10 Most Affordable Online Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020

logistics and supply chain management degree online

Working adults who are paying their way through an online bachelor’s completion program have to have finances on their mind, but it’s possible to find an affordable supply chain management degree online. The online options are often less expensive than on-campus ones. A person wanting to earn an online supply chain management degree may want to look for regional colleges as opposed to the main branches. These tend to be less costly. Additionally, public schools tend to be cheaper than the private ones.

Another option a person has for saving money on a supply chain management degree online is starting at a community college. A person can choose to earn an undergraduate degree at a community college for less than the price of a major college. Another option is to earn general credits at a community college and transfer those credits to another school. Keep in mind, community colleges do receive accreditation and can adequately prepare a person for a career, so it’s possible to earn an entire degree at a community college. 

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Online Supply Chain Management Degree

Great Business Schools isn’t in the business of recommending degree programs that don’t deliver, which is why our ranking of the most affordable online supply chain management degrees includes more than just cost. While the programs are arranged in order of tuition cost (according to official IPEDS data), all schools are fully accredited and respected for the quality of their education. 

1. Athens State University

The #1 most affordable supply chain management degree online is the BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree from Athens State University. This is a holistic program that includes reverse logistics, distribution, production, and sourcing. The program’s faculty is actively engaged in logistics programs in the public and private sectors and can impart to students an understanding of how supply chain management works in the business world.

Athens State University is convenient, affordable, and friendly. The school offers a welcoming environment that prepares students for success in their future careers. Athens State University strives to be the #1 choice for transfer students seeking an affordable education. The school empowers students to be leaders and contributors in all areas of their lives. Athens provides students with the support they need to transform their lives.

Highlight Graduates are qualified to work as global logistics managers, materials planners, and supply chain managers.
Degree BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

2. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers a BS in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. This online supply chain management degree teaches students how to manage operations in the areas of transportation of goods, warehousing, and procurement in order to remain profitable and competitive in business. Students learn about types of supply chains, international trade regulations, radio-frequency identification, quality management, inventory management, and more.

Bellevue University is a non-profit organization that is consistently ranked among the most military-friendly schools in the country. The school uses their trademarked Real Mastery® methods to make sure students master the material they are studying and graduate with the skills their employers will need. Students learn hands-on skills that enable a smooth transition to the business world.

Highlight This program prepares students to become qualified for the following certifications from the Association for Supply Chain Management: Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) or Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD).
Degree BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

3. Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University offers a supply chain management degree online. NKU’s online BSBA—Global Supply Chain Management degree trains students in distribution, warehousing, inventory control, purchasing, directing production, and logistics. Students learn to provide forecasts to improve accuracy and control costs. Graduates work in purchasing, cargo and freight, distribution management, transportation management, logistics management, and more.

Northern Kentucky University offers accelerated programs that allows students to quickly earn their degrees online. The school’s high-quality educational programs provide hands-on experiences that are applicable in the real world. Classes are taught by professional faculty members, not assistants. For 10 years in a row, NKU has been ranked among the top colleges in the US by Forbes. The school’s vision is to be known for its effectiveness in managing resources, its dedication to its students’ well-being, its delivery of high-quality academic programs, its contribution to economic growth, and its success in preparing its students to excel.

Highlight The Path to Success scholarship can make this degree even more affordable.
Degree BSBA in Global Supply Chain Management

4. Clayton State University

Clayton State University offers a BBA in Supply Chain Management. This online supply chain management degree provides students with access to industry leaders as they learn practical skills related to supply chain management. Students gain a solid foundation in business as well as taking six courses in their major. Courses include principles of supply chain management, global sourcing, and operations and warehouse management.

Clayton State University’s motto is “Dreams. Made Real.” The school was born from a dream and exists to help students reach their own dreams. The school offers hands-on learning, including internships that allow students to gain experience while they learn. Clayton is an affordable school that strives to be accessible to all. The school offers many types of aid to help keep money from getting in the way of anyone’s dreams.

Highlight This program requires the completion of a capstone course.
Degree BBA in Supply Chain Management

5. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina Greensboro’s supply chain management degree online program teaches students how products are designed, sold, and manufactured. Students learn about the many links between product development and delivery to the final customer, and they learn how to distribute, produce, and source goods more effectively. The online program is taught by the same faculty that teaches the on-campus classes.

The University of North Carolina Greensboro’s staff is made up of professors with real-world experience in the workplace. Students benefit from having access to their professors’ expertise. The school provides support to students through the Career & Professional Services Center. These support services help students start preparing for their future careers from their first day of classes. Students are eligible for career support until their placement is successful.

Highlight This program is AACSB accredited and can be completed online at the student’s convenience.
Degree BS in Supply Chain Management

6. California State University, East Bay

Cal State East Bay offers a BSBA Operations and Supply Chain Management concentration online. This online supply chain management degree gives students the skills and knowledge they need to prepare for a successful career in supply chain management. Students learn to use analytical tools to manage operations and gain knowledge in emerging technologies, project management, global supply chain, lean management, and more.

Cal State East Bay is a four-year school that was founded in 1957 and now has an enrollment of more than 15,000. The school has completed a solar energy project that involved installing solar panels on the roofs of campus buildings. The school has also been approved for a fuel cell project that will provide hot water on campus.

Highlight There are three semesters per year, and online students can set their own pace or even take classes year-round to accelerate their degrees.
Degree BSBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management

7. University of Michigan-Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint offers an Operations and Supply Chain Management degree online. This program combines operations management and supply chain management into one degree. Students learn how to maximize profit while producing goods and services and how to get those goods and services to the customers. Students learn about risk analysis, lean operations, logistics management, quality management, and more.

