What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business?

Juniors in high school who are starting to think about what opportunities await in college should dream big about their futures. Those who have been in on a career path for a few years and are thinking about switching should consider their options carefully before jumping ship. Whatever one’s situation may be, if they are considering going to college, business administration is a wise choice for a major. It opens many doors for graduates. The skills learned in a bachelors in business degree program serve people well throughout their careers.

Most people are plagued with doubts and persistent questions, like: Is a business management degree good for securing a successful future? Is a business administration degree good for this modern job market? What are the benefits of studying business administration in college? What is business administration and management? Is a business degree hard?

So many burning questions! But don’t worry – it’s normal and natural for people to feel hesitant about choosing a major in college. It’s a big decision that will impact one’s life for many decades to come. Business administration is a popular choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone. Prospective students should first find an effective business administration definition to determine whether this course of study would match their interests.

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What is business administration and management? The Cambridge Dictionary’s business administration definition is, “the study of the principles of running a business.” This handy definition is helpful in its simplicity. 

There are so many majors to choose from, so prospective college students often think to themselves, “is business administration a good major? Is a business management degree good? Is a business degree hard? Is a business administration degree good? What are the benefits of studying business administration?” There are so many benefits to studying business administration in today’s modern workplace. Graduates are prepared to serve many roles in various sectors, including:

  • banking
  • finance
  • healthcare
  • marketing
  • non-profit agencies
  • social services
  • technology
  • transportation

Those who graduate with degrees in business administration and management have plenty of useful skills that they’ll be able to apply in their careers over the years. There are so many benefits of studying business administration that students discover after completing their degrees at a reputable, accredited school. Business administration is definitely a wise choice for those interested in dynamic careers. Yes, college is hard, no matter how you slice it – but the benefits of investing the time, energy, and financial resources in a business administration degree make it all worthwhile. Careers will be off to a rolling start with business administration and management degrees on-hand.

Business School and Program Accreditation

When people decide they want to pursue a study of business administration, they will need to find an accredited program, so that it will be recognized and respected at corporations and other organizations throughout the US. There are plenty of burning questions that arise when considering the accreditation of business schools, such as:

  • What are AACSB accredited schools?
  • What is AACSB accreditation mean?
  • Is ACBSP respected?
  • Is ACBSP accreditation good or bad?
  • What is IACBE accreditation?
  • What’s more important – AACSB vs. regional accreditation?

Don’t worry – this article will answer all students’ most pressing questions so they can feel confident about their decision when selecting a business degree program. There are a variety of accreditation organizations – AACSB, IACBE, ACBSP, and more. Doing some research on any business degree program students are considering is worthwhile to ensure they get the maximum respect for their degree when applying to advanced degree programs (including grad schools), corporations, non-profits, and more. Learn about all the accreditation options, research top schools and their accreditations, and choose a bachelor’s degree in business program that matches your interests and priorities today.

Accreditation of Business Schools is Essential

It’s important that the program you choose has AACSB accreditation. What does AACSB accreditation mean, you may be wondering. AACSB accreditation means that the program has met all the requirements outlined by the AACSB accreditation organization. Is AACSB respected? Absolutely, AACSB is an accreditation standard that’s respected throughout the US. AACSB stands for Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. There are plenty of AACSB accredited schools throughout the US, and the main AACSB accreditation standards are “engagement, innovation, and impact.” AACSB accreditation standards include a rigorous external review of many critical aspects of a school to ensure it meets a very high quality bar. The full list of AACSB schools that have business accreditation in the United States can be found here (5). Make sure your list of potential programs includes AACSB accredited schools so that your degree will be accepted wherever you go.

IACBE Accreditation

Another important business accreditation for schools that students should pay attention to is IACBE accreditation. IACBE accreditation stands for International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. IACBE accreditation means that the business school has passed rigorous standards set out and evaluated by this trusted organization. Students should make sure that the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education has approved the degree program they are perusing. IACBE accredited schools are wise choices for those seeing bachelor’s degrees in business.

ACBSP Accreditation

ACBSP accreditation is another accreditation. Some wonder, is ASBSP accreditation good or bad? There are many internet searches for, ACBSP accreditation good or bad? So it’s clear this is a prominent question for many business students. AACSB vs. regional accreditation is another popular search. Lots of people wonder whether AACSB vs. regional accreditation is more important. Finding programs that are accredited by a variety of independent organizations is ideal so that business degrees will be acknowledged wherever students go.

