses, particularly the businesses that have the most need for supply chain management today. The program teaches the nuts and bolts of supply chain management, including tech and organizational structures. With its especially technical focus, Embry-Riddle is one of the best online logistics degree choices. 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a technical college with an emphasis on innovation. This shool prepares students to work in high-demand tech careers. The online programs thrive because this school is used to working with cutting-edge formats, meaning that students recieve some of the best resources in education. Many Embry-Riddle students take the online route for this reason. 

Highlight Embry-Riddle has ranked among the top 5 online Bachelor’s programs for the seventh year in a row. 
Degree BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

5. CSU Global

CSU Global offers an online Operations Management and Supervision undergraduate specialization that pairs well with degree programs offered at CSU Global, including the B.S. in Project Management, B.S. in Business Management, and B.S. in Organizational Leadership. In this specialization, students get ready to lead and oversee complex logistical systems. The specialization takes an analytical approach and helps students find the skills that they need to handle complicated projects. Students also learn how to envision solutions to common problems and to implement more efficient systems for businesses. It has a multi-dimensional approach to education that makes it one of the best online supply chain management programs.

CSU Global is the online distance learning campus of Colorado State University system, established in 2007. The school was created to reach adult working and non-traditional learners who could not attend on-campus programs. CSU Global serves more than 18.900 online students studying for the many baccalaureate degree programs offered online.

Highlight One year after graduation, CSU Global graduates earn more than the average salary for their fields. 
Degree Operations Management and Supervision Undergraduate Specialization (Must be paired with a Bachelor’s Degree program)

6. Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Tech’s online BS in Operations Management provides a complex approach for a complex job. It covers multiple angles while it teaches students management skills, types of business operation, and how to make systems more efficient and effective. Outside the box thinkers tend to do well in this program. It’s challenging, encourages problems solving, and uses small classes for a personalized approach to learning. Teachers in this program have real-world experience to match their knowledge, which is why Oregon Tech is one of the best online logistics degree paths in the US. 

Oregon Tech provides an innovative, forward-thinking education for those who want to go into technical careers. This school prepares students to take on some of the most on-demand jobs today. It uses up to date technology and cutting edge teaching methods to get students ready to meet their goals. All of this school’s programs combine theory and practicality with a perfect balance. This way, students get the knowledge they’ll need for today while learning the adaptability they’ll need for tomorrow. 

Highlight Oregon Tech graduates have an average starting salary of $60,000 per year. 
Degree BS in Operations Management

7. Oregon State University

Oregon State offers an online BSBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. In this program, students learn how to handle supply chains and transportation for the government, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The program teaches the broader concepts of supply chain management and instills the practical skills that students will need to apply those concepts to their real-world careers. 

Oregon State teaches students how to make ethical and sustainable decisions as leaders. This is especially true within the business school. As Oregon’s largest university, Oregon State provides as many academic resources as any student could need. Here, students learn how to face challenges with determination and the skills they’ll need to overcome them. With a great online campus, students also get the flexibility that they need to manage their own careers while advancing their skills. 

Highlight Students in Oregon State’s program are empowered to make the best decisions from a legal, ethical, and efficiency standpoint, which, for many, makes this program one of the best online supply chain management programs. 
Degree BSBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

8. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University’s online BSB in Operations and Supply Chain Management instills the skills that students need to handle real-world businesses. This program prepares students to graduate and then jump into the job market right away. When they do graduate, students have a relevant skill set that will make them a boon to any potential new employer. More than 80 percent of GGU teachers are working business professionals, which means that students get the most up to date and practical knowledge. As a result, GGU is one of the best logistics degree choices for students. 

Golden Gate University is dedicated exclusively to adult education. As a result, adult learners know that their needs will be met during their time at school. Programs are designed with all of the flexibility that adults need to get a great education and to keep balance in their lives at the same time. This school is also uniquely affordable, and it has generous financial aid programs. 

