10 Most Affordable Business Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020

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An affordable online business bachelor’s degree completion program can be a game-changer for working adults who have hit an impasse in their career. If you began working with a high school diploma or associate’s degree and keep seeing people with a bachelor’s pass you by on the road to promotion, an online degree can provide the credentials you need to get back in the running. 

However, for working professionals, an online bachelor’s degree has to be considered an investment, and the price to buy in is definitely a factor. Low tuition costs are great, and a low-cost investment up front means higher returns in the long run. Great Business Schools is not just interested in the cheapest online business degree; we want to lead students to programs that will really improve their career prospects without leaving them in debt. 

Methodology: Selecting the Best Affordable Bachelor’s in Business Online 

The GBS Most Affordable ranking is arranged simply in order of cost, from lowest to highest, but to make the list in the first place, programs must be regionally accredited and have established a national reputation for quality, reflected in rankings and student reviews. With GBS, prospective students can be sure they’re finding not just the cheapest online business degrees, but the best affordable bachelor’s in business online. 

1. Fayetteville State University

With tuition that generally stays under $6,000, Fayetteville State University has one of the most affordable Business programs in the US. That said, students in this program get a lot for their money. This Business program works best for those who are ready to get started in the business world. The program teaches all of the business basics, giving students a core knowledge that will help them succeed after graduation. For an affordable Bachelors in Business online, this program provides a great ROI. 

FSU is home to some of the highest-ranked online programs in the nation. Many of the students are transfers. Overall, this school is home to those who have unique educational situations. Non-traditional students feel right at home in FSU’s programs. As part of the North Carolina system, FSU provides plenty of academic resources and pathways to success. 25% of Fayetteville University is comprised of active military members, veterans, and military family members. Faculty and staff here understand the unique educational needs of military members, and they do everything in their power to meet those needs. 

Degree BSBA

Cost: $$$$$

2. University of Louisiana – Monroe

The University of Louisiana Monroe’s affordable online BBA program hovers around $10,000. With this tuition, students build their own educations. Students can mix concentrations and minors, creating the exact degree that they want for the path that they want to pursue. Of course, students also get a background of core classes that will give them the basic business skills that they’ll need all throughout their careers. With small class sizes and a fair amount of flexibility, this school is a great choice for those who need an affordable Bachelors in Business online. 

ULM’s online programs offer all of the same resources and opportunities that are available to in-classroom learners. This school sets high quality standards for education, helping students to push their own limits. ULM uses innovative technologies and learning techniques in its virtual classrooms. Overall, for those who want innovation, high standards, and affordable tuition, ULM combines all three for a great experience.

Degree BBA

Cost: $$$$$

3. University of Wisconsin – Parkside

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside offers an affordable and flexible online Business program. These classes take a well-rounded approach. Students learn core knowledge, specialized business knowledge, leadership skills, and problem solving skills. This program goes beyond the basics of business. It also teaches business ethics and communication, showing students how to succeed in a fast-paced and highly competitive world. For an affordable Bachelors in Business online that provides a full and deep education, check out UW Parkside. 

As part of the large University of Wisconsin system, UW Parkside provides all sorts of options and resources. Their online options are constantly growing and improving. Busy parents and working adults find the flexibility that they need with UW Parkside. The online environment is also highly supportive. Each student gets paired with an Academic Success Coach, somebody who can provide guidance and help students reach their academic goals.

Degree BSBA

Cost: $$$$$

4. McNeese State University

McNeese State University’s online business program is centered around adult learners. With relatively low tuition, this program provides a lot for a small investment. During regular semesters, classes come in two 7-week sessions. This way, students can concentrate on just one or two classes at a time, which lets them get the most out of each class. Your entire cohort will consist of working adults and people with families, so your professors will understand how to teach for your specific situation. This program works wonderfully for adult learners who need an affordable Bachelors in Business online. 

McNeese University combines strong academics with innovative teaching techniques. As one of the top public universities in the US, McNeese provides a great ROI for students. It focuses on core knowledge, but it also emphasizes career preparedness. This school provides the resources and education that students need for the best career moves. McNeese State University provides high-quality education for its affordable price tag.  It was ranked as a Tier One school among the best regional universities in the South. 

Degree BS in Management

Cost: $$$$$

5. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s online Business program is both affordable and academically challenging. The online courses are identical to the face-to-face courses. The only difference is that online students can learn from virtually any location. The program focuses on all different aspects of business, from marketing to economics. Students here also learn the skills that they’ll need to gain a competitive edge. Overall, UNCG provides a highly worthwhile and affordable Bachelors in Business online. 

UNC Greensboro is consistently recognized for the value it provides for its students. This school is known for its affordability, financial aid programs, and low student loan debt. At the same time, UNCG also offers great academics. Students are challenged to reach their fullest potential here. Students here feel empowered and ready to achieve their career goals. The US News and World Report has ranked UNCG among the best universities for 28 consecutive years. 

Degree BSBA

Cost: $$$$$

6. Murray State University

Murray State University’s online Business program is a leader in affordable distance learning program that allows students to learn from any location. The Business Administration program prepares students for a wide variety of potential careers. Students learn all of the core knowledge that comes with a business degree. They also learn about leadership and responsibility. This affordable Bachelors in Business online provides a low-cost, high quality degree. 

Murray State University is all about creating opportunities. Faculty members often have real-world backgrounds in the subjects that they teach, so they’re in the perfect position for giving advice. Students have the opportunity to help with research, pursue personalized learning, and find real career results. At Murray State, students can get the most for their money. MSU has six research centers, so students who want to dive a little deeper have the opportunity to do so. 