Types of Business Bachelor’s Degrees

There are plenty of types of business bachelor’s degrees to choose from according to students’ preferences and career goals. BBA subject and BBA scope varies from school to school, but here are 8 specializations students can choose between:

The best BBA subjects, according to the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) are finance, business administration/management, and accounting. A BS in business management (bachelor of science in business administration or a bachelor of science in business administration), finance, or accounting would be a wise degree to pursue to get an excellent job in the future.

The BBA scope includes plenty of business administration courses. Business administration degree subjects vary by program, but they often include the following business administration courses:

  • business analytics
  • business statistics courses
  • business technology
  • calculus courses
  • management of operations
  • marketing fundamentals
  • microeconomics and macroeconomics classes

Many business administration subjects lists indicate that in order to begin core business administration courses, students will first have to pass some entry-level classes that are required of all students, such as English writing and communication classes. Business administration subjects vary from school to school, but most business administration courses reflect the above list.

BA vs. BSBA?

This is a common search term for many prospective business degree students. BA often is written as BBA, which stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. A BBA degree program is a specialized program that only has about one-fourth of its coursework in the liberal arts sector. BSBA stands for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A BSBA program has a broader focus, with about half of the coursework coming from a liberal arts lens. The other half of the BSBA program concentrates on business as applied science, and has fewer elective courses. Math and science classes are more prominent in the BSBA program. Weighting a BA vs. BSBA program can be difficult, because there are many pros and cons of each choice. Students are advised to do plenty of research before choosing one.

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BA vs. BAA?

Another important distinction prospective business students should know about is BA vs. BAA. BA, as previously mentioned, stands for Bachelor of Business Administration (also written as BBA). Business administration subjects and business administration classes lists include the usual suspects, including accounting, micro- and macroeconomics, and plenty more. Business administration degree requirements vary from program to program, so students should review specific coursework before applying. BAA, on the other hand, stands for Bachelor of Administration-Accounting. Students who pursue a BAA degree find that there is a strong emphasis in finance coursework, tax regulations and laws, and economics. Choosing between BA vs. BAA can be tricky, so candidates should conduct plenty of research before locking into a degree program.

BA vs. BS business?

Considering whether to pursue a BA or BS business degree? BA is a bachelor of arts, and BS is a bachelor of science. BS is probably the better choice because it has more coursework that’s centered on finance, economics, accounting, and best business practices.

Considering Bachelors in Business Online Programs

Online bachelors in business programs are very popular, especially for those with established careers and family responsibilities. BBA subjects for online bachelors in business programs vary, but accredited online business management degrees often feature the same coursework as in-person programs. Business administration degree requirements are similar for both on-campus and online programs. Bachelors in Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and BS in Business Management online are all popular choices for online degrees. Bachelors in business online degrees are flexible and convenient for working professionals. A business administration online degree can quickly take graduates’ careers to the next level. Business degree online fast programs give students an edge in today’s job market. Business administration classes just about always include economics, finance, business organization, tax law, and various other classes. Similar coursework is features in business administration classes as on-campus business administration classes. Business administration degree requirement mirror on-campus programs.

Save Money with Online Programs

Some of the cheapest online business degree programs come from highly respected institutions. Many students will save by attending a smaller regional public university, which has a mission to keep costs down while keeping quality high. Students will get the most bang for their buck at these cheapest online business degree programs. A business administration online degree is a worthwhile investment, and people with business degree online fast programs can save considerable time, too. 

Online business degree costs vary, but a comprehensive list of the cheapest online business degree programs is a great place for students to start their search. Saving money is a wise goal for any career-minded professional, so researching online business degree costs is a smart use of students’ time. Whichever program students find, whatever the cost may be, it’s imperative to find one that’s an accredited online business management degree program. Without an accredited online business management degree, students won’t be able to achieve their career goals.

So Many Business Certifications

There are so many business certifications worth getting to make candidates as appealing as possible in competitive today’s job market. Those with a focus on business administration should obtain business administration certificates or business administration certifications in order to make their resumes as appealing as possible to potential employers. Other business certifications worth getting include business development certification and, for the global-minded, international business certifications. International business certifications are helpful for those hoping to obtain positions in corporations and non-profits with global outlooks.

A helpful list of some of the best online business certificate programs, and business certifications online, can be accessed here. This database of the best online business certificate programs, as well as business certifications online, is nicely organized by state. A quick search will pull up plenty of business certifications worth getting in your area, some of which are business certifications online.