Highlight GGU’s online program has a 98% satisfaction rate. 
Degree BSB – Operations and Supply Chain Management

9. Ball State University

Ball State University’s BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management gets students ready for exciting careers. Businesses of all sizes have to deal with complex logistical issues, and this program prepares students to handle those issues with skill and confidence. This program is designed both for those who already have a suply chain career and for those who are entering from a different field. This level of flexibility is part of the reason why Ball state is among the best online logistics degree choices. 

Ball State University shows passionate students how to turn those passions into step by step plans. This university emphasizes skill development so that students can reach their goals effectively. At Ball State, students learn how to become leaders in their field, with the skills and confidence that they’ll need to succeed after graduation. At Ball State, students become lifelong learners with a spark of curiosty that will serve them in their careers and beyond. 

Highlight Ball State has the lowest tuition (2019-2020) in its conference. 
Degree BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

10. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University offers a BAS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This program helps students expand not only their business knowledge but also the non-academic skills that create effective business leaders. Students learn a complex array of subjects that they can apply to contemporary businesses. They grow to understand how to make logistical systems more effective and efficient. As a result, Northern Arizona is one of the best online supply chain management programs to choose from in the US. 

Northern Arizona is the #1 online degree program for working adults. This school enables students to see their professional possibilities and turn those possibilities into realities. Students make connections with each other and with the business world, so they have valuable contacts by the time that they graduate. Northern Arizona offers a complex education with traditions that inform its contemporary approach. 

Highlight Military Times has named NAU’s business school one of the top military friendly universities in the US. 
Degree BAS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

11. Portland State University

Portland State University’s Supply and Logistics Management program helps students get career ready before they graduate. This program prepares students for a field that makes a difference around the world. With such as big impact, this field needs managers who can take on complex problems, find creative solutions, and juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Portland State helps students become the leaders that this industry needs. As a result, many count this school among the best online logistics degree options in the US. 

Portland State is an innovative and supportive school that helps students develop the most relevant career skills of today. As one of the nation’s most affordable public research schools, it’s a top choice for many students across the country. Faculty here produce groundbreaking research, so students get to witness the cutting edge of global change. Portland State’s many online programs also provide quality education with complete flexibility. 

Highlight Portland State is the most diverse public university in Oregon. 
Degree Supply and Logistics Management

12. University of Denver

The University of Denver offers a BA in Global Commerce and Transportation. Unlike other supply chain degrees, this one focuses specifically on the transportation side of the business. Students learn the most effective ways to get goods to their destinations. Students study transporation from the perspective of law, ethics, efficiency, and economics. For those who want to study transportation and who want a multi-angled approach to the degree, the University of Denver is one of the best online supply chain management programs. 

The University of Denver is uniquely career-focused, teaching the skills that students need for advancement in their fields. This university has thriving programs for working adults, making it simpler for adults to balance their education with their current work and family obligations. Non-traditional students here know that they’re getting a quality education that will benefit their careers in the future. 

Highlight The University of Denver offers courses that were specifically designed for adults ages 50 and up. 
Degree BA in Global Commerce and Transportation

13. Southern Wesleyan University

Southern Wesleyan University’s BSBA in Supply Chain Management gives students the skills that they’ll need to become more employable and competitive in the business world. This program combines theory and practice for a well-rounded approach to education. Students enhance their problem-solving skills and get a real-world look at how businesses manage their supply chains. For many students, Southern Wesleyan University is one of the best online logistics degree options available today. 

Southern Wesleyan University is a Christian school that emphasizes faith in education. All classes, including the business courses, are taught from a Christian viewpoint, which works well for Christian students who want to deepen their faith as they enhance their careers. This school provides challenging academics, and it has a thriving liberal arts core program that give students a broad base of knowledge. 

Highlight EdSmart has ranked Southern Wesleyan as one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 
Degree BSBA in Supply Chain Management

14. Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University’s online BAS in Supply Chain Logistics prepares students for a wide range of business career possibilities. Keep in mind that this program was specifically designed for students who have complete an Associate’s degree from a regionally-accredite technical college. For students who fit the criteria, Kennesaw State make a great choice. This program provides advanced knowledge of logistics, supply chains, quality assurance, and other relevant career information. As a result, it’s one of the best online supply chain management programs that students can choose from. 