Degree BSBA

Cost: $$$$$

7. Morehead State University

Morehead State University has a great online program for Business students. Students can earn a General Business degree, or they can specialize with options like IT, Tech, and Marketing. The online program is for those students who have already completed two years of a Business degree or have transferrable credits. For those students, the online program provides an excellent skill set and a leap into the business world. If you need an affordable Bachelors in Business online and already have some college experience, look into Morehead State. 

Morehead State University helps students turn raw passion into skills and plans for the future. This school provides lots of resources for academic excellence. MSU classes, including its online classes, use innovative methods and technology. This affordable and diverse university provides just enough challenge to help students move forward into their careers. MSU students learn from highly knowledgeable faculty members. 70% of full-time faculty members here have doctoral degrees. 

Degree BBA

Cost: $$$$$

8. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University offers an excellent online BBA program. While the program is online, it does require that students earn their pre-business requirements before diving into the online program. However, if you already have the transferrable credits, FAU is a great option for those who need flexibility and options. Students get access to the same resources that classroom students have. The faculty and staff behind this affordable Bachelors in Business online do everything they can to help students succeed. 

FAU is dedicated to providing unique, affordable, and excellent educational opportunities. This diverse schools has several campuses and plenty of academic resources. These programs provide high-level research and top-notch academics. This school is especially well-known for its STEM degrees, so those with an interest in the math and science side of business should check out FAU. FAU’s Business School offers a fair amount of gender diversity. The ratio of male students to female students is nearly a 50-50 split. 

Degree BBA

Cost: $$$$$

9. California State University, East Bay

CSU East Bay’s online business bachelor’s degree program is ideal for working adults and current community college students. This program imparts the knowledge and skills that students will need to take their careers from the beginning stages into something more exciting. The flexibility that this program provides means that busy students can get what they need in their own time. The program emphasizes business marketing, ethics, and communication, and technology. If you want a well-rounded approach to your business education, then this affordable Bachelors in Business online may be the right one. 

CSU East Bay is all about career advancement. East Bay students get what they need to become more competitive in their fields. East Bay programs focus on real-world application. Students don’t just deal with theories and “what ifs.” Instead, they learn from real, practical situations that they will actually face in their careers. Those who graduate from this school appreciate the practical knowledge that they received from East Bay. Students find a lot of success after graduation from CSU East Bay. In fact, 96% of graduates are either currently employed or continuing their education. 

Degree BSBA

Cost: $$$$$

10. University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago has an affordable Business program that helps students succeed. This program can be completed online, and it covers all sorts of business topics. Students learn all about data management, critical thinking, and problem solving. They learn from well-known faculty who have experience in the business world. This affordable Bachelors in Business online provides virtually everything a student could need for future success in the business world. 

UIC has become a major part of Chicago’s research and improvement. This thriving, diverse university serves its community. By blending research and academics, this school prepares students to make innovative changes in their own lives and the lives of others. This school also offers a great ROI, providing a lot of resources for its relatively low tuition rates. UIC’s Business program was ranked #5 out of the best online Business Administration degrees by US News and World Report. 

Degree BBA

Cost: $$$$$

How Much Will an Online Bachelor’s in Business Cost? 

The average online business degree cost will vary from one college to the next. Most online classes cost less than their on-campus counterparts. However a few schools add fees for online learning. You do have options when searching for the cheapest online business degree, though. While the average online business degree cost will land in the $30,00-$35,000 range, the cheapest online business degree may be even lower than $12,000. You’ll have to do your research, though, and keep different factors in mind. For example, in-state tuition is cheaper than out of state tuition, so remember these things when you do your college search. 

Will I Make More With an Online Business Degree? 

The average business administration salary ranges from around $47,000 all the way up to about $85,000. It’s a big range, but a business administration salary depends largely on what exactly a job entails. An HR Director will generally make more money than an Office Manager, for example. That’s why a simple search for “what is business administration salary” can give you a lot of complicated answers. 

That said, no matter what position you end up taking, your online degree will be just as valuable for your career as an on-campus degree would be. Some well-meaning but misinformed individuals may try to steer you away from online learning, claiming that your business administration degree salary won’t be as high without the in-classroom experience. That may have been true in the earliest days of online learning, but these days, a BA in Business salary doesn’t differ based on the method of learning. 

Your business administration degree salary will be about the same whether you earn your degree online or in the classroom. Why will your BA in business salary be the same? Because you’ll learn from the same materials and syllabi that your on-campus counterparts are using. Once you graduate, your diploma will look the same as the diplomas that in-classroom students earn. 

Now, while your degree won’t be worth any less than a non-online degree, it also won’t be worth any more. However, since you likely won’t pay as much for an online degree, you may get a better ROI for an online education. A bachelor’s in business salary can go much further when a person doesn’t have as many student loans to pay off. 

What are Some of the Most In-Demand Business Specializations? 

As mentioned above, Business Administration specializations vary. The top business degrees in demand will earn more than the less in-demand BBA subjects. Right now, the top business degrees in demand include finance, accounting, and business administration. Take a closer look at some of the types of business degrees and salaries. 

Among Business Administration specializations, those who land top HR positions generally earn the most money on average. These directors lead their HR teams, creating objectives and guidelines. On average, HR Directors earn more than $84,000. 

Senior Account Managers become experts on lots of BBA subjects. These Managers oversee sales teams, take on some marketing responsibilities, and strengthen a firm’s business relationships. Senior Account Managers make about $81,000 on average. 

Other top business degrees in demand include accounting, program project management, regional sales management, and more. When it comes to all the different types of business degrees and salaries, leadership positions virtually always earn more money than other business positions. Average salaries vary from year to year and between different states. Those who are curious about potential salaries should take a closer look at the salaries where they plan to live and work. 

Salaries also tend to rise depending on how long people stay in their positions, how well they perform overall, the promotions that they earn. 

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