The University of Michigan-Flint is dedicated to improving the local community and making the world a better place. The school is in an urban setting and has a diverse student body. U of M-Flint values engaged citizenship, student-centeredness, and excellence in scholarship, learning, and teaching. The school’s staff provides individualized attention to its students and produces graduates who are leaders in their communities and professions.

Highlight Students are required to earn 30 points for participating in career development activities such as internships, job shadowing, or attending seminars on topics such as resume writing or business etiquette.
Degree BBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management

8. Baker College

Students who are looking for an online supply chain management degree may be interested in the Logistics degree from Baker College. This program teaches students about every link in the system from raw materials to customer pick-up or delivery. Students gain a comprehensive knowledge of the transportation industry as well as taking foundational business courses. Students learn from industry professionals with first-hand experience and are exposed to experiential learning opportunities that help them prepare for life after graduation.

Baker College’s mission is to provide the training that will bring successful and rewarding careers to its students. The school teaches critical thinking and communication skills and provides practical, hands-on experience in the students’ field of study. Baker provides employment support throughout graduates’ careers and is committed to continuous improvement over time.

Highlight Employees in the field of logistics earn a median income of $74,170 per year.
Degree BBA in Logistics

9. Granite State College

Another option for students seeking an online supply chain management degree is the Operations Management degree from Granite State College. This program teaches students about quality control, quantitative methods, supply chain management, and project management. Students learn how to help their organizations improve profits and operate more efficiently. Graduates understand the foundations of business and can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a business and make recommendations for improvement.

Granite State College is both convenient and affordable. The school offers many online degrees and accepts up to 90 transfer credits. Since 1972, Granite State has been working to make education more accessible. The school offered evening and weekend courses from the beginning. Granite provides the support its students need to attend classes and earn their degrees. The school’s online degree programs are ranked among the best by US News & World Report.

Highlight Students can earn credit for prior experience such as work, military training, and volunteer-based training.
Degree BS in Operations Management

10. Florida International University

Florida International University offers a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree online. This program helps students understand trade industries, supply chain, and logistics. It enables them to guide their companies into lean operations in order to save time and money. Students learn how to produce and deliver goods and services efficiently. They learn how to enhance profitability, improve customer service, streamline processes, and reduce costs.

Florida International University is a worldwide leader in online education, with more than 100 online degrees available. The school is one of the largest in the nation and is also #1 for producing Hispanic graduates. FIU offers innovative programs that focus on the needs of the students. The school provides to its online classes anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Highlight The program is taught by faculty members with worldwide expertise in international business and supply chain management.
Degree BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Can I Get a Supply Chain Management Degree for Free?

Unfortunately, the saying, “Nothing in life is free” holds true in this case. A person can’t find an online supply chain management degree program online for free. There’s the option of finding less expensive programs and finding grants, scholarships, and employer reimbursement that can decrease the cost. For some people, this could be enough to make the entire program free. 

On the other hand, a person can find certificate programs for free. It’s as simple as searching “free online supply chain management certificate.” The programs are a lot shorter than a degree program, and a person can choose between various types of certificates that can help a person with a career in supply chain management. 

When trying to save money on an online supply chain management degree, a person should look into employer reimbursement. Sometimes, employers offer their employees the option of paying for part of their education. In return, the student must agree to work for the employer for a designated amount of time. The person must also complete the entire degree to qualify. 

It’s no surprise that earning a degree is expensive. Once a person is out of school, they’re responsible to pay back all the loans they take out. This can take years, sometimes decades to accomplish. However, it’s possible to save money on a supply chain management degree, so a person isn’t bombarded with debt after school. 

What are Some Entry Level Jobs in Supply Chain Management? 

Although a supply chain manager can accomplish great things in terms of working his or her way up the corporate ladder, in the beginning, he or she doesn’t have as many options. A person must gain experience with entry level jobs in supply chain management and work his or her way up, though. 

One example of entry level jobs in supply chain management is a logistician. Most positions don’t require experience. This particular position consists of overseeing the allocation, delivery, and even acquisition of products. As one of the entry level supply chain management jobs, this person is responsible for finding areas where improvement is necessary. For instance, a logistician must look for solutions to issues to help with the budget and improve quality. Generally, this position requires at least a bachelor’s degree. 

Another example of entry level supply chain management jobs is a quality control inspector. With this position, a person can be trained on the job. A person has to test products. They evaluate them to ensure they meet specifications and standards. 

In addition, one of the supply chain management entry level jobs is a buyer. This is one of the supply chain management entry level jobs that requires at least a bachelor’s degree. In this position, a person gets to choose the products to purchase for a supply chain. An individual with this title needs to negotiate down prices. 

How Much Can I Make Right Out of School?

Although a person makes more money with experience, sometimes, the starting salary for chain management is quite high. For instance, the average logistician earns an average of $74,600, which is equivalent to $35.86 per hour. Although this isn’t the starting salary for supply chain management, someone just starting out won’t make significantly less than this. 

A quality control position doesn’t require a degree. A person can start out in this position with on-the-job training and either work his or her way up or attend school. The supply chain management starting salary for this position is nearly $40,000 per year. This supply chain management starting salary is higher in states like Washington, New Mexico, and North Dakota. 

The average starting for a buyer is $67,600 per year, which is equivalent to $32.50 per hour. Although someone just starting out will have a slightly lower salary since this isn’t the average starting salary for supply chain management as much as it is an average for all individuals who hold this position. 

The average starting salary for supply chain management in this position varies from state to state as well and also from company to company.

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