These programs are an excellent way to get business certifications without a degree. These business certifications for college students and other adults are the perfect way to give careers the boost they need to be as successful as possible. Business certifications without a degree enhances anyone’s resume right away without requiring a significant investment of time and money. Business certifications for college students are wise investments for people in this competitive field. Whether it’s a business administration certificate, business development certification, or one of the international business certifications, graduates will be able to put these awards on their resumes with pride. The business industry is competitive right now, but business administration certifications may help students land their dream jobs, or at least achieve the next rung on their career goal ladders.

Careers in Business Administration

When considering which bachelor in business program to apply to, it shows good judgment when people consider which bachelors in business jobs will be available to them upon graduation. It would be horrible to spend a lot of effort, time, and money on a business degree, only to find that there aren’t many business management degree entry level jobs available. The good news is that a degree in business can be applied to a variety of different business administration degree jobs. Plus, there is plenty of room for advancement as business industry workers gain on-the-job experience, build their networks, and gain practical knowledge once their studies are complete. Actually entering the workforce once business degrees have been obtained can be intimidating, but it’s also exciting. BBA degree jobs about in many industries, and as the economy continues to grow and make progress, so the opportunities for bachelors in business administration jobs proliferate.

Business management degree entry level jobs, bachelors in business administration jobs, and bachelors of science in business jobs can be found in the following bachelors in business administration jobs list:

  • business consultant
  • event planner
  • financial analyst
  • human resources (HR) specialist
  • loan officer
  • market research analyst
  • sales manager
  • training and development specialist

This bachelors in business administration jobs list isn’t comprehensive – there are plenty of other business administration degree jobs that graduates will be qualified to apply for. Before selecting a business program, take a few minutes to search for “business administration jobs near me.” Prospective students will likely find a plethora of options in their area. “Business administration jobs near me,” is an excellent search term for prospective students to dive into before beginning an intensive bachelor’s in business program. 

Candidates will find that there are plenty of jobs in their area of the country that they would be qualified to apply for with a BBA degree on-hand. Bachelor of science in business jobs are usually high-paying and provide a comfortable salary, so it’s worth investing plenty of time and money to achieve degrees in this booming field.

Upon graduation, those with bachelor’s in business degrees will apply for a wide range of jobs depending on their interests. Candidates should hone in on the business administration job description for their BBA degree jobs to make sure they are match their interests. Graduates will quickly find that bachelors of science in business jobs about in many American cities. Students should read through business administration job descriptions now, so they’ll be motivated to study hard in their bachelors in business program. Lucrative BBA jobs are found in many corporations, non-profits, and other organizations.

Salary Expectations for a Business Administration Major

Wondering what kinds of business administration salary graduates can expect? What is a typical business administration salary? A business administration degree salary varies by city and state, but graduates can expect to make a comfortable living after completing their degrees. An average business administration salary list by state can be found here. A bachelors in business administration salary, or BA in business salary, is a considerable amount. Graduates will be glad to find out that a bachelors in business salary provides them with comfortable living wages.

Looking for more specific answers to the question, “what is a typical business administration salary?” A business administration salary varies widely because there are so many jobs in a wide range of industries that graduates are eligible to apply for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics can provide some helpful information about a typical business administration salary, or BA in business salary, on average in the US. Some key information gleaned from this article includes data about a typical business administration degree salary, or bachelors in business administration salary that graduates can expect. It includes the following averages:

  • business analyst: $88,000
  • financial manager: $103,000
  • human resources manager: $76,000
  • marketing manager: $61,000
  • sales manager: $52,000

Any prospective student who reviews these average will be thrilled to see that the time, effort, and financial resources they put toward their degree programs will pay off when they get a bachelors in business salary, bachelors in business administration salary, or business administration degree salary they will be proud of for many years to come.

Professional Organizations in Business Administration 

Those working towards a degree in business administration or business management who want to make sure they get the most out of their time and energy should consider joining some professional organizations in business. Business students can spice up their resumes, strengthen their networking potential, and perhaps even obtain continuing education credits by joining professional organizations in business students.

There are plenty of professional organizations in business for students to consider according to their specialties and interests, including:

Accounting and Finance:

  • American Bankers Association
  • American Finance Association (AFA)
  • American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA)


  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • eMarketing Association (eMA)
  • National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP)

Human Resources:

  • International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
  • National Human Resources Association (NHRA)
  • Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA)

Healthcare Management:

  • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM)
  • Professional Association of Health Care Office Management

Membership in these professional leadership organizations can help business students make leaps and bounds forward in their careers. Events big and small put on by these professional organizations in business can help business students gain the connections they need to build strong networks in the business industry so that when graduation rolls around, graduates will have plenty of potential leads for jobs.

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