Kennesaw State University is committed to preparing students for the future. It has an innovative approach to education that gets students ready to move forward in their career fields. As one of the largest public schools in the country, Kennesaw State has no shortage of support or academic resources to help its students succeed. 

Highlight Value Colleges ranked Kennesaw State’s online Operations Management degree as one of the most affordable in the country. 
Degree BAS in Supply Chain Logistics

15. University of St Francis

The University of St Francis BSBA in Supply Chain Management is a degree completion program designed for adults. This program helps business-focused adults develop leadership skills and organizational skills to manage a supply chain from beginning to end. Supply chain managers face a lot of challenges in the field, and this program helps students face those challenges with skill and confidence. As a result, many adults consider it one of the best online logistics degree choices available to them. 

The University of St Francis is a private school that holds to Catholic traditions in education. Students learn how to think on a deep level and consider how their educations might benefit not just themselves, but the world around them. Students who want to learn how to use their skills to serve others thrive at St Francis. This school provides a challenging and rewarding education. 

Highlight Several organizations have recognized the University of St Francis for its excellent ROI. 
Degree BSBA in Supply Chain Management

What Can I Do with a Supply Chain Management Degree?

Common questions of prospective students are: What is a supply chain management degree? What can I do with a supply chain management degree? Supply chain management degrees teach about the logistics and the financial decisions that go into managing inventory. During courses, the individual learns how to best manage a company’s resources. Resources can be procured through multiple avenues on a national and global level. The key goal of supply chain management positions will be to reduce the cost of resources as a way to improve the customer experience.

Supply chain management degrees online prepare the individual for the challenges of inventory control. During courses for online degrees in supply chain management, the student learns about logistics, inventory loss, quality assurance, packaging and distribution, warehouse options, shipping and receiving, and procurement. The graduate-level program is ideal for those who are already involved in the supply chain industry. Supply chain leadership positions are in-demand, which promises a high return on investment for supply chain management degree holders.

Supply chain management degrees prepares the person to work in a high-level position within a supply chain. Jobs typically pay upwards of $75,000 per year. As an example, purchasing managers make an average of $115,000 per year and typically have an educational background in supply chain management. The purchasing manager oversees all purchasing agents and handles contracts with suppliers.  Supply chain managers make a similar income as purchasing managers, but is responsible for overseeing supply chain processes from start to finish. The manager aims to improve customer experience by lowering costs without impacting quality. Logisticians and logistic managers may also choose to secure a supply chain management degree in preparation of their positions. Logistics involves managing the purchasing, storing, and distribution for a company.

How Do I Get a Job in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Logistics and supply chain management jobs are available around the globe. Any type of retail business requires personnel to handle their supply chain and logistic needs. Jobs in supply chain management and logistics are offered to candidates with the educational background in the field. A graduate-level degree gives the prospective hire preference over other apply for the position. Certain companies may also request certifications before hiring the candidate.  As examples, the Institute of Supply Management and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals all offer certification options for those in the industry. However, the certifications are not always a must for a person to be hired.

Supply chain and logistics management jobs are available at companies large and small. Entry-level jobs in supply chain management and logistics are easy to secure at smaller companies and local businesses. Large corporations such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target may sound appealing for supply chain and logistics management jobs, but smaller companies are likely to have more openings and still promise a competitive salary package. To apply for any job opening, the individual should highlight past supply chain experience on his or her resume and any advanced degrees in the field. Job boards and networking events present opportunities to get positions in the field.

Is there a Lot of Demand for Supply Chain Managers?

The supply chain management jobs outlook for the next ten years is unprecedented. Operations and supply management jobs are expected to increase by as much as 26 percent. The concern with the amount of open jobs in operations and supply chain management is that customers will suffer. Performance of supply chains are expected to decrease due to a lack of capable personnel to fill the positions. The demand for operation and supply chain management jobs is linked to several key factors. For one, there has been a marked spike in the number of supply chain managers who have entered retirement age. Also, technology has changed in the field with many current personnel lacking the hard skills to complete tasks. Operation and supply chain management jobs now require the individual to feel comfortable working with robotics, software, big data, and machine analytics.

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